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Animal Kingdom / Re: Zoo Pics 3
« Last post by ad on Today at 01:50:17 AM »
Are there any animal connoisseurs out there who can identify this one?
Not certain, but it looks like a narrow-striped mongoose to me.

Abstract / Re: Spring
« Last post by Dylan777 on Today at 01:46:25 AM »
I´m in my cabin in the mountains, -5C outside, 30-40 knots winds and heavy snow ... No Spring in sight ...

Excellent wine though ;)

Just started here in California
Videography Technique / Re: Only Left Channel recording in Canon 6D
« Last post by Marsu42 on Today at 01:45:58 AM »
I have a simple $20 wired collar mic, that I attach to the camera and did the test shoot. There are two problems:

"Working" mics don't come cheap concerning audio quality. If yours is only recording one channel it's either broken or mono only? That's my 2ct as I'm very seldom doing video, and even less seldom with external audio. Do note that some types of artifacts can be removed in post-processing with an audio filter.
Canon General / Re: Best place to sell gear?
« Last post by mwh1964 on Today at 01:40:53 AM »
Try sell it on ebay for 900. If it doesn't work then take the 635 and get on with the 5D3.
EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Canon Disappointment
« Last post by Magnardo on Today at 01:35:11 AM »
If you take "neuroanatomist" out who was not very neuro,..and also "unfocused" who clearly was not focused,...I thank everyone for your opinions.

It helped.
I did not know condensation was such a problem.

The 7D did not work a month before Hawaii, as my wife remembered. I tried too shoot something with it and assuming the batteries were dead I picked up the 5D Mark III. Same thing happened before we left for Hawaii, I again assumed the batteries were dead and, as it takes same batteries as the 5d Mark III and again I though that I might have confused charged batteries with uncharged ones.
It has never crossed my mind, for 1 second, that a brand new camera can break through not using it.

Also 7D was not a cheap camera.
When I bought it, It was the best crop sensor camera in the world with identical body armor as 5D Mark III.
And probably better at shooting video then the 5D Mark III.
It was way better then the comparable Nikon 300s.
As you all know Crop sensors have their advantages that's why it made this the perfect back up camera,..especially since, also, at that time the 17-55 2.8 was the only 2.8 lens that had IS incorporated and when converting,... it covered a greater range then the twice as expensive 24-70 2.8 without IS. And also it gave me the option to try the excellent Sigma 18-35 F1.8.

Paying $10.000 for a camera just feels like a waste of money so I never considered auctioning a kidney.
Also those cameras are a lot bigger and battery packs cannot be removed so size was an impediment.

Nikons V is the best underwater camera ever made. The 35 lens is an amphibian one and I think maybe the 80 lens (which I never owned),..the rest of the lenses are water only.

As for Canon, if they sell a camera they probably manufacture for $350-$500 for a price of $1500 they better make stuff that does not break through not usage and deal with the condensation issue, If they have one.

A while back the waterproof phones were thought a novelty when it was very cheap to make one by introducing some rubber seals. There are plenty of phones that have that technology without increasing price.
The only thing that stands in the way is the willingness to improve on a product.
That's it.
Same thing,... Before,...Electric cars or Hybrid cars could not be made, now they are everywhere.
Humans are only as great as the ceilings they impose on themselves.
There are a lot of strong nonexistent obstacles that keep us from being excellent.

Canon who made a profit of at least $1000 on this camera can afford to fix it.
For me $350 means a whole lot less then it means for Canon. I am losing an extra $350 when Canon would still be profitable in the transaction they did with me. They would just win $650 instead of $1000.

In the long run, the way they behaved with me, will translate, in them not getting all the money they could get from me and actually transitioning it to their competitors. And the $350 they could have spent (and I strongly doubt that part costs them $350, more like $150), to win me as a customer for a long time, will be infinitely small compared to what they could have got, therefore what they lost.
So in regards to business techniques,...Not the smartest move Canon to maximize profit.

If I had a girlfriend that lied to me once, I was gone.
No turning back. No reason to. People that lie once will lie again and again and again.
The rules were clear in the beginning.

When I buy a camera for a lot of money and I do not use it and I do not put it through abnormal circumstances, I expect it to work every time. I do not care about excuses.
Same as I did not care what the girls had to say,.."I lied to you because",...Once trust it's gone it's gone!... and the life after becomes torture if you chose to continue, it's best to save both parties a lot of wasted energy.

Canon if you have a problem with condensation, and you want people to continue to buy your products, please make better cameras. The Technology exists to do so and it's not expensive, it just takes effort. Like having a decent camera on a phone, which everyone overlooked until it became a trend.

