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6D Mark II Sample Images / Re: First 6DMKII photoshoot
« Last post by tomscott on Today at 05:20:09 PM »

Cheeky 10,000 ISO at the end

Really pleased with the results. Hope you like them and they are helpful. These are full size and resoltion so have a look on Flickr to zoom around. No noise reduction added didn't think it needed it apart from the 10,000.



...Okay, NOW you're just showing Off!!!!  Wonderful shots, and a great exposition of the 6D II's qualities and capabilities....

Thanks! It has been unfairly slated
Industry News / B&H Agrees to Settle Outstanding Government Claims
« Last post by Canon Rumors on Today at 05:11:28 PM »

New York – August 14, 2017B&H announced today that it has settled a 2016 case with the Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP).

While we are pleased to conclude the case, B&H rejects the OFCCP’s allegations — we settled this matter to let us focus on our day-to-day work of providing excellent service to our customers, to avoid costly and time-consuming litigation, and to grow our Federal government business (the OFCCP oversees employers that do business with the government).

The OFCCP allegations pertained to certain hiring, promotion, and compensation practices. While B&H categorically denies the allegations, we settled to avoid the distraction of litigation. As a government contractor, we determined settlement was in our best interest. B&H is pleased that this issue has been resolved, and we are confident we have the measures in place to comply with all federal hiring and employment law.

B&H is pleased that an overwhelming portion of the settlement payout will end up with our current and former employees. Our success is a result of the hard work and dedication of our employees.

What is the difference between 100% and 97% totality? (Or say 87% Obscuration like where I live)
Good luck with your practice and actual event shooting!

Thanks. The last forecast I saw for Monday predicts a sunny day here and cloudy in the town in SC where I am considering going for totality. The traffic south of here on a Monday morning is impossible even with no eclipse. I may decide to stay home and photograph the 97% from the (relative) comfort of my driveway rather than trying to brave the traffic to try to get less than two minutes of totality. I realize that 97% will be nothing like those moments of totality if visible of even if the obscured sun is behind a cloud.
Hi Mt Spokane.
I sincerely hope that you are able to make it to the totality, after all the purchases, practicing and advice giving it sure would be a shame if you missed it for anything other than clouds in front of it! Plus as I'm right on the edge of the partial I'm looking forwards to seeing some shots here of the full eclipse please! 

Safe travels to all braving the mayhem to see this.

Cheers, Graham.

Try with just the solar filter, it should not be fringing.  I setup two different exposure and capture settings using C1 and C2 on my 5D MK IV this morning.  Ci for the partial phase and C2 for the fully eclipsed situation.  I bracketed exposures 3 increments for C1 and 7 increments for C2.

The results seem fine to me.

Ha! I was planning exact same, on same body :)

Care to tell me the exact settings you use on those?

I just plugged in the recommended values from the Canon article for the partial phase. 

ISO 400, 1/125 sec  f/11 (100-400L II with 2X TC wide open.  I did not see a improvement with smaller apertures, in fact, they looked worse.  Then, I am bracketing 3 shots +/-  2 stops.  I set C2 the same except bracketing 7 shots so a 12 stop range.  I have not found recommendations for the totality, so I may make adjustments on the fly.  I'm a little in doubt if I can actually make it down to the totality if road reports coming out today are a indication of things to come.

Weather should be clear and hot.  Its basically a desert and is clear virtually all the time in summer.  We have had winds all week, so the smoke has blown away, as far as I can tell, its fine down south as well.

Abstract / Re: Vintage & Classic & Aged Object
« Last post by Dylan777 on Today at 04:21:01 PM »
@ Pookie - It's beautiful camera :)  If Leica has AF system in their digital range style, I would be interested.

@ dpc - would be wonderful if Canon has something like that in FF mirrorless  ;)

Range finder and AF...  :o HCB just did somersaults in his grave with that comment. They are either a rangefinder or they are not. "Digital range style" is like saying "sort of pregnant" or "partial zero emission vehicle".

I feel the love in your writing Pookie ;D

My life is on a fast moving wheel. I need all adv. AF as I can to catch those special moments. Maybe when kids in college then I'm ready for pure range style  ;)
Don't Lightroom sliders serve the same functions?

Yes, but this way you get to buy additional hardware for $300 while you complain about the $100 subscription price for lightroom....

+100 This was seriously funny. Thanks Don!
Theater, Concert and Event / Re: My First Concert Shoot
« Last post by Crapking on Today at 03:36:11 PM »

not your typical shot, but a fave of mine nonetheless
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