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Sorry to rehash this old thread. But how was BR granted a patent on what is basically a single point rifle sling? Also, there ar numerous versions that slide and convert from single point to dual point rifle sling using same principal as BR

They get a patent by convincing the patent office that they meet the requirements for getting one.  The invention doesn't even have to work.  Applying the single point rifle sling to a camera may qualify as an invention, but I agree with you that it appears to be an obvious application.  Nevertheless BR has a patent, it may or may not be enforceable.  This can only be determined at the point when they try to enforce their patent rights in court.  They won the  case because CarrySpeed did not show up to defend against the claim of infringement.  Defending against a claim of infringement can be very expensive.

I believe there is a point in the patent process when interested parties may contest the validity of the patent claims. At this point it would be relatively inexpensive to prevent the patent from being issued.  If no one contests the claims and the patent office is convinced then the patent gets granted.  It is then very expensive to defend against infringement, particularly by claiming that the patent is not valid because the invention is obvious.

Patents are designed to keep lawyers and patent agents busy.   
1D X Sample Images / Re: Anything shot with a 1DX - Page 2
« Last post by tpatana on Today at 01:04:40 AM »
Started going through yesterday photos, here's one of the first I picked.
Lenses / Re: Good lens for hiking
« Last post by Frodo on Today at 01:01:12 AM »
Perhaps a bit off topic.  So you take a 24-105/4 and have 800g (1.7 pounds) spare.  Would you take a a 200/2.8 (or 70-200/4) or a Surui T-025X tripod for this multi-day hike in the mountains?
I've taken tripods in the past but the weight, even at 1.5 kg, is more than the DSLR plus 24-105/4.  But the Surui has my interest tweaked.
While I look at the RX 100 Mark IV and even the RX 10 Mark II and think about how I could use them, Sony is a long, long, long way off from ever attracting me to ditch the 1D X and lenses that go with it. They just do not have the products, the support, and their staying power is questionable.

I expect Sony to stay in the market for as long as they can make money from it, just like any other company.

None of Sony's current line-up is meant to compete with the 1DX but when you look at the Samsung NX-1, it can't be long before either or both Samsung/Sony are able to compete with it. I'd expect to see competitors for that from them before the 1DXIII. Samsung have already demonstrated that they can do the frame rate, Sony with their 4K BSI in the RX series doing high fps also demonstrates ability. All that they need now is autofocus algorithms to track objects.

I also note that they make no mention of high-end sport's cameras, just referring to full frame, which for me indicates they would be looking at the 5D market rather than the 1D X or Nikon D4 market.
Animal Kingdom / Re: Your best animal shots!
« Last post by Andy_Hodapp on Today at 12:35:42 AM »
Canon 5d mkii and tamron 150-600mm

IMG_4941 by Andy Hodapp, on Flickr

I shoot 10,000 shots a day with My 1DX and f/2.8 300mm IS USM II and I can't remember when I've needed more than one battery change on a VERY rare instance.   The rumor of a bigger battery is very upsetting.  I shoot sports MUST hand hold with my 300...  Adding more weight just does not make sense. There is nothing wrong with the current batteries in the 1DX from a charging or usage perspective.

If they need to fill some space.... PLEASE add radio controls for my 600 EX RT's and an internal low light AF beam.  THAT would be a much more practical use of the space than a BIGGER battery WE DON'T NEED or WANT!

Concentrate of the "Mirror BOX" that spews debris more than a race horse!  Those of us who shoot water sports against blue sky would prefer the space be taken up by a Mirror Box that does not shed oil!!! 

Let me bracket my metering from spot to evel to center BUT do not make my battery BIGGER.

and while you're at it! KissMyKite!!!   ;)

Just make sure I have my new 1DX MKII by Nov.  Thank you Canon -  ;D   

Original topic can be found via below link:

Original topic of content:
"New rumors about the upcoming Canon 5D X have surfaced over at the DP Review forums. The rumors claim that the Canon 5D X will feature a single DIGIC 7 quad core processor, while the upcoming 1D X Mark II will have two DIGIC 7 processors and one DIGIC 6 processor (perhaps the DIGIC 6 processor will be used for AF processing?).

According to forum poster MichaelVadon:

    The Digic 7 is going to be a quad core cpu which will allow 4x the processing power for high MP, high frame rate bodies. The 5DX will contain one Digic 7 and the 1DX Mark II will contain 2 Digic 7s and 1 Digic 6. The Digic 6 will be for metwring and other smaller tasks. The 1DX will have a different larger battery while thr 5DX will keep going with the same.

This comes from the same forum member that first dropped the 5D X name last month as the camera to replace the 5D Mark III.

Prior rumors about the Canon 5D X have pointed to a 24-28MP sensor, 8-9fps still image frame rate, a new flash system and 4K video capture.

As with all rumors, take these with a heavy dose of salt until we hear something a little more solid than a forum posting."

I am waiting...

Absolutely agree with Tony
1 - one of the main reasons I sold one of my 1dx's is a dirty as hell sensor !
2 - Canon concentrate in Sensor TECH and AF accuracy and coverage

Third Party Manufacturers / TDP 3D MTF Chart
« Last post by 9VIII on Today at 12:12:41 AM »

I'm posting this here because I thought the Sigma 50A and Zeiss Otus were particularly interesting when viewed in this manner.

It looks like Sigma went for a sharper center where Zeiss has more consistent IQ across the frame.
Of course we already knew that, but this visual helps me see how it might be applied.
And you can see how the Sigma is probably the better choice on a crop body, the shape of the sharp patch in the middle looks just about perfect for an APS-C sensor.
To add a little perspective to this discussion go look at the CIPA data:

When the article linked on this thread reports that the sales ratio of mirrorless is outperforming DSLRs it's simply wrong.

I don't think it's wrong...but as I stated previously, the linked article refers only to the market in South Korea.


More spectacular and less risk of hitting someone with a projectile.

Go ahead, set the world on fire! :o

I shiver at the thought of flamethrowers.  The sky here is so full of smoke that its just gray with limited visibility.  Fires are popping up everywhere, and its a big rush to put them out before they grow out of proportion.  Its only early August, normally we would see something like this in late August.

The sun looks bright red from the smoke.  I tried to photograph it, but not enough DR :D

I welcome their ambition. It can only mean that they will ramp up their efforts and the only thing Canon and Nikon can do, is to ramp up theirs. And the winners are: Us!
I will help us, the users in getting better products
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