Also about professional trolls.
It is the biggest new thing in advertising.
There are a lot of companies with a comprehensive staff of, somewhat failed writers, operating many fake virtual identities that get hired to bail out bad products, be internet watch dogs, assassinate competitor's products or save celebrities from the public internet backlash when they do stupid things.
This is a multimillion dollar industry.

They are always easy to spot as they have funky uninspired and somewhat obvious names, they are extremely and unjustifiably active blog contributors, for someone that claims disinterest, and for the most part they do not have anything creative or intelligent to say, some of them personally attack the consumer who has a problem with the product they are paid to protect, and they never tackle the issue, others praise the manufacturer and talk about their great experiences with them, others recite from the latest commercial campaigns great stories of convenient and unverifiable greatness.

If this is the latest trend, why would Canon fall behind the latest advertising trend?!
Honesty? Fairness? Accountability?
Forget about it.

How about Rockwell, the biggest Nikon lover of all time, meticulously and suddenly reediting his strong- best in the world-opinions to reflect his new acquired love for Canon. Trust me, there are no more objective and unbiased product reviewers for a long time now. I know in detail how the companies buy them out. So as the old saying,... The thief is yelling the loudest "Catch the thief." Works the same for those who fart and quickly indignant, they blame others.

We live in the age where everything gets Sacrificed for Profit.
The Age where the only common denominator which everyone understands is making more and more money.
That is the only tool and explanation used to justify every single action or thought.
He, They, She ,Them,..were just trying to make more money.
Not cool, fellow friends.

For the real people involved in this,..I thank you all for your help.

Videography Technique / Only Left Channel recording in Canon 6D
« Last post by pashminu on Today at 01:07:25 AM »
I have a Canon 6d with which I want to record interviews. I have a simple $20 wired collar mic, that I attach to the camera and did the test shoot.

There are two problems:
1. There is only recording in the left audio channel
2. There is too much of hiss sound.

Recording with the in-built mic works fine, but i do not want to record with the internal mic.
Canon General / Lens cleaning fluid & cloths recommendation?
« Last post by Mitch.Conner on Today at 12:59:49 AM »
I was trying to clean a lens today, and while it superficially looks clean, shining a light on the surface reveals what looks like smudges.  It was getting very annoying.

I think my cloth has absorbed my skin oil and is depositing it on the surface of the lens now, defeating my efforts.

I was reading the B&H catalog cleaning section and it really opened my eyes to how much stuff is out there.

I'm looking for a good quality fluid (what I use now doesn't seem to be 100% alcohol) and good soft lint-free optical quality cloths (I'm going to try to buy a bunch this time, should keep me going for a few years).  Maybe tissues too (Rosco or Kimwipes maybe?).  I sometimes use tissues, sometimes when I'm just removing a fingerprint or something I skip this step.

Last, a better brush would be nice.  The one I use is sort of crummy.  I hear camel hair is the standard.

If there's something else I should also use, feel free to recommend it.  Like fluid saturated wipes, I know nothing about these.

You guys have recommendations for good stuff?  Is wood grain alcohol based fluid preferable to isopropyl alcohol based fluid?

Basically recommendations from each category (fluid, cloth, tissues, brush) would be useful.  I know some of you use eye glass fluid and wipes.  I'm looking more for products intended for camera lenses.  It's a peace of mind thing.

Thanks. :)
Canon General / Re: Member Deleted?
« Last post by CanonFanBoy on Today at 12:53:31 AM »
You had me choking.

Got here because I tought that somebody else than myself was interested in the former prime minister of Estonia, Edgar Savisaar,  having his leg amputated. I am not used to the way you guys use words...I am too stuck in the real world. Maybe if I drink something...

At least in common English usage and certain literary genres, the term 'member' generally refers to a specific appendage present on only one gender, and I would strongly prefer to not have mine 'deleted'.  :o

Wait, you combined 'choking' with 'member'?

And the thread continues its death spiral! LOL! You are funny man!
Lenses / Re: Amateur Photographer Review of the EF 11-24 f/4
« Last post by ERHP on Today at 12:51:09 AM »
Thanks PBD!  I waited long enough on several lists and finally found a copy at the local store in San Diego, George's, yesterday.  Took my first shots with it this evening and very impressed.  Still, much wider aspect than I'm used to having at my disposal and going to be a learning curve to make the most of it.
Canon EF Zoom Lenses / Re: Canon EF 16-35mm f/4L IS USM
« Last post by geekpower on Today at 12:49:54 AM »
Another attempt.  This time took off the hood to use a CPL but picked up a little bit of flare.  Next time I guess I'll use both.

Casting stones
by geoffcpotter, on Flickr
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