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PowerShot Cameras / Canon G7x review by Dxomark
« Last post by Chaitanya on Today at 11:49:22 AM »
EOS Bodies / Re: 4K Products Coming From Canon [CR2]
« Last post by ewg963 on Today at 11:48:03 AM »
Well, the frequency with which Canon customers or potential customers complain about Canon "crippling" or otherwise shortchanging their products is a clear indication that they want more for every dollar. Canon hasn't thus far been willing to respond to all those demands for more/dollar...until they do, your going to keep hearing people complain.

It's become a simple fact that you can often get a LOT more value with other brands than with Canon. That's not to say that Canon doesn't make a good product...but their products are increasingly not providing what their customers demand. Some simply jump to another brand or add another brand to their kit. Others complain. Hopefully Canon will change in 2015 and actually start delivering.

Those are the ones Canon will actually listen to.  Canon listens to dollars, no vents :-)

Which is why I'll be spending money on Sony next year and not Canon. Voting with my feet and/or wallet. Had enough of being jerked around by Canon.

Well if you're already waiting for next year anyway, why not afford Canon the chance to show their cards if this CR2 pans out?  Ya never know. They won't stay behind forever. I'm not saying it will deliver everything per se, but if you're already heavily invested in Canon glass, why not sit tight on making a decision for something you don't plan to do til next year anyway?

And that's exactly the outcome the planned release of rumors like this aim to achieve. (Which is to say that I don't believe that all rumors are leaked and that a good portion of them are marketing, sometimes even defensive marketing.)

The real point here is I don't need to wait for Canon to show their cards - I know what Canon will do simply by looking at what they've done in the past: the minimum required so that they can entice me into buying the next model with a fuller feature set. I'm sick of being treated like a dumb and ignorant consumer by Canon.

I'm sure that Sony will bring newer models to market in 2015 and that they'll be streets ahead of whatever Canon debuts with. Canon is playing catch up. Why would I want to continue buying into a company that believes that "catch up" is "good enough"?

To answer your question, with another question: Is this rumor enough to stop me from buying Sony? Nope.
Dilbert I bought some great glass from a gentleman who jumped ship and went to Sony a few years ... I may be following him this Canon catch up game is getting old... You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can't fool all the people all of the time :)
Lighting / Re: Yongnuo killed my batteries - warranty case?
« Last post by Skirball on Today at 11:47:23 AM »
Yeah, as a previous poster mention, rechargeable batteries sometimes won't re-charge if they have been fully drained. Also, I have some inexpensive radio triggers and a few 3rd party flashes. In general, for non-name brand electronics, I do not trust the "Off" switch.

Harrrrgnn, well, it's only two batteries and you never stop learning - thanks for the information. I'll adapt my behavior accordingly if I keep buying Chinese junk products, obviously the cheaper electronics do make a difference - I've never experienced with my Canon flashes.

I was going to suggest doing a deep cycle, but it looks like you got it fixed with the paper clip method.

As far as Chinese junk products; I guess everyone has their own opinions.  I've read countless threads of people who can't get their Canon 600ex-RT $600 flash to even work with Eneloops.  So I guess it's a matter of perspective.  Third party electronics are never going to have the kind of QC that name brand electronics charging 4 - 10X as much will, it's simple electronics.  But personally, I'm glad third party options exist to try to help keep the big guys in line.

FWIW, I leave batteries in RF-602, RF-622 and 560-TX transceivers all the time and never had a problem in any of the 15 or so units I have.  I only take the batteries out of my flashes because I have a bunch and only consistently use 2 or 3 of them.
If the 7D2 is 200g lighter, I will have pre-ordered a copy.

Lighter than what?
Photography Technique / Re: Photographs in the "Blue Hour"
« Last post by bjd on Today at 11:35:07 AM »
Here's one from our local Canal Harbour. I think this was the Blue hour and not the Golden hour :-\
Cheers Brian
EOS Bodies / Re: 4K Products Coming From Canon [CR2]
« Last post by jrista on Today at 11:34:47 AM »
"You can pick an A7r up for as little as $1700 used, A7s' used for as little as $2000."

Ever wondered why these owners are selling?

Actually, those prices were from the LensRental used equipment store. They buy a bunch of copies of things, and sell a LOT of used stuff. I haven't seen those kinds of prices elsewhere, and I honestly haven't seen nearly the volume of used Sony cameras as I do used Canon cameras. That's expected, though, given the ratio of Canon sales to Sony sales. I don't think used sales can in any way be used as a gauge of which brand is better, you would need impeccable statistics about how many used items from each brand are on sale, and a damn good idea of why they are on sale, to make any kind of assessment as to why they are being sold.
The differences between full frame and APS-C sensors used to be small. Now they are approaching tiny.

