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EOS Bodies / Re: Will Canon answer Sony's new cinema cameras
« Last post by Etienne on Today at 12:53:21 AM »
Lets sets some records straight on this thread. Sony did not create CineAlta with Panavision trust me I know.
Sony have brought out the FS7 not because of  Canon but because of Blackmagic and the URSA and the AJA Cion, Blackmagic along with Red had massive presence at Photokina.

Canon have done remarkably well with the C300 less so with the C100 and C500. For serious Motion Picture the Arri Alexa is still outfront followed by the Red Dragon, Arri are also doing really well with the Amira.
Red have a module to use the Canon ultrasonic motors with a remote control and the camera can also perform these functions via an upcoming smartphone app. this is an area both Sony and Canon miss to be taken seriously at the high end pro end.
Neither Sony or Canon do full-frame motion picture only Super 35 this means proper anamorphic is out of the question and even the v.good F55 only gets considered for TV.
Lastly the Alexa success is as much down to its uncluttered user controls and simple menus something both Sony and Canon fail to understand.

No offence intended Jeffa but this comment is nearly entirely incorrect information.

-Sony worked with Panavision in designing many cameras, most notably the F35 which is also rebadged as the Panavision genesis.
-The FS7 is more likely a response to the most successful camera in its target field (C300) rather than a response to two cameras that have not been released yet, and that are designed for a different field anyway (controlled environments) as they max out at 400 ISO. The FS7 is a documentary camera intended to replace the C300's position.
-The C100 is more successful than the C300 in sales numbers, both are extremely successful, the most successful video cameras today actually. The C500 is less so due to the fierce competetion from Arri/Red.
-The C100/300/500 can be controled wirelessly with a smartphone/tablet, giving you a live video feed, ability to change all the settings and start/stop triggering. I used it myself, works brilliantly on the C300, you just put the dongle in its dedicated port and open your web browser on your tablet/phonehhhhh
-Nobody does full frame motion picture cinema cameras, super 35 is the "full frame" of the video world. Red Epic and Scarlet are s35, so are the Arri Alexa and Amira, and Canon C100/300/500 and Sonys FS7/FS700/F5/F55/F65 and Blackmagic ursa and Aja Cion, and all cinema cameras. You don't need full frame to shoot anamorphic, it doesnt have anything to do with that, what you need is 4:3 aspect ratio, only the Alexa offers that. You can still shoot anamorphic on all these cameras given their high resolution though, and of course anamorphic is a very small/niche market.
-The Alexa's success is not due to the menu interface, it's due to the special colour science they employ, and extremely high dynamic range and very filmic response in the highlight roll off. Skin tones look absolutely lovely on the Alexa, very organic. 99% of the Alexa shooters use it only because it's the closest digital camera to 35mm film in terms of image charachterestics. They would not care less about the menu system as long as everything works, it's all about the image unless it's an ENG camera. Actually the Alexa is the farthest from simplicity and ease of use compared to Canons/Sonys, it's extremely heavy, requires a matte box, EVF, monitor, requires an external Codex recorder, and requires heavy media managment, but that's fine because it's designed to be used in controlled environments where you have time to set up your camera. If you need a ENG style camera they made the Amira for that Canon menus are very simple too. Sonys are fine too.

Interesting post, but I don't thing the C100 offers wifi control.
EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Posting about sensors and DR!
« Last post by weixing on Today at 12:42:00 AM »
It used to be amusing, seems to have lost it's amusement factor of late, the snide personal attacks that abound, the "I'm smarter than anyone else" viewpoints, Human Nature at it's worse in almost any thread that mentions Canon Sensors/DR, the "how dare you have an opinion that differs to mine"damn pity but their you are.

I'de suggest feeding anyone that mentions DR/Canon Sensors to those meat eating Squirrels, in particular those that I've seen Sporgon post Images of, Scottish Squirrels seem to be extra "meaty", I guess that would mean though that I'm first in line, I mentioned the dreaded S & DR words twice in this Post alone, deserving of eternal damnation, at least.
   If the DR debate keep carry on, "squirrel" might become to most used word or at least the most common animal name appear in CR... hopefully I'll not get "Canon Rumors" as the first entry when google "squirrel" in the future... ha ha ha  ;D ;D

   Have a nice day.
PowerShot Cameras / Any hints of a G5X?
« Last post by CanNotYet on Today at 12:36:39 AM »
Well, now that the G7X is out, effectively replacing the S1XX series, is there any hints of a G5X sister model?
I am thinking G7X with viewfinder?
Something like a G16 body, sensor and lens from G7X, but with a hybrid viewfinder like the Fuji X20. Add a fixed touch screen and eye sensor to shut it off when using the viewfinder. Keep WiFi and G16 handling. Now that would be a great camera.
Nothing to see here folks... no new news...
Not sure about that - I hadn't seen the mention of it having interchangeable viewfinder screens before this story.

