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EOS Bodies / Re: Patent: Canon EF 50mm f/1.4
« Last post by Haydn1971 on Today at 04:33:57 PM »
My debit card is waiting !

Come to market now !
You guys need to watch the copyright zone video on the B&H channel:

As this incident is taking place in the US these would be the laws and interpretations to be considered.

No, the incident took place and played out in the UK, the family, victim and photographer, as well as the MOD are all in the UK.

Still very interesting.  I note that they say it varies from state to state even though all cases are tried in federal court.   It also made it very clear that owning the copyright  doesn't give you the right to use the picture in any way.  Even with a release there are still limits on how you can use the picture, the HIV ad was a very interesting example. 

There are obviously nuances, but it appear US and Canadian law is similar.  Can anyone comment on how it works in the UK?
Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Any news on Sony A7R II?
« Last post by emko on Today at 04:29:14 PM »
I'm waiting for a trusted source to post some raw results in low incandescent light.  High ISO shots always look fairly good in bright light, its the low light shots that interest me.  So far, its about what I expected, ISO 6400 is usable with NR.

Minus the "trusted source," here are a few high iso shots under street lights.

f/4: ISO6400@1/30, ISO8000@1/40, ISO12800@1/60.

Attached is ISO12800. The noise looks really fine and peppery. I would probably clean up easily, but I wouldn't even bother.

what the hell is that really 12800? looks just as good as a 5D3 how on earth can 5DS look so bad in comparison at high ISO?
Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Any news on Sony A7R II?
« Last post by Mt Spokane Photography on Today at 04:23:07 PM »

I suspect that the data presented in "raw files" is more likely to be "half-baked" and that raw sensor values are never seen by the user.

You can take that to the bank. 

There is noise reduction and other things going on before being converted to a raw file.  Sony uses lossy compression in their raw files, so they degrade the image some small amount.
Interesting answers, all.

CanonPriceWatch only shows the T6S at retail pricing.  But its got other good info.  I'll keep it handy.  Thanks!

I'm seeing the T6S at some retailers for $649 to $699 (body only).  That's discounted, but still high enough to be legit, I think.  I'll call them and report back

Here's one example...

Learn to use Canon price watch, they list the low priced ebay gray market sellers that have a good reputation and do not list sellers that have been troublesome.

They show $759 as the lowest price for a US model.  What happens is they refer you to a authorized seller who has agreed to sell at the discounted price.  Its usually one of the major companies, but its not a good idea to list them, or the deal may go away.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: ISO and DR
« Last post by Mt Spokane Photography on Today at 04:12:02 PM »
Few cameras have a real ISO 50.  If you take the base ISO of 100 or sometimes 200, and compare it to ISO 1600, the DR will be reduce substantially.  At 25600, it gets to the point where you must be careful to get a good exposure.
EOS Bodies / Patent: Canon EF 50mm f/1.4
« Last post by Canon Rumors on Today at 04:11:43 PM »
The optical formula for a new EF 50mm f/1.4 has appeared. It looks like the lens has internal focus and an odd negative front element. We haven’t heard anything for a while about a new 50mm f/1.4, but it’s definitely needed.

Patent Publication No. 2015-138121

  • Published 2015.7.30
  • Filing date 2014.1.22

Example 1

  • Focal length 49.10
  • F number 1.45
  • Half angle (in degrees) 23.78
  • Image height 21.64
  • Overall length of the lens 100.16
  • BF 38.10

Canon patents

  • Positive ShiboTadashi
  • Inner focus (part of the first group)
Canon General / Re: Best place to sell your gear?
« Last post by Mt Spokane Photography on Today at 04:09:23 PM »
I list things locally on Craigslist, but few want to pay close to what I get on ebay.  I can often get top dollar on ebay because I tell all about my gear, and get good feedback.  I probably get twice what B&H will pay.

The next best place is Fred Miranda.  Sell to photographers!  You will need to describe the equipment carefully, provide good photos, offer a reasonable return time,  but you will get the going rate.  If you ask for more, it won't sell.  FM has a small fee for registering to sell, but its worth it.  You might have to offer local pickup until you get established.  Note that some sellers ask for the paypal fee to be paid back to them in violation of PP rules, don't make that mistake, just figure that you will have to pay paypal's fee.  Thisd also gets you some seller protections if you sell it and get a signature as proof of delivery.

There was a beta selling forum here, but few took advantage, so it was closed.
+1, The Nikkor 80-400mm G is no match for the EF 100-400mm-II. Even with a higher-res 24MP APS-C sensor and no-AA filter it is unable to resolve as much detail as the Canon lens with a comparable 20MP Canon APS-C body. Then taking into account the 1.6x vs 1.5x crop factor as well, and the Canon ends up having a huge practical advantage in reach-limited scenarios. The Nikon lens is literally and figuratively a couple of steps behind the capability of the 100-400mm lens.

Software & Accessories / Re: Windows 10 Upgrade
« Last post by Stu_bert on Today at 03:41:31 PM »
I upgraded my laptop today, which I wanted to format and clean install anyway again. So I did, worked like a charm. Then I upgraded my desktop, which was a fresh 8.1 install just some weeks ago, and also everything works fine here. Not having any issues. Only thing I did right away was install the classic start menu again, using Start10 by Stardock. I had Start8 before since Windows 8 and I was satisfied so I got Start10 immediately today.

Now it's just like ever and runs smoothly on both my computers.

Hi - I couldn't do a clean install without hitting activation problems, but my laptop is Win 7 Pro - and it seems only Win 7 users seem to be getting these problems. Assume your laptop activated ok with your Win 8 license key ?

Other than that it's missing a few devices for my latitude E6220 but none appear to be essential. Either Dell or MS might add them in future?!?!?

Waiting on Activation issue to be resolved before installing all my apps....
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