The differences between sensors of different brands but of roughly the same size used to be tiny, now they are approaching miniscule...

If your goal in life is to lift shadows by five stops and shoot dark rooms that have the exposure set for an open window, then another brand might be your better option.

As for my own personal situation, as a 5DIII owner, I'm intrigued by the 7D, but a better investment of my resources would be in either the new Tamron or Sigma  600 zooms.

Well said. I honestly don't see significant differences between the various APS-C sensors.

If the 7D2 is 200g lighter, I will have pre-ordered a copy.
Photography Technique / Travel advice - Northern California and Oregon
« Last post by NorbR on Today at 11:24:58 AM »
Hi all,

I hope this is the right place to post this kind of request, not really Photography Technique but ...

So I am leaving on a US trip in a couple of weeks. The trip is primarily work related, but I'll have some free time in the middle to travel around and hopefully get some nice pictures.

In a nutshell, for the "vacation" part of the trip, I will be driving from El Paso, TX to Portland, OR. I have 10 days to complete this whole trip (and because of the work-related constraints, I can't stretch that for even just one more day, unfortunately). So while that's relatively comfortable, there will still be quite a bit of driving every day. I'm OK with that, obviously, but that's something to keep in mind.

I'm also pretty set on my itinerary for the first half of the trip. There are a number of places that I've wanted to visit for a long time, and never had a chance until now, even when I used to live in the US. So easy itinerary to begin with: Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Death Valley.

From there, I'm a lot more uncertain about which way to choose. I am much less familiar with interesting locations in California (I've only ever been to the LA and San Diego area), and especially Oregon, which I know nothing about. There seems to be no shortage of spectacular scenery in that region, but I'll have only 4 days to go from Death Valley to Portland, so really not much time to circle around.

So this is where I could use some suggestions. Any recommendation as to which route I should choose? (Roughly speaking of course, I'm not asking for a detailed itinerary here.) Keeping in mind that (1) as mentioned, I'll have to drive quite a bit every day, so time is somewhat limited. Quick photo stops along the way are OK, but as much as I'd love to spend a few days in Yosemite, for example, that's just not a possibility here. And (2) it will be mid-November, so (I'm assuming) there might be some weather issues at play here.

The way I see it, I have essentially two options: going through Central Oregon, via Crater Lake, Bend, and the Columbia River Gorge; or hit the coast early, hit Redwood, and drive up the coast. Perhaps having options is good, because the weather might end up forcing my hand one way or the other ... But otherwise, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Is Crater Lake (and surrounding areas) still worth it mid-November? And how's the drive up the coast on 101? (It's already the longer way, if it's also the slower one, I might end up spending 100% of my time driving.) Am I overlooking other options, in Eastern Oregon for example?

TLDR; If you had 4 days to drive from Death Valley to Portland, OR, looking for scenic roads and photogenic spots along the road, which way would you go?

Thanks in advance  :)
EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: clown* photographer
« Last post by Canon1 on Today at 11:20:28 AM »
People people relax, why so angry... I was not the one making the claim that "I am a pro." All I did was take out my camera and start shooting as I do most weekends with 5+ photographers some with pro gear some not, some new and some regulars, some come for the photography and some come for the aviation(flightradar24.com/planespotters.net), SORRY the post was about him lying about his credentials :-X

If he was a pro photographer 20-30 years ago and "retired" his comments about an iPad being all you need are certainly relevant and not a lie at all.  The poorest cameras of today are better than the cameras of decades ago. Oh yeah... One more thing.. Get a life.
EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: ST-E3 and Canon A-1
« Last post by LDS on Today at 11:18:14 AM »
there was not any Warning about using new Flash on old Camera┬┤s,

Just because less people are interested in it ;) Usually people are interested if they can use some of their old gear on a newer camera, and usally some kind of compatibility is provided to ease (and lure) people in upgrading.

Also, older camera have usually less sophisticated electronics (but they could be less protected also).

The T90 was the first TTL camera from Canon, and started to use the four pin flash interface still used - don't know how much the signalling is compatible with later cameras. It used A-TTL, not the E-TTL used now. Again, how much they are compatible at the signal level I do not know.

The A-1 uses an even older non-TTL interface, and has only two pins - it would be interesting to know if Canon when adding pins changed the whole interface or if they are in some ways still compatible.

Anway, I'd be careful not to brick the old camera electronics feeding the wrong signal on the wrong pins... after all the A-1 has no TTL, and all it can do is setting the aperture and sync speed - but it did the other way round, you set the aperture on the flash and it was sent to the camera, not viceversa (flashes then could usually use just a limited set of aperture values for auto operations).
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