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EOS Bodies / Re: Here's an Updated 2017 Canon Roadmap
« Last post by douglaurent on Today at 06:00:05 AM »
So given that Canon have more hits in your top 40 than any other marque, do you go onto the Sony and Nikon sites and give them even more criticism? Or do you reserve your bile for Canon?

There are many companies that are innovative but have a pitifully small (though useful) line-up of products. This has always been the case and always will be.
Ask any professional if they would rather have the 'innovation' of Sony or the reliability and after-sales service and support of Canon. Many pros will not have Sony as their main rig for precisely that reason.
Ask any wildlife photographer if they will risk their livelihood putting the 500mm f4L on a A7Rii with metabones adapter, shall we? Or is that a daft question given that the definition of a successful camera is if they make products that you want.

Sony made a major leap forward with the A7R(ii) - that is the easy bit (well, apart from their highly inferior interface...and that is easiest of all!!). Let's see they can keep up that pace of evolution in the next 5 years. I have read many reviews saying the 5DSR and the 5DIV have closed the gap considerably. Let's see where Sony and Canon are in 5 years and see if you are still so critical of Canon.

Yes, I give the same justified criticism to all the other manufacturers as well.

Probably in 5 years Canon is ahead in everything again against Sony.  That would be no surprise because they are capable of anything.  But that wouldn't help then, because Canon stole a lot of time from many photographers and filmmakers by holding back features, or making it necessary to buy more products than necessary.  That's what it's all about.
Animal Kingdom / Re: Show your Bird Portraits
« Last post by Aussie shooter on Today at 05:58:52 AM »
The humble seagull
Instead of voting for products by release year and voting for one brand only, this is my...

Except it's not your website, so you don't get to decide what the survey should be about. Canon Rumors guy already decided the topic and parameters.

Yeah, let's all move to North Corea so we can all have the same opinion!  Diversity sucks!  Would make business for Canon easier as well.
EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Vote for Your Favourite Canon Gear of 2016
« Last post by greger on Today at 05:54:37 AM »
One of my votes was for a 90D in 2017, only because 7D iii wasn't an option. I would like to trade in my 7D for a new 7D 3 with wifi built in and not a card that fits in the sd slot and I want a articulating swivel screen. If I'm worried about rain I can flip the screen closed and use a rain sleeve.
EOS Bodies / Re: Here's an Updated 2017 Canon Roadmap
« Last post by AvTvM on Today at 05:23:21 AM »
any single opinion held by any single person can be a) factually correct or b) factually incorrect or c) factually partially correct to any degree. in my opinion this is "self-evident" and not difficult to understand ... ;-)

furthermore i am of the opinion there is no "objective truth". not in any language, not for anybody. all there is, are opionions, beliefs and disbelieves. subjective stuff, perception. includes natural sciences and so-called "laws of nature".

who knows, whether we are not all just existing in a "Matrix". would not contradict descartes logic. or as Patti Smith has put it so poetically: "i was dreaming in my dreaming" ...
Animal Kingdom / Re: Show your Bird Portraits
« Last post by Aussie shooter on Today at 04:58:20 AM »
Working on an island on the GBR gives me plenty of opportunity to chase a few birds. This is one of the local White reef herons

Lighting / Flash triggers with remote adjustment - Yongnou 622?
« Last post by daniela on Today at 04:24:09 AM »
Hi Guys!

As many of you wrote to get used to light, I was working on this skill intensively. Therefore I bought an lighting-umbrella and an softbox for flashes. I use flash triggers from Yongnou RF-602/C and RF-600TX to trigger my two of my flashes. This works, but it is inconvenient to change all settings manually. In my softbox, the flash has to be installed reversely, so I have to take off the flash from the tripod to change the power.

I need new triggers with an "wireless" possibility to change the power without taking off the flashes.
One way would be to use my ring flash from canon to take control of my flashes (I own an Canon 550 and an Nissid Di866II). But the ring flash works only on an 58mm lens, so on all other leneses, it would has to hang down from the camera. So, I want an better solution.

I looked this up in the internet and found the Yongnuo YN-622C II and the YN-622C-TX controller. There it should be possible to change the power of the flash from the remote-controlled. Furthermore I want to extend my system with two flashes for highlighting the background, so a third group will be used (1 softbox, 2 umbrella or second softbox, 3 background).

Is this an good choice? Do the version II triggers work with the controller?
Which flashes should I buy for background lighting?

Thanks you a lot
Lighting / Re: Flash battery doors
« Last post by daniela on Today at 03:58:14 AM »
My Nissin Di866 MARK II also had an awful battery door. If the flash was obliquely positioned, the door opened and all Enelopps fell off it. Exchanged it and still the door is not really well working.
On my other flashes from Canon, the door remain closed in every position.
Industry News / Re: CIPA Camera Sales Data Released, Decline Continues
« Last post by Hillsilly on Today at 03:17:33 AM »
Was going to say a similar thing.  Because I photograph a lot of school and sporting events, I occasionally get asked for camera recommendations.  Despite being a mirrorless user, I always recommend Canon DSLRs.  The reasons why mirrorless works for me is of little relevance to someone who wants to take a sharp image of their child during a sporting event or an indoor performance.  Taking into account performance and price, lens choice, accessories and the extensive used market, it is clearly the best value proposition.

BasXcanon, I'd be curious to hear what you'd recommend. 

Anyways, Professionals using Fuji?  Yeah, why not.  I've got four Fuji cameras.  I think they're great.  But most Fuji users recognise that there are situations where they're not the best choice.  Just as there are situations where DSLRs aren't the best choice.  Professionals are expected to get results and it would be assumed they'd choose appropriate equipment. 

I don't think I've ever bought a computer with an inbuilt SD card reader.  Do Apple laptops still have USB ports?  If so, I guess their users will have to contend with card readers like the rest of us.   Not ideal, but going by their ads, aren't Apple users smarter than everyone else?  I'm sure they can figure it out.

I went to an iphonography seminar recently.  I was impressed by the aps that were available and how they were being used.  Because I rarely venture out of Photoshop, it was a real eye opener.  I wouldn't be so negative on young people.   As you say, it is an artform and the medium people choose to use is their choice.  Still, if you were to go to any local camera club meeting, you'd probably see a very high number of young people who'd love an 1100D.

FWIW, I was one of three judges of our national high school photography competition this year.  If you do have doubts about young people and photography, trust me, you've got to attend one of these events.  You'll leave in awe of what high school students are capable of.  The quality of the images is exceptional.
Canon General / Re: What do you shoot with.
« Last post by tpatana on Today at 02:40:10 AM »
The idea was to see how representative the forum members are of the general camera buying public. The blue is the general public, the red is us. I think the results show that we do not accurately represent the general public, despite claims to the contrary by several forum members.

I work for xbox. Some time ago we had presentation by some data statistics team, trying to teach us what is typical gamer.

One of the takeaway from the meeting was that us (xbox team) is very very far away in any metrics compared to actual general public, and whatever we think is typical gamer/gaming, is most likely incorrect as we're so far biased.

Then he showed some graphs. They were pretty much like the one you showed for cameras. (naturally I can't tell details on our graphs, but I was very surprised with those. I always though I was typical average gamer)
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