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Technical Support / Re: my 7D Mark II died
« Last post by ronaldbyram on June 19, 2018, 08:22:05 PM »
I got the estimate for repair..  The PCB Ass'Y main W/LI BATT needs to be replaced.Estimate is $380.61.

A NEW Referb is 1200 ish if available.   I found a used one at B&H for 1k. 

Anyway I will keep the shutter in mind.. But I told them to go ahead and repair.
I know that could go towards a New Body, but my current funds are tight.. so hope it will last until the Mark 3?

Patents / Re: Patent: New EF-S 18-55 With an LCD Display?
« Last post by tron on June 19, 2018, 08:08:19 PM »
Yet another useless upgrade. Maybe it will help to increase the price or just to show off. The 18-55 latest lenses ( IS STM series) are decent and cheap so they have value for money. Increasing their price will not do them justice. Maybe Canon could improve their IQ even a little more instead of adding this useless gimmick.
This is so going into HarryFilm’s new Medium format rig


Well now that you said it, I CAN MOST DEFINITELY SUGGEST TO YOU that indeed Canon is looking how they would layout multiple Medium format sensors of DCI 8k (8192 x 4380 pixels) of 56mm x 42mm size. Here is the below graphic used for suggested layout of the chips on 300mm silicon wafers. The aspect ratio difference of 1.89 imaging photosite vs the actual 4:3 sensor aspect ratio is PROBABLY due to the in-between-lines-of-photosites being using for DPAF or specialty edge detection or OTHER colour-filters photosites (i.e. extra Yellow channel?)

Cost of course is about $3500 to $4000 US per chip BUT they could get it down to $2500 US with a bit of extra quality control technology applied to the manufacturing process!

In case you're wondering, my sources say that the new Canon MF sensor's physical size is indeed 56mm x 42mm BUT that the imaging photosite aspect ratio of 8192 by 4380 is due to photosites used by a DPAF-like mechanism and/or a POSSIBLE extra colour channel being added for better colours AND/OR used for better low-light performance (i.e. NO colour filter on photosite for PURE luminance information capture!)

I just don't know all the specifics yet!
If this was built under contract for some industrial or government user, then Canon probably earned a profit on the endeavor. If it was built using R&D funds, then there was probably (IMO) a better place to spend the money. But now they have some bragging rights for whatever that is worth. Obviously a very small market for this sensor.
Patents / Re: Patent: New EF-S 18-55 With an LCD Display?
« Last post by ahsanford on June 19, 2018, 07:23:27 PM »
Is it so you can lock in it at 50 1.4 and be done with it Adam?

Set it and forget it.   8)

- A

Transfer images with the camera off? I'm very skeptical that was the case....

As far as issues establishing Wifi connection, I haven't had an issue when I navigate to the Canon Connect app to set it up. Just irritated it can't broadcast a wifi signal automatically once turned on.

Eh? Maybe you should ready the manual, if you do actualy own the M50. If not maybe download it and you will see there is nothing to be skeptical about.
To come on here and doubt someone that owns a piece of gear that you dont seems ridiculous, and of no help to anyone, no matter how ‘informed ‘ you try to sound.

I apologize, my mistake! I just tried reviewing images on my M50 while it was turned off...and it worked!
Patents / Re: Patent: New EF-S 18-55 With an LCD Display?
« Last post by slclick on June 19, 2018, 07:08:29 PM »
Is it so you can lock in it at 50 1.4 and be done with it Adam?
Where's the block button
EOS Bodies / Re: Are These The Next Canon Cameras To Be Announced? [CR1]
« Last post by unfocused on June 19, 2018, 06:37:05 PM »
That's what I said. Not less than one man-month to adapt the existing tethering implementation code for a new model in the line. Still ~10x cheaper than to develop it from scratch, still not cheap enough to put it into every camera line.

Maybe a lot less than that -- possibly just hours, or even just the addition a few items to static array initialization.  If you want to dig in you might look at the source code for this project (I have not). 

That's just a Windows PC client.
Yes, but it gives you a clue regarding the API.
If you had a clue about the efforts involved to create a server for such API in hard-realtime environment, you wouldn't try to point me to a Windows PC client.

If you want info from the other perspective, look at the Magic Lantern source and discussion forums -- that'll tell you how much internal similarity there is from one model to the next.  The few times I've looked at ML, most of the discussion is about figuring out how to hook in to the firmware of a new model, not how to get it to work once hooked.
For which model exactly did Magic Lantern implement tethering that was absent in the stock firmware?

And Magic Lantern gives you no guarantee at all that what they do won't break things.

Anyway, you made an off-the-cuff guess as to how much time/effort would be involved, and I pointed you to resources that would give you more information about what would really be involved.
They give zero information on the topic.

You are kind of rude considering I think he was trying to be helpful.
Please no. If i see a apple logo in a Canon camera i'll switch to another brand.  ;)


You no like the iCannon?  i5DV ?

Canon iRumors?

Your flashing avatar is horrible.

What do you expect, it's iCandy :)
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