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EOS Bodies / Re: Poll: Are 5D3 owners going to buy a 6D2?
« Last post by ahsanford on Today at 02:26:58 PM »
I do think Canon faces a bit of a dilemma with the next 6DII, and will need to carefully target the feature set so that it remains appealing, but does not undermine the 5DIV too badly. Notice that I did not and won't use the term "crippled," which in my view is a ludicrous term to use for product differentiation.

This is the $64,000 question:  What gets nerfed with the 6D2?

There's a brew of perhaps five major drivers for this (guesses in parens):

  • What do enthusiasts obsess about and might pay more for / might keep the price near the initial asking for a longer period of time?  (Sensor performance sensor performance sensor performance, tilty-flippy screen come to mind)

  • What to pros insist on having on a rig their livelihood depends on?  (Two card slots, flash sync speed, AF joystick, high shutter lifespan, 1/8000 shutter, etc.)

  • What does the market always use to differentiate models and set pricing with?  (Resolution, FPS, 4K, etc.)

  • What can Canon reasonably deliver at their internal production cost targets?  (1DX2 metering = no, Touchscreen = yes, NFC = yes, etc.)

  • What has Canon already released or plan to release that might be cannibalized / undercut by the proposed new offering?  (Surely the 5D4, possibly FF mirrorless, also possibly a stripped-down budget FF SLR)

And from those drivers they make the tough calls. 

- A
Click, Jack Douglas, serendipidy
Thank you, guys! It was very cloudy so the picture is a little dull. But the micro 4/3 system worked well.

As I have just posted one of my wife's shots, here is another one of hers, this time with the 100-400mm II on the 7DII, of flamingos in Cyprus, to show what a grandmother with a Canon can do.
Nice photos!
Canon General / Re: Canon Continues Marketshare Dominance in Japan
« Last post by rrcphoto on Today at 02:14:04 PM »
More than happy to be in minority. It's fun to see canon owners got excited on m5 technology.

With just m1 technology, canon still top 3 in mirrorless. That  draws a very clear picture the group canon represents.

Again, while waiting for Canon ff mirrorless MF mirrorless is already here. Have fun in majority  ;)

who got that excited about it? it's nice that they improve but most of us are still waiting with bated breath for the 6D Mark II et all moreso than mirrorless.

A7RII? lol. good luck with that, then why are you here?
EOS Bodies / Re: Poll: Are 5D3 owners going to buy a 6D2?
« Last post by rrcphoto on Today at 02:10:23 PM »

(rrc, #3 above gets to your "way too soon" comment.  I agree that a gamechanging 6D2 spec list or design might rock this poll a bit, but only 10/66 in the uncertain bucket might imply that the vast majority sufficiently believe the rumored specs/prices to have made up their mind.)[/i]

I find everyone's thought processes fascinating with this.

- A

doesn't have to be game changing. the inclusion of an AF joystick would change the poll dramatically I would imagine.

I have an M, M2 and smartphone.  none of them I looked like a complete moron with and shot with at arms length.

seriously, this is so overused as an arguement and it's pretty silly.

I tuck my left elbow into my side, support the camera with my left hand, and control it with my right.  the camera lcd is around 18 inches away from me.

This isn't about not looking like a moron, it's about a more satisfying photography experience.  With handheld shooting, holding the camera to your eye is more stable and more comfortable as you don't need to hold heavy FF glass away from your body. 

Show of hands:  Who wants to bolt a 70-200 f/2.8L IS II on a mirrorless rig only to hold it 12-18" away from your face while panning, zooming, changing focus points, etc.?  That sounds like a nightmare to me.

In fairness, no one's saying LiveView shooting doesn't work.  But it's laughable to imply that FF mirrorless doesn't need an EVF or FF mirrorless won't ever happen 'because LiveView is the same thing'.  It's the same technological means to render an image, yes, but it's a fundamentally different photography experience for the user. 

Canon will (eventually) field a FF mirrorless setup with an EVF.  Does anyone honestly doubt that? 

Keep in mind I'm no mirrorless fanboy -- I prefer SLRs and likely will for some time.  I just feel that FF glass + handheld use necessitates a chunky grip and a viewfinder.

- A

to be honest, I wear glasses, so the eyepiece barely makes things more stable.   I don't have the eyepiece rubbing over my glasses for a multitude of reasons. With an DSLR and with a mirrorless my arm support is the same.

a long lens, my left elbow rests on my chest, and left hand supports the balance of the lens. That is the same regardless of LCD or EVF.  there is no reason your left hand can't act like a monopod.

I'm for a 6D Mirrorless with an EVF, but the concept that you can't stabilize a LCD based camera, and have to hold it out at arms length is completely false.
People concentrate too much on whether the EVF will help them take their photos properly. In reality the one HUGE advantage the EVF has over using the rear screen is being able to more accurately review your existing photos when you're shooting in daylight.

Even on the 5D III and 5DSR, which have pretty good screens, trying to review an image to even figure out if things are in focus can be a real pain in daylight.

With the EVF, it is simple and easy.   I'll happily use the screen for composing my shots and use the EVF every time to review them.

Hard enough to judge critical focus on a 3" LCD, much less a little EVF.  Much more useful is checking overall composition and the histogram, and I've not ever had issues doing so on the rear LCD. 
Animal Kingdom / Re: Show your Bird Portraits
« Last post by serendipidy on Today at 02:02:55 PM »
Sports / Re: Your favourite motorsports events
« Last post by Buck on Today at 01:53:17 PM »
from the 2017 ROC- Race of Champions in Miami
Videography Technique / Re: Filming on trail
« Last post by unfocused on Today at 01:34:05 PM »
Just another comment:

I've used the Merlin. It's light but it is certainly more than a "little fiddly." You need to set it up for your specific camera/lens combination, which can take some time. And, it takes a lot of practice to get it right. On the other hand it is fairly inexpensive and even if you don't get it set up perfectly, it can help a bit. However, on rough or unfamiliar terrain it may not help and may actually be a hazard.

One thing I learned from using the Merlin is that if you have any kind of handle that allows for two-handed holding you can get a lot more stability.

Before investing a lot of money, I'd suggest you just try the 5D out on a trail alone. I'd also suggest renting before buying. Looks like lensrentals has GoPros and lots of different stabilizers.
Deals on Gear / Re: 5D Mark IV Hits $2799
« Last post by unfocused on Today at 01:15:37 PM »
Be sure to read the "fine print."

From Canon Price Watch


UPDATE: Lots of readers asking if there any “gotchas” with the grey market purchase. There are three important ones. One is return policy — unless the item is defective, there really isn’t one. The store will charge a hefty restock fee if you’re returning it. Once you’ve paid, even if the item hasn’t shipped, it’s difficult to cancel your order without invoking the return + restock. Please be sure you want this before paying. Second, is after-sales service. The vast majority of readers (probably 98%, 99%) haven’t experienced problems, but the 1-2% that do, it may take some patience to get your issue resolved (be it shipping damage, defective items, missing accessories, etc.) This isn’t a big operation (like most authorized dealers are) with the resources invested in customer service, this is why the price is so low! Third, in past sales the dealer has had issue filling orders in time, so please expect a 1-2 week additional delay.
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