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Canon General / Re: 5d3 Vs 5d4
« Last post by Pookie on Today at 03:21:27 AM »
I bought a 5D4 and a 35mm II for our month in Maui. I've been shooting UW free diving and scuba with both the 5D3 and 5D4 with over 3000 shots on both rigs. I can honestly say there is little difference between the two bodies in some of the most demanding low light situations I can think of. The 5D4 is a slight improvement but nothing to rave about or make the 5D3 obsolete. I'll have plenty of examples up in about a week once back to the mainland.

The other body i picked up for this trip is the 6D... A so called low light body. What a joke that is, I'll take the 5D3 any day of the week over that body. It struggles when the D3 or D4 just chugs along.

Interesting. All the raw files I have looked at 5d3vs4 the 4 doesnt show the banding and colour noise issues that the 3 does which shows its head in many situations. The usable DR of the 4 seems much better than the 3 too.

Whether that is worth the £1000 extra is down to what you shoot I suppose. I shoot weddings and in the dark environments I think a worthy improvement from what ive seen.

I made my mind up and going for the 4 after 4 years with the 3 just waiting for some deals.

There is a slight difference but again, nothing that blows the doors off the 5D3. I personally never had a banding issue but I don't yank shadows from the deepest depths... ever. Shadows are shadows for a reason and if I don't like the look I shoot with strobes (even in wedding venues). Something about over processing the crap out of images to "rescue" shadows just looks very amateurish and only leads to major problems down the road.

I just spent the entire month of May shooting underwater and free diving in low light situs and there is only a slight difference in the two bodies. I own 7 5D3's for my business and now a 5D4 for personal use. I shoot weddings and commercial portraiture for a living. I run a studios and employ 6 other shooters to cover over a 100+ weddings a year. Would I switch all of them out for 5D4s... absolutely not. Not a huge reason to do it in my mind. I'll stick with the 5D3's  until either the price drops or a new 5D comes along. Besides, these days when I shoot weddings it's for high end clients and the 645Z is what I work with or even MF film.

I'll be putting up processed examples on my personal site and Flickr when back on Monday.

Lens.  Everything with more than four legs can DIAF for all I care.  How is the MF with a DSLR, though?  I had figured this sort of lens would be begging for a mirrorless with peaking and all.

Yeah it is a real challenge on a DSLR and to be honest where possible I mostly use it with a mirrorless. However it isnt much easier to use on a mirrorless and I never found peaking realiable enough to use so simply eyeball the screen to get correct focus.
Canon General / Re: 5d3 Vs 5d4
« Last post by Pookie on Today at 02:52:54 AM »
The other body i picked up for this trip is the 6D... A so called low light body. What a joke that is, I'll take the 5D3 any day of the week over that body. It struggles when the D3 or D4 just chugs along.

Hi, Pookie.

Could you elaborate a little more about your struggles with the 6D? I have a choice to make soon between the 6D II, (when it comes out), vs the 5D III. My budget is give or take about $2.000 USD. I see that the Canon store has refurbished 5D III's in stock for $2,000. I must wait and see the specs of the 6D II before I make my decision.

With my current 6D, I use the 70-200 F/2.8 L USM and the 24-70 F/2.8 L II and have never had any problems focusing with the center point in almost complete darkness. I know that many people have called the 6d, "the low light king," but in reality I think that they are talking about the AF center point in low light.

It will be a hard decision.


The 6D is ok at the center but that is about it. The 5D3 and 5D4 is useful throughout the focus points and when shooting in low light that is truly king... especially in events and on the fly.

The 6D is for my wife to replace her very old and beat up 7D... I had a day with it and the 5D3. The 5D3 had the 24-70 II and the 6D had a 50 1.4... The 6D struggled endlessly. The 5D3 just worked, every time throughout the entire frame.
Animal Kingdom / Re: BIRD IN FLIGHT ONLY -- share your BIF photos here
« Last post by candyman on Today at 02:42:54 AM »
Some great photos here.
I ran into a spoonbill. Usually very shy. But this time I could take a few photos. Here is one in flight - 'umbrella' position

The Eurasian spoonbill (Platalea leucorodia) by Thornmill Images, on Flickr
I had a good laugh at this given how the Sony sensors had been the Holy Grail of low ISO DR, and how incredibly important to everyone this was. And if you didn't know how important this was to you then you were clearly in need of enlightenment, and of course there were quite a few Evangelists out there who were prepared to do that for you.

So it's adding a fair amount of read noise eh ? Maybe we have a Sony with good highlight headroom then !

It's hard to believe how certain personalities actually can't perceive this even though it's so blatantly obvious.  This shifting of perspective back and forth depending on the manufacturer is close to an art form.


I will call this type of people rishipocrits.   ;D
One question that I can't find asked, is what is keeping Canon from introducing the 6DII?

Is the cause marketing, market saturation, design, features, competition or what?
If Sony sensors have such great DR, how come they can't be used successfully for astrophotography?  (And to say it is not the sensor, but the software, kind of misses the point.)
Interesting, thanks.

sedwards, looks great to me.

Animal Kingdom / Re: Show your Bird Portraits
« Last post by Jack Douglas on Today at 12:15:55 AM »
Wheatear is Victorian euphemism for white arse. The wheatears all have white posteriors.

 ;D  Seems I misread. :-[

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