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Lenses / Re: Getting Canon 200-400 f4 L this weekend...advice?
« Last post by AlanF on Today at 06:13:36 AM »
Not on my foot.
Thanks everyone for the guidance.
It looks like Ram and SSD are most important.

My only concern with recommending users SSDS is that you usually have an SSD and still have a hard drive.
All software seems to default to the C:Drive. The SSD is likely to be the smaller drive and you don't want your photos storing there.
I find in myself that Lightroom is erratic on importing as to which drive it loads the picture too.
It sometimes stays on the D: Drive and other times reverts back to the C Drive.
Windows also doesn't seem to be clever or set up with dual drives in mind.
It should be seemless and intelligent and manage the disks for you to the optimum level.
Maybe in Windows 9.
Technical Support / Bulb exposure and Long exp. noise reduction
« Last post by candyman on Today at 05:50:45 AM »
When using the ND filter ( for example 10 stops ND filter) i.c.w. Bulb for landscape photography, I would typically think to set the camera to f/11 (or near) and iso 100. But in this situation would you set Long exp. noise reduction to ON? Or, just deal with noise in post-processing? And if you set it to ON, does it give extra help above fixing it in post?

And, do you use Long exp. noise reduction as well i.c.w. a CPL filter?
Looks as though it's not quite as ready to go as the video would leave you to believe.

Looks like someone has a lot of work to do, I'd be feeling a little nervous about pre-ordering one now. 

Still a great idea, hope he gets it right.
Software & Accessories / Re: Help me spec out a new iMac
« Last post by iKenndac on Today at 05:14:40 AM »
I have a Retina iMac, and it's wonderful. Best machine I've ever owned.

As for speccing it, go in this order:

- Start the highest default-spec iMac you can stomach and put in the storage you want.

- Put in as much RAM as you can possibly afford, up to around 32Gb or so. Since the RAM is easily upgradable, you may want to save a bit and buy it separately from a reputable retailer (I like Crucial) and install it yourself.

- If you can then afford the upgrade to the i7 CPU, do that.

- If you can then afford the upgraded GPU, do that.

Done and done. RAM is very important - I have 24Gb in mine and it flies. The upgraded CPU may help you with exports and other CPU-intensive things, but it's not a huge increase. The upgraded GPU will future-proof you for a little bit longer, but to be honest Lightroom's GPU-acceleration still leaves a lot to be desired at the moment. If they improve it in the future, having that upgraded GPU might eke more life out of the machine.
EOS Bodies / Re: EOS 5D Mark IV Testing Has Begun [CR2]
« Last post by romanr74 on Today at 04:33:17 AM »
The fact that they're included on the cheapest and smallest cameras Canon sells indicates cost and size aren't a real issue.

The fact that no Canon Fullframe cam has a flash inside says nothing to you?

It says Canon is stupid in this area and Nikon isn't.

I don't want a built in Flash in my future 5D IV.
Looks as though it's not quite as ready to go as the video would leave you to believe.
Photography Technique / Re: Reds
« Last post by DFM on Today at 03:50:15 AM »
Hm. Theoretically maybe so.
In practice you see the color of the light change when clouds pass...there is less blue coming from the sky above if there is a white cloud above. If the cloud is in front of the sun and you have blue sky above, of course you get more blue light in. ...

... which changes the color temperature but does NOT degrade the CRI. It's a white balance effect only. If it wasn't, then the way the WB pickers operate in Lightroom or Photoshop would be invalid - we would have to apply a different spectral LUT for every Kelvin value.

If you were mixing daylight and artificial light (e.g. in a stadium), or shooting through a strong colored filter, then you would be introducing discrete spectral peaks and troughs, reducing the CRI, and changing the calibration profile.
Conceptually it looked pretty cool to me. Of course how often do I go snow boarding or white water rafting so is it less applicable? I suppose I could toss it in the air and record our lunch time bball pick up games at work.

Oddly enough when I saw it I was thinking it would be interesting so have it follow star players in a football match . . . bet it's going to happen one day.  (And I was thinking of Association Football but the same thought applies to many sports.
Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Sony buyers Beware!!
« Last post by fragilesi on Today at 03:24:24 AM »
Yes sure Dylan. It would never be that everyone would get disappointing service at Sony. We keep saying 'Sony' 'Canon' etc as if they are person. The service on that particular moment depends upon the human who takes the order and the one who executes it. That person can ruin it for Sony or Canon alike or make it great. Canon seems to be structured much much better at service centers. But the human executing matters a lot. Yes?

sanj yes the individuals matter and for this reason as much as any other it's pretty much impossible to always guarantee good service.  But good processes, training and structure as well as good recruitment practices make a hell of a lot of difference to the overall trend.
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