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Black & White / Re: Black and White Infrared
« Last post by MrFotoFool on Today at 01:51:24 AM »
Another shot with my modified 50D. Taken right after I got it on a trip to Texas (as was my opening shot of the giraffe).

But - as an hobby photographer with low/medium experience - a switch to Sony for landscape and portrait will be an very urgent option. Canon does not sell something equivalent.

Well, I don't know about "urgent" need to change to Sony for portraits.  I do shoot with 5D III and A7r, and I prefer Canon (if I feel like carrying larger setup) for portraits/events, mainly because it seems to require less careful pre-shoot setup and post-processing to get skin tones pleasing. 

I will say the Canon 16-35 F4 IS on Sony A7r can produce nice landscapes.  Shot at 16mm on A7r.

DSC00164 by drjlo1, on Flickr
Canon General / Re: Who's getting what/wish list
« Last post by Eldar on Today at 01:27:20 AM »
I:'m waitinng for t he 1DX-II and the Zeiss crushing 35/1.4LII, 50/1.2LII, 85/1.2LIII and 135/2.0LII primes.

well, there's some wishful thinking on lenses ;-)

I donĀ“t recall having seen anything about realism ;)
So an update to the above comment, I have now re-shot the same picture (background without the bird of course) in all the three stabiliser modes and at different apertures, but all at 400mm, shame results - zebra lines.

It only starts to fade a little at 300mm and then more circles/swirls at 200mm rather than lines.

Any more clues before I contact Canon and see what they have to suggest?

Thanks Mt Spokane,
SSD would be ideal (still relatively expensive and they complicate machines if you have an SSD and Hard Drive).
Any one tell me about Intel Processors is an I5 sufficient
Anything about Graphic Cards and their influence.

A i5 is fine, you really don't need more.

Here are some benchmarks for photoshop cc using desktop processors.  The fastest are at the bottom, its time to perform the specified task.

Note that the i5 and i7 turn in identical scores.  The very fast processors at the bottom are extremely expensive.  Those turning in 73 or 71 are the standard processors.,3720.html

Hector, a 500MB SSD is under $200.  It can easily hold all your software and your lightroom catalog and have more than 1/2 empty.  If you need several TB of space for images, a portable external drive can do it.

You concerns are not necessary.  For $400, you can get 1TB.  There are three SSD types, A new Laptop will likely have MSATA or M2, but if it has a 2.5 in drive, they all cost about the same,
    May be you just need to take note that notebook usually use a mobile processor which consume lower power, but also had lesser processing power. For example, base on PassMark benchmark, an entry desktop i3-4150 processor score higher than a mobile i7-4600U processor.

    Anyway, with SSD, loading will be very fast compare to HDD.

    Have a nice day.

Photography Technique / Re: fail
« Last post by jrista on Today at 12:18:47 AM »
No. No 'natural color' but just a part of the spectrum of ambient light absorbed and reflected and observed with the human visual system. Your thinking is wrong.
Get acquainted with the science of vision before you make arguments about it.

Your entirely missing the point, but that isn't surprising on these forums. Why not do a couple searches and read some of the articles I am talking about? Your talking spectrum, I'm talking psychology. Missing the point. (Why does everyone around here miss the point 99% of the time? Meh.)

WHo do you think you are fooling?
You do not know what the point is so you do not have one.
Psychology...give me a break.  You know nothing about it!

Ah, bluster. The hallmark of the man without an argument. Nice meeting you, martti. You'll fit right in here. Your a pea in the pod.
Canon General / Re: Who's getting what/wish list
« Last post by Zeidora on Today at 12:18:42 AM »
I:'m waitinng for t he 1DX-II and the Zeiss crushing 35/1.4LII, 50/1.2LII, 85/1.2LIII and 135/2.0LII primes.

well, there's some wishful thinking on lenses ;-)

My wish list just has one item on it: 5dsr, should be fulfilled late June, it's on preorder :-)
Toying with the new Cognysis Stackshot interface, and a couple of ~27" IPS 4k displays.
Black & White / Re: Black and White Infrared
« Last post by yorgasor on Today at 12:03:07 AM »
I've done some IR shooting with my Canon 5D, 5D3, and Nikon D3s.  The 5D works best, as it has a lesser IR filter on the sensor.  The 5D3 and D3s both require very long exposures (on the order of 4-30 seconds, depending on the aperture). 

The nice thing with the old Nikon AIS lenses is that they have a red dot on the focus ring.  You focus as normal with the IR filter off, put the filter on, and then turn the focus ring so that the red dot is where the previous focus level was set to.  It removes the guessing I had to do with the other lenses I used.

The coolest thing I discovered is that the Voightlander 20mm f/3.5 has super crazy flaring when the IR filter is added.  Check out this most spectacular IR photo:

Mars Lake by Ron Yorgason, on Flickr
Santa Ana Train Station, with 21mm conversion

Santa Ana Train Station, with 21mm conversion
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