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Canon General / Re: When a Woman is Fed Up...
« on: July 27, 2014, 08:36:06 PM »

Canon General / When a Woman is Fed Up...
« on: July 27, 2014, 08:25:46 PM »
Usually when I travel for business I check the local Craigslist ads for Camera gear...and ran into this one for Columbus OH...according to the ad:

" wife was mad at me then she thrown them on the floor "

Here's the original advert:


Canon has the 60D refurb on sale again and the price is such that it's calling my name.  For those who own this camera, what do you think about it for $460 USD?

My usage would be for children's sports and general vacation type usage.   I'm not shooting super models here.


I've owned the 60D since 2012 without any major concerns, although I only have 2 qualms: lack of AFMA and high noise above ISO 800...otherwise a great body I currently own the 6D now but still use the 60D with good results!

6D Sample Images / Re: Anything shot with a 6D
« on: May 05, 2014, 10:32:55 AM »
Thx to Dustin Abbott for the referral, this was an impromptu shot after Easter service w/Canon 135mm L f2

Lenses / Re: How many radioactive lenses do you own?
« on: February 04, 2014, 05:50:44 PM »
Just curious! A little bit of fun (but honest answers please!)

I own one two. :)

I'm not reading this thread, but man did I laugh when I read the title post.

At my local Bestbuy in Applevalley, MN the camera specialist informed me that the 6D & 7D are now clearance items (eg $1499 - 1550) to clear inventory for the mark II iterations - are you guys/gals hearing the same thing in your respective markets?   :-\


Hey have you got ahold of that person selling that 5d? I've been watching that ad and it hasn't had any contact info on it. I've also saw an ad for a 5d mark II for 900$. Oh and hello from another Minnesotan!

Where are you in MN?  This guys has been trying to sell it for a while, odd the contact information has disappeared - here's the last email from him @

"it works perfectly. I have compared it to my other 5d and cannot tell a difference in image quality at all, same for either of my 50d's, or my 1ds. I have a bit of gear, as you can see, so I don't really need to sell this. I thought someone who might want full frame quality might be interested."

Yeah I saw the Mark II out in Washington, WI for $900 (includes the box too) - crazy eh?

See my work, most recent ones shot on 5Dc, older work shot on 7D:

Damn, hello: 

Will you Americans please stop pointing out how cheap camera gear is in your country?  ;)

American?!? I happen to live in Minnesota...but I'm a Canadian.  ;D

Do beware as it seems very cheap.  Make sure you don't roll up to a project and get deprived of your $250 and a vital organ.  Usual common sense rules apply, caveat emptor and all that.

$250 for a good reason, it was dropped and the AF points are off center...ugh. 

At $250 you're crazy for passing it up.  They typically go for $500-700 nowadays.  At the least you could make some money in a flip if it is still in good, working condition.

You got a good point

I have 7d as main body and got a 5d for landscapes and backup body. Nothing wrong with it. If you have full frame lenses its a good thing to have if you have mainly EF-S crop lenses then you are limited in its use.

For that money its worth a gamble.

OK - Already own L glass (16-35II, 135, 70-300, and 50mm 1.2) - ever use the 5d for portraits? did it yield positive results? What I've seen on the FLICKR pools have not been very flattering.

5D classic image is good enough ONLY IF you hit and exact exposure. However, when it is necessary to lift the shadows in post-processing, noise appears very ugly. :( I'm not talking about unusual things. If you lift the shadows only 1 point, already sees colored noise horrendous. This was a good camera when it was released, but the noise and autofocus faltering are no match for the new 70D.

Currently I'm pushing my 60D to the edge, after getting deeper into my photography I'm noticing banding (with blacks) at low ISOs (100-200), I was hoping that was not an issue with the 5D, I definitely need to reconsider.

12MP is very limiting.  If I had to buy a 12MP body I would rather try a D700, but maybe that's just me.

No, good advice, the Nikkor 58mm 1.4 is even more incentive to cross over.


Any fellow croppers get a cheap 5D (CLASSIC) as a second body? Is it worthwhile to just get a taste of full frame goodness? In my market (Twin Cities) I've noticed these tools showing up weekly on Craigslist...this one in particular is selling for $250... 

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