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Third Party Manufacturers / Re: yongnuo: EF 35/f2 clone now available
« Last post by Marsu42 on Today at 07:44:01 AM »


Thanks for the information, and good that Canon is getting a kick in their behinds for still trying to sell ancient lens designs at these prices. Hopefully that'll make 'em release the 35L2 ...
I'm now creating smart previews for all 60,000 images.  This is a slow process, but will make all images instantly viewable.

It does? I'm happy to be educated concerning the use of smart previews (technically they're "DNG Proxies"), but I admit I never warmed up to them yet.

For a 20mp cam (other than the 5ds, for example) this doesn't make a lot of sense to me unless you want to edit pix when the original hd is offline, the 1:1 and smart resolutions are just too similar. And at least with LR5 (I'm running LR6 just the 2nd day) there were collisions between 1:1 and smart preview rendering, too, when the original source was online.

Lenses / Budget photo: Canon 100-400mm (I) Vs Tamron 150-600mm
« Last post by Hjalmarg1 on Today at 07:09:39 AM »
Hi Folks,
I want to buy a zoom telephoto lens and a friend is going to buy the new Canon 100-400mm and his version I is for sale. He's giving me a good  price but I was also considering the Tamron 150-600mm?

Anybody has own both so can give unbiased advise?

Thanks and regards,
Sports / Re: Your favourite motorsports events
« Last post by TheJock on Today at 07:06:40 AM »
Thanks for all the great recent images guys (Roo, Mickat & Graham), I think this thread should be in the hundreds of pages like the birds and BIF's ;D
Deals on Gear / Re: Exclusive Deal: Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM ART
« Last post by Hjalmarg1 on Today at 07:05:13 AM »
As others have stated, if I owned a APS-C camera, this would be my fisrt lens to own
Thanks for the replies everyone. I'll try some different combinations. For reference the CF reader that didn't work is: PixelFlash USB 3.0 No-Bend Pins CF Card Reader SuperSpeed Compact Flash Memory Adapter (PFUSB3CFRD).
Animal Kingdom / Re: Show your Bird Portraits
« Last post by rcarca on Today at 06:25:23 AM »
So very nice Richard! They pop with natural color. Beautiful photos. I need to take a class about post processing because I don't think I have a clue what I am doing. You obviously do.

Thank you CanonFanBoy! I am not sure that I really do know what I am doing, but I just watched a lot of videos, particularly with Julieanne Kost on the Adobe TV site. A great resource. I have not managed to master PS at all, I think I am going to need hands on instruction for that!

Thanks for looking and commenting!

EOS Bodies - For Video / Re: Upgrade from 7D
« Last post by rockyduderino on Today at 06:25:06 AM »
Cool, thanks, will experiment a little with gaussian blur.

I don't understand how one f-step can quadruple the light when the picture gets just a little lighter when you do the step on the camera? But then again I'm not very smart.

Wish I could just borrow both the a7 / a7s and canon c100 to do some test.
Will try to find a way to decide which one, if any of them are worth the price, will give me the most of what I need.

I'm a bit nervous that the pictures will be "too good" to combine with the pictures from my D7. Since I've already shot for this project with my D7 for two years I have to use those..

Thanks again
Animal Kingdom / Re: Show your Bird Portraits
« Last post by rcarca on Today at 06:22:22 AM »
Very nice series , Richard.

Thanks Click!

Animal Kingdom / Re: Show your Bird Portraits
« Last post by rcarca on Today at 06:21:29 AM »
Nice series! Well done.

Thanks Serendipity!

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