Are you talking about the interchangeable focusing screen?  If so its been on canons website since the announcement....
EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Posting about sensors and DR!
« Last post by jrista on Today at 12:34:02 AM »
DR is overrated.

Until you need it. Then it tends to be the only thing that matters. :P
Canon EF Zoom Lenses / Re: Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM
« Last post by Eldar on Today at 12:29:29 AM »
Stairway to Heaven.

Some Tibetan sherpas has been hired to build the stairs. It is very hard work, carrying these fairly large and heavy rocks up the mountain. This particular one is 1800 steps(!) But they make a full year Tibetan salary in two weeks, so they are not hard to ask.

5DIII, 1/125, f5.6, ISO100
EOS Bodies / Re: Am I the only one excited about the new 7D mk2?
« Last post by weixing on Today at 12:27:20 AM »
  After a little reading and reviewing the RAW files I have canceled my pre-order here in Thailand. I was caught up in the hype. hummm

Here is some good reading about the AF systems on EOS cameras if anyone is interested.
    I just wonder what the expectation everyone had with 7D2... it's quite obvious that this camera is not IQ priority... the 7D2 is all about speed... speed to capture the moment.

   I sold my 6D once 7D2 is announce... 6D is an excellent camera with very good IQ, but since I use my camera mainly for birding, I had a problem with 6D: 6D don't focus well when subject is small and most birds are "small" especially for FF camera... even my old 60D focus better than 6D for birds. So basically:
1) 6D will give an excellent IQ, but high chance of out of focus image, Or
2) 7D2 had high chance of getting an in focus image, but there will be a lot more noise. 

   So my conclusion is to sell the 6D and get the 7D2 (since I can't afford 5D3 or 1Dx) because as noise reduction algorithm and computation power improve, the possibility of cleaning up a noisy image is higher than to make an out of focus image in focus.

   Have a nice day.
Lenses / Re: Do you keep all your boxes?
« Last post by expatinasia on Today at 12:26:28 AM »
I'm currently selling a 2006 1D MkIIn. What is it with boxes? I lost a certain sale last night just because I didn't have the original boxes. That's completely nuts.

Sorry to hear about the loss of a sale, and I fully agree with you.

I do not keep any of the boxes, and if I was buying something second hand (unless it is v. expensive jewellery and/or watches) then I would not care if the seller has the original box or not. I presume I can email CPS and ask whether the serial number of the item has been stolen or not if I am concerned about that.

How much extra was the buyer willing to pay for the box, and how much would it cost for you to buy one off ebay or wherever?
Third Party Lenses (Sigma, Tamron, etc.) / Re: Zeiss Distagon 15mm f2.8
« Last post by Eldar on Today at 12:01:46 AM »
Glad to see posts from others here. Good images, showing what can be done with this lens.

This was a painful shot. (I had to lay down on all these sharp rocks, in shorts and t-shirt)

5DIII, 1/40s, f10, ISO100 (should have been f2.8 though)
Animal Kingdom / Re: Bears in the Wild
« Last post by Jackson_Bill on Today at 12:01:28 AM »
A history of a bear...
The first photo is from November of 2011. this is Bear 610 in Grand Teton National Park. 610 and her mother, 399, are well known in GTNP. One interesting fact is that 610 started the year with two cubs while 399 had three. At some point during the summer, 610 was seen with three and 399 with two. So, one of the three cubs in this photo is actually the mother (610's) sister (or maybe half sister).
The second, April of 2013, is 610 and the same three cubs a year and a half later.
The last, a few weeks ago, is the bear now known as 760 and believed to be one of the three cubs in the previous photos. I was told by a ranger that the patch on his rump was thought to be the result of a scuffle with another bear. Earlier this year 760 was seen near Heart Lake in Yellowstone and may have run into some of the more mature males in that area, lost the fight, and headed back south again.
All taken with my 7D and 500 f/4
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