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Lenses / Re: Where are the Siggies?
« Last post by IsaacImage on Today at 02:25:27 AM »
They probably revers engineering Canon's newest 1DX/5d mk IIIAF system, to avoid the mistakes of 50mm Art.
Reviews / Re: Camera Store Trashes New G7X
« Last post by Nelu on Today at 02:15:21 AM »
I was looking forward to possibly buying one of these but not now. Everything I have seen on it so far is a big letdown.
Hi there,
Well, I`m the happy owner of a 5D Mark III for more than two years now after I used Canon Rebel XT, Canon 40D, Canon 5D and Canon 5D Mark II. Currently along with my 5D Mark III I also use the 7D.
A few days ago I bought a Sony RX 100 M3 and it took me a long time to make my mind because I`m really picky about image quality. I did it because I can`t have the DSLR always with me and a pocket camera is better than no camera at all.
I have to say that for its small size, the Sony delivers a lot. I posted a raw file on my Microsoft OneDrive if you wish to have a look:
I took the photo last Sunday at Elbow Lake in Kananaskis Country, Alberta, Canada which is like my backyard in Canadian distances :)
The weather was superb and it was easy to take photos but this little camera impressed me even in low light. Yes, it`s expensive but in my opinion is one of the best pocket cameras. Is it the best? I don`t know and frankly I don`t care.
What I care is that now I always have a good camera with me and when the right moment comes I`ll take that picture.
All the best,

I got mine from a local dealer. I guess they sent out equal quantities to the stores that got a shipment in the beginning. So the larger stores would have sold out immediately while some of the smaller less shopped dealers may have had one or two in stock. 
Reviews / Re: Camera Store Trashes New G7X
« Last post by Maiaibing on Today at 01:49:29 AM »
Wait, the RX100 does not do 85mm or 100mm, the most common portrait focal lengths.

RX100 focal length actually covers both 85mm and 100mm (as 35mm "equivalent")

And which did they compare with the G7X, the MK I or the MK II?  There are plenty of other cameras with a wide Zoom range, but the video is specifically about comparing the RX100 MK III.  It Does not include portrait ranges.

Have no clue what you are commenting on. I posted to correct the misinfo from your side that the RX does not do 85 or 100mm. I trust you agree that your original claim was an error.
EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: How to differentiate crop vs. FF
« Last post by eninja on Today at 01:47:57 AM »
I want to add one more important thing. Thanks to PBD, I now got an answer to my own question.

Having 6D and 70D. I just couldn't understand why the images in 70D  is no good in any situation, IQ wise..

IT IS BECAUSE, my framing style did not change!!! Using 6D or 70D, my framing style is the same..

Thus FF always gives best quality since bigger pixel.

Thanks thanks for this enlightenment. 
6D Sample Images / Re: Anything shot with a 6D
« Last post by alan_k on Today at 01:47:01 AM »
Thanks everyone!
Animal Kingdom / Re: Show your Bird Portraits
« Last post by alan_k on Today at 01:42:37 AM »
Third Party Manufacturers / Re: How Strong is a Sony Lens Mount
« Last post by msm on Today at 01:35:20 AM »
Substitute Sony with Canon in that search  :P

Also some rotational play is completely normal, happens with all my Canon lenses on my Canon bodies.
EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: How to differentiate crop vs. FF
« Last post by eninja on Today at 01:31:42 AM »
One advantage of crop is that after buying the camera body you will have more money left over to but an excellent lens. The higher quality lens will have more effect on the quality of the image then the camera  :P

True.. But after getting the quality lens, you try quality lens on a FF. IQ just rise, like a one-up, or Mario eating mushroom.

You can buy full frame, and a cheap prime lens...
Thats what I did, when I got the 6D and 28mm 1.8.

But (again). IQ put aside. You lose number of AF point if you get a full frame (referring to 6D vs crop). Which you may need to consider.
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