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EOS-M / Re: Canon EOS M3 Coming to North America? [CR2]
« Last post by bf on Today at 10:45:43 PM »
If they do, I wish they offer a pricing approach like Japan. They do their homework and polish the firmware beforehand. They also need to advertise a little bit or pay us to do so.
While much of this has been said in fun, it's obvious some members don't have the maturity or skills to operate a firearm and thus don't want others owning them either. 
Lenses / Re: Canon 24-70 f/2.8 IS? Nikon has it!
« Last post by Mt Spokane Photography on Today at 10:42:47 PM »
Nikon needed a upgrade, the old lens had a huge amount of CA's.  They were likely getting hit hard by third party lenses which were pretty good for less.

I expect Canon to follow up with a IS lens as well.  There are those who will shell out $2400, so why not.
EOS-M / Re: Canon EOS M3 Coming to North America? [CR2]
« Last post by unfocused on Today at 10:34:33 PM »
I still think Fuji X series has the best looking body design. Don't know why they not releasing FF mirrorless.

This is why:

We gave a lot of thought to this, and reached our conclusion that APS-C is the best format for the optimum balance of body size and image quality.

Quote order to maximize the use of the sensor size, the lens will be very bulky and heavy.

We aimed for the system with the optimum balance of high image quality and compact lightweight body that professionals can use. With that idea in mind, we came to the conclusion that the APS-C mirrorless system is the way to go as opposed to full frame D-SLR.

EOS Bodies / Re: 7d mark ii or 6D
« Last post by eninja on Today at 10:28:17 PM »
If you are a paid event photographer, I would go for the 7D2 for the following reasons -

1. Dual card slot data integrity. It isn't a matter of IF, but a matter of WHEN a card will fail. You can't reshoot an event. Many data recoveries succeed, but NOT ALL. Of those that succeed, rarely are 100% of the photos recovered. After all, the whole reason a failure took place is because data on the card became corrupted. In this day and age of social networking - reputations can be ruined quickly and hard earned referrals lost. Ignore all the morons who will say this isn't that important. If that was true, the 5D and 1D series would have one slot, but they don't. You owe it to yourself, your business and the customer to protect the images. The 7D2 does that at a very reasonable price point. It is almost unethical not to.

2. You said video, 7D2 has good video. The 6D does not. 7D2 lacks only the articulating touch screen. If you do video that requires that, then you really need a 70D and set that up as a dedicated video rig and forget trying to do it all in one body because you give up too many other things going with the 70D.

3. Speed. Events often require a decent FPS to capture key moments. At 10 FPS, the 7D2 will do it. The 6D has a lousy 4.5 which means you and your finger need to have good timing.

4. AF system. Depending what you shoot during these events, the AF on the 7D2 is better.

5. Build quality - the 7D2 is tougher.

6. Anti-flicker. This feature alone is worth it. Events are often take place under crappy fluorescent lighting. The anti-flicker mode will dramatically reduce your post-processing work flow and improve consistency across the album you create.

7. 100% finder on the 7D2.

The only things the 6D does better:

1. Sharper, better image quality all around. FF advantage here. FF sensor will resolve more detail even at the same megapixel count. Not much else to say.

2. Better low light performance. If you genuinely run into situations where you are shooting at ISO 6400 and 12800 AND using these photos as keepers - the 6D will show an improvement. At lower ISOs with NR, it makes little to no difference on print. Some would rightfully argue the 7D2's ISO 6400 shots are perfectly usable, and they would be correct. But that  depends on your  standards.

3. DOF. Again, FF advantage here. While APS-C can be wonderful, all things being equal, the FF sensor gets a perspective the APS-C cannot. Although, in event shooting and to customers - I doubt they would ever notice or even care. Good glass is a larger part of the equation.

I would easily weight the 7D2's advantages as much more important. There are tons of pros out there shooting 60D, 70D, 7D, 7D2, and even the 40D!....the image quality as you already know, is perfectly fine. Results are great, and you can create albums, prints and slideshows and whatever that easily meets typical pro standards out there for albums.

