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The fact is this: The more guns there are in the hands of law abiding citizens, the less crime there is.

Sorry, but the fact is that you don't know what the heck you're talking about.  Is Kellyanne checking your facts for you?   ;)
An example; We have much (as in MUCH) stricter weapon control here in Norway, than you in the US. However, since we are a nation of hunters, we have lots of hunting rifles (we are actually in 11th place globally on weapon density), but you have to go through special training and screening to get one. Hand guns, assault rifles etc. are banned and the control with ammunition and use is significant.

The rate of people getting killed in the US is 50, FIFTY, times higher in the US, compared to what we have. But, of course, that has absolutely nothing to do with your liberal weapon legislation  ::)

Anders Behring Breivik: The strict gun laws did nothing to deter this attack. The strict gun laws did, however, leave more than 50 people completely defenseless.
I just enjoy shooting... of all types  ;D

Don't worry CanonFanBoy, I got your back...

I've got yours too David. I'd post all of them, but I'd hate to see so many get weak in the knees and faint. Posting pics of the AR-15s might cause strokes. :) So just one AR pic. Just a taste here from a certifiably insane gun crazy nut.

Space won't allow me to post the whole collection or the 100 / thirty round magazines I have, or my 10,000 rounds of ammunition.

The photos and text just confirm it - guns are nothing about protection for you. They're about coolness, bravado, and "mine's bigger than yours." You're like a little kid, but one who hides behind the 2nd amendment. If they'd put slavery in the Constitution, you'd probably have some photos of them too.

Wow what a load. But since you went there.

The 2nd amendment was put in the constitution more for the protection against tyranny.

The Nazi's before WW II banned the ownership of firearms by the Jewish community. It is easier to conquer a nation if it is disarmed.

You talk slavery, in the time frame there was slavery the slaves were not allowed to own guns. Today slavery is illegal and all people of all races are protected by the 2nd amendment. It allows the people to have arms and protect themselves from the oppression the Jews suffered in WW II and the slavery African Americans suffered pre civil war. The same people who are fighting for no private gun ownership seem to be the same ones that are always bashing Trump as a racist homophobe. If they are correct about Trump, IMO the 2nd amendment is one of the most important rights we have.

It is easy to look at today's world and say, look at the UK. It looks good today but the world changes, and while we may not need the 2nd amendment today, tomorrow and the tyrants that may come is why it is important to keep.

I believe the objective of this thread is not the pros and cons of gun ownership but whether carrying them is likely to dissuade a mugger from stealing your camera.
Given that even in places where ownership is permitted, I think the OPs later comment show that a gun is pretty useless against a mugger when that mugger attacks from the blindside.

If they only attacked from the blindside it would be a perfect world for crooks. They don't.
Great captures Martin.


Thanks Jack  ;)
Landscape / Re: Post Your Best Landscapes
« Last post by Click on Today at 02:44:35 PM »
Very nice shot, cid.  :)
The attackers were so quick and had the jump on me ....the first signal that I knew they were there was them cracking me in the back of the head with their gun.

That is an important point that many don't realize.  Muggers are not going to walk in front of you and telegraph their intentions.  They are going to do exactly what they did to you.  Muggers know that people carry weapons and the muggers make sure they get the first move in.

It is only in the movies where the hero, after being cold-cocked from behind manages to un-holster their weapon on the way down and get off two double-taps before they hit the ground.

I would not be surprised if muggers don't give their victim a quick waistline frisk to see if they can get a free weapon.

I will take SA and avoidance over a holstered weapon any day.

And yes, I do carry. I also know the limitations of carrying a weapon.

Only in the movies. Right. It isn't true. If it is, then why do you carry? Here's a case in point.
"My" conversion company said that they contact Canon officials and claim that it is technically impossible to do a full-spectrum modification and avoid getting error 06, i.e. that it is impossible to obtain dust delete data after full-spectrum mod.

A different company in my area guarantees a 100% dust-free modification and says that if they do the conversion that the auto-cleaning technically no longer works, but that the camera does not give any errors and that dust delete data can still be obtained. (I wish I knew about them before!)

My conversion company only offers cleaning and cannot guarantee that they get it completely clean, they only promised to do their best in getting it cleaner (which I have zero confidence in).

How would you guys proceed given the now reduced value of this 6-months old 6D?
Lenses / Re: Information About a New Canon 135mm Lens
« Last post by Maiaibing on Today at 02:44:02 PM »
EF 135mm f/2L APO IS USM does sound expensive, in an "i should probably start saving now" way
Guessing from the FUJI:

135L Street Price
New +400$
APD +500$
IS +150$
APO +100$
Package rebate 15%  :P

~1.700$  :o

Sounds like something I could imagine.
Lenses / Re: The Next Lens from Canon Will be an EF-S Prime
« Last post by StudentOfLight on Today at 02:41:12 PM »
Now the EFS 60mm Macro. I had completely forgot about this lens. This could be the one Canon is updating. It came out in 2005. So its 12yo and due for an update. 

Problem is the EF-S 60mm is an awesome lens as is. I see no reason to "update" that one, especially when their are a million other holes to plug in the EF-S prime lineup.

I see a reason: Hybrid IS.
+ Lens Integrated Lighting System
Lenses / Re: Buy 600/4 now, or wait for 600 DO?
« Last post by Mikehit on Today at 02:40:49 PM »
I am aware that some park organisers who are trying to capture the lucrative photographer market have modified the seating in the vehicles to give a less restricted view and more room for their gear. If you are fortunate to have one of these it is probably worth asking the organiser.
EOS Bodies / Re: Some Canon EOS 6D Mark II Talk [CR2]
« Last post by Mikehit on Today at 02:35:54 PM »
Just joined the forum.  Can't post yet.  I was thinking about getting a Nikon D750 vs Canon 6D.  Then I came across this forum.  Apparently know one knows for sure when the 6D2 will be available but is it fairly likely before mid Summer?

Hope this isn't  silly question.

Thank you.
Scott Dunham

Not silly, but unanswerable. Canon have along history of catching people blindside - either with cameras people had no idea were coming or with specifications no-one expected.
But as mentioned above, announcing it is one thing, date of release is another.
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