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Nice shot, Crapking.  :)
+1...well done.
Animal Kingdom / Re: Show your Bird Portraits
« Last post by serendipidy on Today at 04:27:33 PM »
A recent snow and cold streak with 6 days of sub freezing weather in Portland Oregon has really brought the neighborhoods birds to feeders.  The Oregon juncos are the most common of the visitors.

Towhees are also frequent visitors, tho they prefer to stay on the ground most of the time, and are allergic to staying still.

The star of the local show is the Townsend warbler, masked and ready. This is a friendly bird who will often perch within arms length while the feeders are serviced.
Very nice series, applecider. Well done.
EOS Bodies / Re: Some Canon EOS 6D Mark II Talk [CR2]
« Last post by infared on Today at 04:17:23 PM »
Sounds good...
I still have my 5D III...I am just going to wait for the 5DIV's gray market, busted up kits, or whatever until the price is on eBay or wherever at $2000.    There should be some of those opportunities in the coming year.  I am very happy with my 5DIII so I am in no hurry..... 8)
Lenses / Re: 100-400L IS I vs 400L/5.6 for beginner wildlife/birds/sports
« Last post by Snzkgb on Today at 04:13:10 PM »
Slightly off piste, To get a higher usable ISO out of the 7D try using DxO prime for its noise reduction. I was playing with this a couple of days ago, ACR noise reduction was giving me a usable 3200 ISO, DxO prime gave me 6400.... It is extremely good. The Nikon magazine (you can probably Google your way to it as well) are offering a free copy of version 9 currently (this will process the 7D, check if you need Lightroom though).
Version 11 is more flexible, you'll need the 25% voucher they offer on the £160 purchase price though.
This is b........good software, I borrowed a Nikon D7200 and shot some very usable photos of my daughter at 12,800 ISO....after processing in Prime - they wouldn't stand up to much sharpening so you need a good lens to start with, but they would still print very nicely at A3.
Another reason to stick with the best L series glass.
Give the free version a try, it really is like an injection of life into the camera....no, I do't work for DxO.
I'm using lightroom and I'm quite happy with noise reduction of that tool.
Reviews / Re: New Around Here
« Last post by Tinky on Today at 04:12:01 PM »

I dip in and out of the group.  You'll get to suss the personalities shall we say, sometimes I need a wee break.

I would say this, very diplomatically, although it's ostensibly a kit forum, I'm personally more interested in pictures than pie-charts, semiotics than semantics.

Have fun and share some great pictures.  And video, a particular interest of mine.
EOS Bodies / Re: Some Canon EOS 6D Mark II Talk [CR2]
« Last post by heretikeen on Today at 04:06:10 PM »
This could be the thing Canon invested people like myself have waited for! I could even see this becoming more popular with the professionals than the 5DIV.

Never. The "professionals" will still go for the most expensive stuff.
That said, I hope those rumors are true as well. That's the cam I want.
Landscape / Re: Beautiful sunsets
« Last post by TWI by Dustin Abbott on Today at 04:02:21 PM »

Cool shot, Dustin 8)

Thanks.  I thought getting the kids involved with add a lot more character to the image, and I think I was right.
Reviews / Re: Canon EOS M5 Review from Dustin
« Last post by TWI by Dustin Abbott on Today at 04:01:30 PM »
Great Review

and examples!

Thanks.  Obviously a little bit of "cherry-picking" in what I share, but the camera is very capable.
EOS Bodies / Re: Poll: Are 5D3 owners going to buy a 6D2?
« Last post by ahsanford on Today at 03:58:40 PM »

If Canon were to make a camera just for me it would:
  • 28 MP
  • 30-60 high quality AF points covering 80% of the frame
  • 9 fps
  • Better shadow noise/DR/less banding than the 5DIII (newer sensors seem to be what I want)
  • Take whatever I can get at higher ISO
  • wi-fi
  • DPAF or something else that improved Liveview focus
  • Touch screen that allowed you to select AF points on the LCD while looking through the viewfinder (seems like a great feature on the M5)
  • Built in intervalometer, focus peaking, etc
Really not that far off of the 5DIV.

I really think the 5D4 dropped the ball with only +1 fps over the the 5D3 and +2.5 fps over the 6D.  What happens when the 6D2 comes in at 6 fps -- only 1 fps lower than the 5D4 -- at only 60% of the price?  There are a ton of things that differentiate models, but AF system, fps and MP count seem to be the biggest price differentiators.

I'm not even a burst shooter (I live in single shot / one shot AF) and I see that 'horsepower spec' of fps and start to justify a 5D4 purchase as a future-proofing move in my head.  7 fps isn't why I didn't get it, but 8-9 fps would have helped Canon's cause there with a lot of people I think.

- A
EOS Bodies / Re: Some Canon EOS 6D Mark II Talk [CR2]
« Last post by tron on Today at 03:43:23 PM »
A bit more information has floated in about the upcoming Canon EOS 6D Mark II, a camera we expect to be announced after NAB in April and before the summer months.</p>
<p>These are few things we’ve been told about the camera.</p>
<li>All new sensor
<li>We’re told it’s likely going to be 28mp, though the source doesn’t know if that’s total or effective megapixels.</li>
<li>Dual SD slots</li>
<li>Tilting LCD</li>
<li>DIGIC 7</li>
<li>Aiming for a sub $2000 USD body only price</li>
<li>There has apparently been a lot of internal discussion about the video features and it’s likely we’ll see the camera shoot 4K in some capacity.</li>
<li>Wifi, NFC & Wireless charging</li>
<li>Larger viewfinder</li>
<p>We expect to start hearing a lot more about the EOS 6D Mark II in the coming months.</p>
<span id="pty_trigger"></span>
Now if it has better DR and high iso capabilities than my 5D4 I'm all in  :)
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