If someone said they just shoot portrait sessions, the 6D is the easy choice because that is a controlled environment and all the 7D2 advantages no longer matter. You control the pace. You can reshoot (within reason). You can tether or wifi transfer. You control the lighting. You focus where you want every time. All the difficulties of event shooting vanish - and all you are left with is which camera has better image quality. That would be the 6D.

However, in the real world things are really tough at events, the 7D2 has features that really do assist in making the shots. There's little time for adjustments. Things happen quickly. Conditions are never ideal, and often they are awful. The 6D shoots like an older DSLR.

get a 7D2 your love it
9W9A3556-1 by Bigz Ant, on Flickr
9W9A2613-1 by Bigz Ant, on Flickr

How about photos of 7Dii with ISO 6400?
Indoors and night time. It is normal to shoot ISO 6400 and shutter speed of 1/125. at F4.
My experience from 70D, not very usable.

With 6D I can at ISO 10000 still usable. I can use 6D to shoot photos above:
Use a bit wide angle lens, set to Ai servo, use center point and target on the player, shoot 5 frames per sec.
then Crop, to the photos above.

I can do low light plus this with the 6D.

Honestly, the only thing I can see advantage of 7Dii is that, center AF point of 6D was multiplied and spread. But looking at other features like, high iso, weight, what else... 6D wins..
Specially the choice of wide angle lens. Which wide angle lens can be use on a crop sensor?
14mm L is so expensive
11-24mm also expensive
16-35mm F4 - F4 to slow aperture for crop
24-70 F2.8 ii - this starts at 35mm, you can not take 5 people group picture with this.
24-70 F4 - same as above, even slower aperture.
70-200 F4 - good but slow aperture still
70-200 F2.8 - expensive

your only choice is wide angle are
16-35 F2.8 but lens like this photos looks really good at full frame.
17-55 - not L lens, not EF lens.

I will choose 6D anytime.
Your reader must be compatible with the type of card.  I'd stay away from cheap readers, they may not read UHS-1 cards correctly.  Bad cables are another source of problems and can be intermittent.
Canon General / Re: Canon Profits Drop 16% in Second Quarter
« Last post by dilbert on Today at 10:06:26 PM »
I have to think many others feel the same way and that Canon (although in denial) is slowing losing ground to the Sony/Fuji/Olympus's of the world.  For people like myself who do not need state of the art AF or 12fps, it makes much more sense to buy a much smaller/lighter camera with equal (and in many cases better) image quality. 

It's amazing where technology has taken us.  Even if you're a long time Canon guy/gal heavily invested in glass you can buy an A7Rii with probably the best full frame sensor in the world and still be able to use all of your canon lenses AND have decent AF speed....

Yup, I'm pretty much in the same boat.

I think I've already bought my last DSLR (although I didn't know it at the time!)
Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Any news on Sony A7R II?
« Last post by dilbert on Today at 10:04:07 PM »
I do have a rather stupid question though that I think I know the answer to but would like to seek clarification. In a dslr we have a mirror lockup function with the intention being that we can minimise vibrations with this. Since the a7rii obviously doesn't have a mirror does that mean that vibration should be the same as a dslr in mirror lockup mode? I heard that the a7r had issues with this and that they tried to fix it with the a7rii. Also would using the silent mode (digital first curtain or whatever they call it) help as then only the rear curtain would be a factor (in my limited understanding) and rolling shutter shouldn't be an issue with a static landscape shot on a tripod. If anyone has any resources that could answer this question please let me know.
The A7R problem was from shutter vibration. From all reports, this problem has been resolved in the A7RII.
An alternative drone take down........
EOS Bodies / Re: 7d mark ii or 6D
« Last post by ScottyP on Today at 10:01:45 PM »
Hey Everyone.. I'm selling my Canon EOS 5D Mark II and a Canon Ultrasonic 50mm lens for $1200 or BO.  Is there a thread here for that?


This sales post does not belong here in this thread.  You keep posting this ad in random threads and it is not in keeping with the forum rules.
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