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Animal Kingdom / Re: Show your Bird Portraits
« on: April 02, 2014, 11:24:55 AM »

You hand held a 600 mm focal length at 1/30th?? Amazing IS. Does the 50% size stand up ?

Yes, and you can click on the photo (the original one, above) and view the EXIF if you have a viewer - I use FxIF for Firefox - if you don't believe me :)

My technique for still (or relatively still) critters in low light is to get the shot, then start dropping the ISO until I can't get a sharp photo.  ISO 1600 was that point for me, and I also fire off 3 or 4 frames as the shutter speed drops in the hopes of getting at least one sharp frame.  My rate was 2/3 frames at 1/30s so yes, the IS (mode 3) was working brilliantly!  The owl was up really high so even at 600mm I had to crop a lot (final file is only 1622 x 2433)  The 50% zoom holds up decently well - probably good enough for an 8x10" but that's probably the biggest I'd try to print it.  I have attached the 50% zoom below.

Really impressive, both the engineering of the lens and your technique !

( I'm off to see which IS version the 300 f2.8 II has  ;)  )

Animal Kingdom / Re: Show your Bird Portraits
« on: April 02, 2014, 05:55:39 AM »
but I snagged him with my 300 + 2x with (OOPS!) circular polarizer.  It was dusk but I didn't think it was THAT dark!  Luckily the IS allowed me to handhold at 1/30s

You hand held a 600 mm focal length at 1/30th?? Amazing IS. Does the 50% size stand up ?

Canon General / Re: The end of the 5D line?
« on: March 31, 2014, 12:04:21 PM »
when taking the same photos with my friends, it appears my 5D lacks image quality compared to their fujis & sonys.

I'm going to reiterate a point made by PBD a while ago on an old thread; your friend's cameras may well be more 'amateur' orientated than the 5DIII, which is a true professionl camera not necessarily set up for instant gratification.
If that's how you feel you'd probably be better off with a fuji or Sony. It's no big deal; those cameras have been designed to appeal to a certain audience after all.

But 'end of the 5D line' ?

5D MK III Sample Images / Re: 5D MK III Images
« on: March 30, 2014, 04:39:00 PM »
Here's "Smiley" (named Smiley for what appear to be rows of teeth on his jawline)

First image Smiley....second image Smiley with distracting nearby "scenery" that almost caused me to miss the shot!  ::)  ;D

Think your composition's a bit off  ;)

Incidentally the 85 1.8 is not sharper than the 40.
Interesting. I must just think it is because shooting outdoors allows me to lower ISO and stop it down a little. Or maybe the contrast between in focus subject and blown out background makes the subject "feel" sharper than it really is.

It is highly likely that when using the 40 indoors you have lower shutter speeds and / or higher ISO which is resulting in less resolution, but as Neuro pointed out it's possible that your body / 40 mm combo is out of calibration enough to effect the result.

Try shooting a suitable target or scene ( good contrast) with the 40 using your usual focus method, then do exactly the same thing using live view. Use f2.8, a low iso and lots of light to give a fast shutter speed in the 1/1000 region if you are hand held. Critical sharpness tests can be very misleading at lower speeds due to random shake if hand held even on a wider lens.

Both sets of results should be the same. ( live view may be darker depending on your method ).

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon's Medium Format
« on: March 29, 2014, 06:54:06 PM »
Medium format sales were beginning to decline even before the advent of digital. I've had various companies involved in selling this gear over the years, I can't recall the exact figures just now, but the improvements in film emulsions eventually began to have an effect on larger format sales, and this was a time when medium format cost around twice that of a top end 35mm slr. Of course the advent of the digital FF knocked any amount of film development into a cocked hat and boosted the overall resolution of the 24x36 format enormously. Excluding drum scans I think my 20 odd mp FF is at least equal to my old film 6x7 system and retains the highly versatile nature of the 35mm system.

Some of the medium format companies were able to respond in digital; note how it's the high end ones who are offering something that is very expensive and exclusive. The Leica S2 is a good example of what it's all about. So regarding price, which is now rather than twice the cost of a high end DSLR, but ten times, the reason is both higher unit cost and greatly reduced unit sales. Then add to this exclusivity.

Non of this fits the bill for Canon, which is why in my opinion they would not be interested in producing a digital MF system. That's not to say larger sensor or format isn't better; at Building Panoramics our pictures are shot on an effective sensor size of either about 36x90 or 60x150 depending on the application, which is larger than most digital MF. Talk about having your cake and eat it.

Incidentally the 85 1.8 is not sharper than the 40.

