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EOS Bodies / Re: Old EOS body -> IP Camera
« Last post by old-pr-pix on Today at 09:32:13 PM »
Internet Protocol -- think web-cam
Street & City / Re: Your best street shots of any kind.
« Last post by Pookie on Today at 09:26:44 PM »
5D3 + 50L

EOS Bodies / Re: 7D Mark II Firmware update??
« Last post by East Wind Photography on Today at 09:19:28 PM »
I'm hoping a new firmware update will fix some of the iTR and AF tracking issues. 

ITR works but it does not work as they allude to.  One would expect it to lock on say white jersey but it will switch to yellow rather easily.  I've also noticed the some of the case mode settings have very little to no effect.  One such is the AF tracking slider.  With that slider turned all of the way down, one would expect the camera to stay locked on reasonably well when something or someone passes in front.  No.  It switches almost instantly as if the slider has no effect.

I've tried different AF modes as well, both zone modes and full 65 point AF.  Room for improvement.  While the 5d3 does not have iTR, the AF tracking locks like it should when set that way for well over one second.

I've been forced to use single point AF for almost everything which defeats the purpose of having a fancy AF system.

Overall though I am still very pleased with the 7d2 after it was repaired and recalibrated.  None of the issues I have now are very serious and most should be firmware fixable.

EOS Bodies / Re: Old EOS body -> IP Camera
« Last post by RGF on Today at 09:12:27 PM »
What is an IP camera? Do you mean Infra Red?
EOS Bodies / Re: T6i / T6s Dynamic Range Test vs Nikon D5500
« Last post by MichaelTheMaven on Today at 09:11:57 PM »
Yes, these are screen grabs of RAW images in Camera RAW from respective cameras. Initially I was mainly interested in the comparison with the T5i to see how much it had improved (or not). The take away for me on it was basically more of the same, just at 24mp instead of 18mp. That said, the focusing and ISO performance so far has been quite impressive to me.

ISO 6400 - Full Res if you guys want to inspect it. Enjoy!

EOS Bodies / Re: 7D Mark II Firmware update??
« Last post by RGF on Today at 09:11:45 PM »
I had problems with the 7DM2 and 200-400 for BIF.  Static objects w/ 7D M2 and 100-400II were sharp.

Looking for new firmware
According to page 54 the 5D Mk 3 manual, you can use SDXC cards with higher-than 128 GB:
Cards with 128 GB or lower capacity will be formatted in FAT format.
Cards with a capacity higher than 128 GB will be formatted in exFAT

I didn't find any hard limits mentioned in the manual.

Kailhp, thanks for finding that for me. Good to know about the difference after 128GB.

Hi Robert.
No idea about your question as I don't own anything canon that uses SDXC. Just a thought to perhaps temper the urge to go huge! Why not go for two smaller cards, probably cheaper and many less photos to loose due to corruption or plain damn where's that card gone! ;D

Cheers, Graham.


I'm a wedding photographer and use dual cards with one card as backup. I like to leave the SD card in the camera for multiple weddings, just use the CF card as my main card. I use 16GB-32GB CF cards, and have been using a 32GB SD card, but have just been saving JPGs to the SD card. I'm thinking of going to RAW files to both cards, which means I'll need a bigger SD card, otherwise I'd need to swap out both cards between weddings. Since I'm writing to 2 cards, I'm not so concerned about card corruption, in fact that is the reason for writing the same files to both cards.

I landed a deal for 256gb SD cards and have been using them in both my 5d3 and 7d2.  I'm not a fan of putting all of my eggs in one basket.  For stills I prefer 32gb cards.  However I'm doing a bit more video these days for special events and the 256gb card lets me shoot pretty much non stop for most of the day.   I shoot video on the SD and reserve the CF card for my stills.


I'm the edge of 50% mirrorless and 50% DSLR. If I'm 100% commit to DSLR, there should be no hesitation for 2nd 1Dx. Speaking of 7D II, mine will arrive this Saturday. Can't wait to use it with 100-400 II

I used my 7D M2 and 100-400 II combo about a month ago.  Great combo, though at time I found I needed wider than 100.
Cinema EOS Rumors / Re: EOS C500 Mark II Going Higher Than 4K? [CR1]
« Last post by bgoyette on Today at 08:59:53 PM »
One obvious direction for the C500 mark ii would be to take it full frame.

This is also a point I'd make -- Canon has a huge full frame lens arsenal which will fit perfectly with full-sensor cameras.  I bet Canon is in the midst of strategizing when it comes to their hi-end cameras.

Ya gotta love how everyone is talking 6k/8k as the next wave, when 4k has almost no support with the general public (or even in the theatrical distribution system short of a few select theaters).

Well, keep in mind that 8/6/4k is currently not for the consumer per se -- it's for the post production.  E.g., shooting at 4/6/8k is like shooting with several focal-lenses at the same time since you'll then have more leverage to push in, pan across, stabilize and tweak it beyond any regular HD footage -- no matter if its final destination is only 1080p. 

-- peer

I really think the 6k/8k bandwagon is simply this  ultra-niche concept that of course all the entitled 22 year olds that "own" dragons are just going to have to have. There are few places that need that kind of bandwidth, and even fewer systems that will be able to handle it, all so what?..we don't have to make framing decisions or hold our cameras properly? Sorry if I sound like an old man, ( I am)...but it's ridiculous.

Look I've owned digital Hasselblads for over a decade. I know for resolution. I'm in the biz of shooting and printing very large photos that are viewed very close. I'm a relative niche player in a field where there are thousands of producers who actually need that type of resolution (as opposed to millions that don't). I'd never suggest to my flickr pals that they need 40/50/60 MP so they can show off on the internet. The only people who will ever need 6k and 8k are doing some awfully high end compositing work, or are exhibiting in IMAX(sure Johnny...you'll see your pictures on that big screen someday). Peter Jackson can order as many as he wants, but there's absolutely no reason why some kid shooting music videos would ever need it.(or really ever be able to focus it!)...but it sure sells some Reds. For quite some time in the future, we'll see the VAST majority of 4k users finishing their projects in 2k or HD.... I simply don't see Canon going there (6k/8k) for any reason, not now, and probably not for a long time, (other than to make a hybrid video/still camera that finalizes the convergence of the two mediums.).
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