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Animal Kingdom / Re: BIRD IN FLIGHT ONLY -- share your BIF photos here
« Last post by AlanF on Today at 02:27:47 PM »
Thanks click - it's a Golden Eagle for a Golden wedding!
Lenses / Re: Canon Announces EF 16-35 f/2.8L III & EF 24-105 f/4L IS II
« Last post by d on Today at 02:27:19 PM »
Here's the japanese product page for the 16-35 III, in case it hasn't been posted yet:

There's a coma comparison between this lens and the mk II version a bit down the page. Looks pretty good to me! This will definitely be my next lens purchase, although I won't be able to afford it for some time, particularly considering the price will be equivalent of almost 3200 USD here...

Thanks for the link - looks promising!
Don't buy the 5DV, wait for the 5DVI.


I heard that the 5DV stynks.  The 5DVII will be worth it though.   ;D
Has anyone used this yet?  I ordered the TS-E 17 f/4L version the other day specifically to use with their ND1000 filter for architectural shots to blur out people & cars and was curious what the XL version is like, other than huge.  I have also been using the Breakthrough Filters 10-stopper with great luck on my 24-70 f/2.8II and 70-200 f/2.8 IS II lenses.

I'm honestly trying to decide between the FreeArc XL and the 16-35 f/4 IS as I can live with the 16mm (for exteriors at least).  I think I can deal with the size if the quality is decent, but will go with the lens if the adapter and dinner plates don't measure up.

Lenses / Re: Extender 2x III on 600mm 4.0 lens - recommendable?
« Last post by tron on Today at 02:21:55 PM »
I can only add to those who say that the 600 f4L IS II + 2xIII works well from an IQ perspective, provided you are able to focus properly
However, put on a crop camera this combo is a total nuisance to work with. With such a long reach, it is almost impossible to find anything but dead objects in the viewer. You mention small birds ... I may not be the fastest or most experienced user of this combo (I only use full frame though), but at that focal length, on a crop sensor, with the limited AF functionality you’ll have … I doubt you will get a single picture worth having.

If you have a 600 f4L IS II, you should go full frame. Everything about your photography will benefit from that. Rent a 1DX-II, compare results to your 7DII (or any other crop) and see for yourself. With the investment you have made in lens and extenders, plus the required (dead stable and expensive) tripod/gimbal combo, makes a good full frame camera a reasonable cost. Second hand 1DXs are quite cheap these days, and if funding is available, a 1DX-II would be even better, especially for its improved AF at f/8).
Eldar this is many times in the back of my mind although I never made comparisons when I could:

I have 500II, 1.4XIII, 2XIII 5D3 and 7D2.

500II + 5D3 Excellent (of course!) but I hadn't tested teleconverters except from one 1 in a moonrising photo behind an ancient temple. The type of (small) fringing I get can be removed 100% in ACR just only if I do not use any tc. So I did not try a tc again in that kind of shots.


7D2 + 500II  Excellent combination (I had to AFMA but excellent).

7D2 + 500II + 1.4XIII Difficult combination. Let me explain: Even with AFMA I managed to take decent photos only when using a tripod not mainly to stop shaking (which admittedly is very important) but mainly to focus correctly. The subjects were rather far and even so I had to crop at 100% to get HD (1920x1280) images.
Still 7D2 help pretty well (It was better than nothing and the important subjects for my liking: 2 great crested crebes with a baby).

Now I did not dare to put 2XIII (with 7D2) but since everyone says that it's better to magnify rather than crop maybe I should try (but I am not sure I would get perfectly sharp pictures).

The other test I didn't try is to use 5D3 + 500 + 2X. But that would make it f/8 instead of f/5.6 and I had better stop down to get some IQ back so the loss would be more. I do not think I lost a lot.

Maybe next time I will try to do comparisons...

EDIT: Grey import 1DxII price is rather close to 5D4 price  ;D
EOS Bodies / Re: Canon EOS 6D Mark II Speculation
« Last post by mnclayshooter on Today at 02:21:00 PM »
From those who have used both, if I am going to buy another card, which I will have to, SD of CF?
Is cost and brand (trust) the only 2 factors for SD and CF?

Are you buying for the 5DIV, 6D (or some other specific camera) or just in general?  Trying to anticipate what the 6DII will have is not advisable... if the 5DIV - I'd recommend waiting a short while until we get real-world testing on the read-write speeds actually produced by the hardware - that will guide what level of card you need.   