It might be for the OP, if it needs a focus adjustment (which cannot be done by the user with a Rebel/xxxD body).

Fair point. I should have said not supposed to be sharper    :)

Unless you are wanting a distance scale, very shallow depth of field or both, prepare for disappointment.

Incidentally the 85 1.8 is not sharper than the 40.

Your two lenses you have are giving a short and medium tele field of view on your t4. They are both very good lenses. I would keep the 40 and get the 24 2.8 IS. This will give you a very moderate wide angle field of view. If you don't want wider than 'standard' get the 28 2.8 IS.

Lenses / Re: Canon 400mm DO
« on: March 29, 2014, 01:39:44 PM »
There was a (short) thread in the Lens Gallery section on the 400 DO but it seems to have been lost when that section was reorganised. I have no experience with the 400 but after using the 70-300DO ( which isn't as competative in 'IQ' to convential lenses as the 400 is), I think the loss of IQ is worth it if smaller size is very important to you.

However I expect most on CR will disagree  ;)

I should add that I wouldn't ever buy a DO lens new. They take such a beating in reviews and other such 'sites their used value plummets, making them good value second hand but unprecedented depreciation (for a Canon lens) from new.

This is something that has really annoyed me about the 6D. The answer is 'you can't '.
There has been some discussion on this before and Marsu42 has indicated that Magic Lantern have included it in their software, but that obviously means you must install ML to get the feature.

I see no reason whatsoever for the 'SET' button on the 6D not to be used as a 'back to centre point' button. In my post on this about six months ago I thought it must be a programming error, it's such a daft omission, but now it looks like it's deliberate. Ouch ! I use the toggle a lot on the 5DII and find the 8 way controller on the 6D wholly inferior.

The only reason the Full Frame vs Crop sensor debate isn't a Medium Format vs Full Frame is because of accessibility.

If Canon were to release a Medium Format solution, complete with new lenses many would drop full frame like a stone. As someone who shoots a H4D50 I can tell you there's no comparison between the two.

It's not even about MP for me either, 18mp is fine. Just massive pixels, large sensor please.

I disagree with your first two sentences. Firstly the choice between MF and FF isn't just about accessibility. The larger sensor and equipment create their own restrictions on the photographer, something where the size of the 35mm has proved itself to be highly versatile, and MF, even in the castrated guise of 645 and most digital sizes have never been able to match.

Digital has given a massive IQ boost to this highly versatile 35mm size, and the IQ/Versatility/Ease of use/Costings mean that there are now a lot less people who would be prepared drop FF and jump on MF, because there is not the need as there once was.

There are enough people out there to purchase really expensive kit for the sake of it being 'unique'. I'm amazed at how many S2 units Leica sells: having stated earlier that Sony needs MF expenditure like a hole in the head, I suppose I can see the route of losing a load of taxable profit in MF development in the aim of giving the rest of their imaging products more credibility - a little like the F1 in car manufacturers case, because although Moodies gave Sony's stock junk status they still have a load of cash floating about. There are enough well heeled amateurs to buy a few units.

Regarding night and day of the H4 to FF it depends on application IMO. Yes the larger sensor is better, but so much of it depends upon the final print size, and the demand for the size and dpi, intended viewing distance etc is limited.

Fascinating shot of the Mossey on page one by Marauder. I always thought there were none left flying anywhere in the world.

Landscape / Re: Sunset landscape
« on: March 28, 2014, 03:04:52 AM »
6D + 24-105 F4L

"Patagonian Sunset by Ezequiel Bengochea, on Flickr"

I think this is one of those landscapes where the photographer, standing in that place sees the subtle beauty of the scene, but it just doesn't transfer to a picture when recording it accurately.

Try selectively increasing tonal response within the picture and you'll likely get the impact that you actually saw.

Landscape / Re: Post Your Best Landscapes
« on: March 28, 2014, 02:36:09 AM »

The top image is simply stunning ! Very MF, a good example of how far digital has brought the smaller format.

Landscape / Re: Post Your Best Landscapes
« on: March 28, 2014, 02:32:05 AM »
One of the many ghosts of railways past in England, this one is in the East Riding of Yorkshire and used to connect small towns and villages who's road communications are now choked with cars. Remarkable lack of foresight by the Dr. Beeching era.

5DII + 24-105L @ 105 mil f4 iso 640.

Nice work!

Thanks Carl !

Now I've found that location I'm planning a proper shoot there, based around a beautiful girl and an equally beautiful white circus horse. Will post a few when it's done  ;)

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