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EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Backup body for extreme environment
« Last post by rfdesigner on Today at 12:58:49 PM »
I've experienced astrophotgraphy gear packing up due to sub -10C temperatures..  test all your gear at low temperatures before you go.  (be careful about bunging lenses in the freezer.. you won't like the amount of condensation they suffer when you take them out)

Take ziplock bags..   when a camera gets cold, bung it in the bag before taking it indoors.. then condensation will form on the bag and not the gear.   Once warm you can take it out and there should be no problems.

Read what those who've been have done.  just a quick google brought up these:



Also don't discount film..  less electronics may be a good thing...   just a thought
EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Backup body for extreme environment
« Last post by PatchedUp on Today at 12:53:23 PM »
Thanks for the replies. Certainly the sharing of batteries is a major bonus the 5d2 has over the 1d series or the 5d1. I will certainly be taking plenty of batteries and fortunately I will never be far from a source of power.
Ideally I would like to use CF cards rather than SD but will have a gopro which obviously uses SD for storage.
A friend took a 5d2 which served him well while he was out so I know this would be the safest option for reliability and compatibility with the 7d.
I had considered another 7d but would rather have a different body mainly because I was considering the advantage the FF offers.

I think I will probably take along a cheap PS as an emergency backup too.

All things considered, it would probably be a 5d2. I agree a 5d3 would no longer be a backup and would be used alongside the 7d.


Now try 170.170.185, note there is a 15 point difference between the two values, lower that three stops and you get 139.139.151, you now have a 12 point difference between the two values. THE TONE HAS CHANGED as well as the luminance.

This could be solved if working in LAB color mode? I think so. Lowering three stops in "L" channel will leave "a" and "b" channel (which contain colors) the same.
EOS Bodies / Re: Focus problems with the Canon 7DII?
« Last post by aee on Today at 12:44:39 PM »
Just thought I'd share my experience with this.  Picked up a 7DII for the holiday.  Main focus is wildlife, so thrilled to upgrade from my 50D and exploit the 10fps and focus tracking of this body.  A field outing where nearly everything was off focus-wise caused me to conduct some controlled condition tests.  I can only conclude the focus is off/soft.  Exchanged for 2nd body a few weeks later with the same results.  One body was missing the receiving threads for the cable protector, so no question there as to manufacturing quality control issue.  I don't see clear/dramatic front or back focusing, just off/soft focusing.  Microadjustments didn't help.  I wouldn't mind having Canon "fix" a brand new $2k body, but couldn't risk losing the 30 return window from B&H, so returned and just sitting on my hands for now.  Unfortunately, I didn't have another long lens to test with, but as you can see, the lens is perfect with my 50D.  Another accomplished photographer friend of mine who has most of the Canon line returned his 7DII as well, with focus issues, although his were with birds in flight.  Images attached for those who are curious.
i wont challenge the points being offered up through the conference call but i will contest the notion that introducing new higher megapixel cameras will do anything but be a temporary salve in a declining market.

Canon's idea of a high megapixel camera isn't much higher than the 41 MP cell phone camera that came out two years ago.....
Street & City / Re: Chicago Visit
« Last post by distant.star on Today at 12:33:31 PM »
Does anyone at Canon know you can take pictures like that with an eight-year-old camera?

Just curious!
EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Backup body for extreme environment
« Last post by ajfotofilmagem on Today at 12:27:18 PM »
For environments with extreme climate you need 7D Mark II, or another 7D original. Stay away from the original 5D, which does not have the same level of weather resistance. The 5D Mark iii would be nice, but it seems expensive to consider a backup body.
i wont challenge the points being offered up through the conference call but i will contest the notion that introducing new higher megapixel cameras will do anything but be a temporary salve in a declining market.

how will a mega resolution camera which essentially fulfills only small niche needs and likely come at a high end price thus being out of reach to a majority do anything to change the nature of today's market? canon might experience a relatively brief reprieve in declining sales but will end up in exactly the same place it stands today...which is a position it shares with all camera companies.

the market is simply oversaturated and expendable income is still becoming increasingly difficult to find for your average consumer. i expect that we are seeing a natural return to consumption models closer to what they might of been in the film days where investment in gear wasnt a 2-3 year turnover but rather several more years over that.

on a personal level, i simply have no interest upgrading every 2-3 years for anything. not my cameras, not my lenses, not my computer, or my software, or even my phone. i'm sick of all of it to be honest....i'm upgrade fatigued. i have a few spots that i still feel will significantly benefit from an upgrade but after i take care of those i intend to stretch that investment well past the 5+ year mark for cameras, phone and computer and 10+ years for lenses.

this will be the challenge camera makers will face. the past 15 years was an anomaly brought on by a radical change in how we did things. digital grew fast and we all raced to keep up. i welcome the maturation of digital and with it a much slower product cycle.

in no way what so ever will the introduction of these 2 cameras or anything else canon (or any other camera company) introduces the rest of the year will change the nature of what the market is now.
EOS Bodies / Re: More About the EOS 5DS & EOS 5DS R
« Last post by privatebydesign on Today at 12:23:11 PM »
I gotcha.  Yeah the grips do get a bit bigger on the DX. 

I find the accessory grips to be bulkier and less comfortable to hold than the 1-series.  Balance is more important to me than weight, and the grip balances most L-series lenses better, meaning my hands don't get sore after a day of shooting. There's always flex between the body and an accessory grip, that can be an issue for tripod use (and swapping the grip off/on isn't very practical), so I far prefer the integrated design.  But it's definitely a personal preference.

That's a problem with the design, not a problem with integration versus separate.  The 1 series bodies should be designed like the 1V/1VHS.

Have you ever used a 1VHS? I have two here.

There is flex between the grip and body when using the tripod socket of the grip. Also the design is necessarily bigger and heavier than necessary for an all in one design, you have to have two bottom plates strong enough to take the tripod sockets and the grip needs a top plate.

It is a nice idea in theory, in practice, even the 1 series designs fall short in application as to make it 'better' would necessitate even more weight and space in materials.
EOS Bodies / Re: POLL: How many mp do you want anyway?
« Last post by lo lite on Today at 12:22:56 PM »
Is Canon being driven into releasing a high-mp camera by Sonikon trolls, or is there an actual demand for more resolution even beyond what the competition delivers?

Vote here how much metapixies you require for your *general* shooting style - either for wall-sized prints, selling stock, zoooooooming in macro, cropping for reach, changing aspect ratio or just for showing off!

Note that the poll is not meant as "get it for free", but as in "pay more for money for it" and "trade-off resolution vs. noise" - so please consider for a moment or we we'd just get a "more is better" result.

6000x4000 or maybe 6144x4096 would be perfect for me since those numbers have nice divisors or factors which is important to avoid artifacts when scaling down.
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