Brand is only a relative indicator of quality - some people are fiercely brand loyal.  From my experience, bigger brands will probably hold up on warranty better, but not always.   Sandisk, Lexar etc are good brands.  Store brands or other re-branded ones like "Duracell SD cards" or "Bob's hardware store SD Card" are not worth buying, in my honest opinion.  It might be great, or it is more likely to be hardware that failed a specific bench test during manufacturing and couldn't be labeled as a higher-end card.   

Cost - that's relative as well.  I've gotten exceptionally good prices right around black friday or Christmas sales on SD cards... periodically B&H/Adorama/Amazon run them on sale too - often in the range of $0.30-0.38/MB of storage on the top of the line or near-top-of the line cards.  (I got a couple of 80MB/s SanDisk 64MB SD's last year for $19.99 on doorbuster sale). 

What it really boils down to are two things: 

1) how much storage do you need/are you comfortable with potentially losing in one fell swoop (either on a corrupt card - rare - see my prior response on this thread), or physical damage/loss of the card - they're small and fall out of pockets etc easily. 

2) What is the read-write capability of your camera body and how much future proofing do you want to have?  Right now, there are many cards out there far from the top of the line specs on speed that will work JUST fine in a 6D.  The 6D has a pretty slow (comparatively) write speed at roughly 40MB/s on the very best test runs - usually averaging much lower at roughly 30-35MB/s.  The highest end cards are in the 100MB/s territory - but come at 3x the cost.  Will a 95MB/s or 115MB/s or the insanely fast 280MB/s card keep your cards useful longer into the future? probably - but only if you're planning to upgrade bodies in the near future.  Cards are relatively cheap investments and can be purchased on sale at the time, or close to the time of a camera upgrade, particularly with SD cards.   
Well now that it's official I have my set of grievances:
1) SD card slot is limited to UHS I. This is a huge disappointment.
2) Live view shooting speed is 4.3fps with Servo AF. Would have hoped it could match 7fps in live view or maybe shoot a bit faster like 8-10fps
3) No full frame 4K, I'm interested in getting into video so would have loved full frame 4K even if it was only at 24p.
Id have liked some simple playback touch screen features haha, even the new touch to shoot thats in the 5D4.. but hay ho.. anyway I said I'd never use it ;) :D

On another note I shot some slow mo today and a little 4k, for a stills guy I have to say... AWESOME!!!  Each day I use the 1DX2 I love it more and more!

Now Mr Canon, gimme my new firmware :D
I'll pull the trigger tomorrow if the deal is still on! I can see myself using it at 400 and 560 on the 5DS R, and occasionally at 800mm. Trouble is, I am currently spoiled for choice. My Sigma 150-600mm C is an absolute winner, competing with the 100-400mm II at 400mm, and the 300x2 at 600mm. The 300/2.8 II + 1.4xTC at 420mm is noticeably better than the other 400s, whatever Roger's MTF curves show. I would be disappointed if the 400 DO II is no better than the 300 + 1.4.
I have asked for a non-crippled camera

Well, it's good that you have these forums on which to vent your frustration.  While you're at it, you should really stick it to Canon by not buying their crippled camera.  That'll show 'em who's boss!
That's actually what some people are doing. The cameras are more than crippled. It's like they cut the limbs off. When another company adds a useful feature it should set a standard that other companies should follow later on. Canon tends to ignore  modern advancements and standards set from other brands  to bring the consumers only what Canon wants to give. Such as the 5DS should have had wifi for the price point when other brands offer it.  60p 4k on the c300 II when a camera near half the price offers it and does it well. A camera I would get but I feel isn't future proof enough.  It's cute that Canon has so much money  but that doesn't make my job easier or help me make more money  than I could if they offered more features that others offer for cheaper.

No doubt.  Please keep in mind that Canon doesn't give a damn about your job being easier or you making money, per se.  They care about themselves making money. 

When the 5DIII came out, these forums were all atwitter with people bitching about how they weren't going to buy a 5DIII for whatever personal pet peeve that Canon rubbed the wrong way by including or not including features.  The 5DIII sold like gangbusters.  So yeah, those CR forum folks really showed Canon.   ::)
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