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EOS Bodies / Re: New EOS M Camera & Lens Make an Appearance
« Last post by thepancakeman on Today at 12:31:50 PM »
So are cameras going to follow the same trend as cell phones:

Smaller, smaller, smaller...until suddenly...bigger, bigger, bigger?
Lenses / Re: 85mm 1.8 lens
« Last post by drmikeinpdx on Today at 12:30:50 PM »
I love the 85 1.8 and use it quite a lot.  I rented the 1.2 for a week and really did not like the weight.  I also found that sharpness between the two lenses was about the same at similar apertures.

In my experience, the 1.8 has a sweet spot between F/2 and F/2.8 where you get good sharpness with good background blur.

This shot was taken at F/2 using a 5D3.   Sharpness is Lightroom default.  Minor cropping at top and bottom.

I also have the 100 F/2 and the 135L but don't use them as much simply because it forces me to stand too far from the model and it's hard to communicate with them.

Reviews / LensTip Review: 11-24 f/4L USM
« Last post by ahsanford on Today at 12:28:18 PM »
LensTip published their 11-24 review.

Unfortunately, they haven't migrated to a 50 MP test camera yet -- this was done on the 5D3.

- A
"When we found that the users were Australian, we increased the price of their products by 40% and kicked them in the testicles."

But really though, there's no way they couldn't have left an option to use the advanced* import dialogue.

*Read also: useful.
What is the advantage of using a Sony mirrorless camera? You could say sensor but Nikon uses the same one. I wouldn't think size and weight would make much difference for most photographers.

EOS Bodies / Re: New EOS M Camera & Lens Make an Appearance
« Last post by josephandrews222 on Today at 12:17:41 PM »
Yep.  I'm seeing chatter of this being a 'Baby EOS-M'.  Yikes.  Downmarket it is.

- A

That's where the bulk of the sales are, especially when it comes to cameras which are built from the ground up to be smaller than SLR's. Small, light and cheap. I wouldn't be surprised to see this become a huge success within Japan, and  do well in many other markets too.

The M3 has been out for a while now, but in Japan the M2 is selling better than the M3...and the M2 is smaller, lighter, and cheaper.  What does that tell Canon?

My M2 is a bit smaller and a bit lighter than my M1.

My M2 focuses just a bit faster than my M1. Actually, sometimes more than a bit faster.

The M2's wifi and the iOS app to work with it are special.

Sometimes I laugh out loud (while groaning, if that makes any sense) at what I read on this forum about Canon's mirrorless efforts.

Different strokes for different folks (I guess).

I think I will sit out the M3 and wait for an M with dSLR focusing speed.

Until then, my Ms, with the 11-22mm wide-angle zoom, and 22mm pancake lenses...serve my needs quite nicely, thank you (in terms of people-oriented around-the-house and vacation photos). It is amazing how tiny they are...

Anything requiring telephoto focal lengths and precise focusing...and its back to the 5DM3...

While I applaud Adobe for wanting to make it easy for new users, it sure seems like this is a complete disaster (I have not upgraded.)

Here's a one-word idea for you Adobe:  Wizard.
Lenses / Re: Review: Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L II Via TDP
« Last post by Viggo on Today at 12:15:56 PM »
I think its a wonderful lens, I posted some pictures on my own thread. I found the autofocus to be very accurate and consistent

How's AF in servo?

I found the original 35L focuses poorly in servo wide open, so I usually end up using the 24-70 II for moving targets.

Which body?
EOS Bodies / Re: New EOS M Camera & Lens Make an Appearance
« Last post by Tinky on Today at 12:15:21 PM »
No Dual Pixel AF.  No thanks.

Canon has a belter of a technology, and they don't employ it in the one range that really needs it.


This is the EOS 1000n of it's day.
Lenses / Re: 85mm 1.8 lens
« Last post by Luds34 on Today at 12:14:34 PM »
One anecdotal perspective (aka this is just my limited feel, my lens etc) is that I find the lens performs so much better just stopped down to f/2.0 from wide open f/1.8. I think the color and contrast is much better and I found the shots seem to pop a bit more on their own. So take that for what it's worth. Speaking of worth, there is a lot of value in this lens. I think I saw one going for $240 on craigslist the other day. Lot of bang for one's buck!
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