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Canon General / Re: Member Deleted?
« Last post by CanonFanBoy on Today at 12:53:31 AM »
You had me choking.

Got here because I tought that somebody else than myself was interested in the former prime minister of Estonia, Edgar Savisaar,  having his leg amputated. I am not used to the way you guys use words...I am too stuck in the real world. Maybe if I drink something...

At least in common English usage and certain literary genres, the term 'member' generally refers to a specific appendage present on only one gender, and I would strongly prefer to not have mine 'deleted'.  :o

Wait, you combined 'choking' with 'member'?

And the thread continues its death spiral! LOL! You are funny man!
Lenses / Re: Amateur Photographer Review of the EF 11-24 f/4
« Last post by ERHP on Today at 12:51:09 AM »
Thanks PBD!  I waited long enough on several lists and finally found a copy at the local store in San Diego, George's, yesterday.  Took my first shots with it this evening and very impressed.  Still, much wider aspect than I'm used to having at my disposal and going to be a learning curve to make the most of it.
Canon EF Zoom Lenses / Re: Canon EF 16-35mm f/4L IS USM
« Last post by geekpower on Today at 12:49:54 AM »
Another attempt.  This time took off the hood to use a CPL but picked up a little bit of flare.  Next time I guess I'll use both.

Casting stones
by geoffcpotter, on Flickr
Canon General / Best place to sell gear?
« Last post by CanonFanBoy on Today at 12:44:49 AM »
Well, it looks as though the 5D mkIII price is really dropping and most everything I have read about it (reviews and this forum and a pro friend) is extremely positive. I've decided it is time to sell all my EFS lenses and my T5i that I've almost never used. That's all going to KEH, and the quote I got is comparable to what I have seen the Camera and lenses selling for on Ebay.

I'm even going to sell my EF 400mm f/5.6L to help me get the 5D MKIII, but I refuse to sell it for the initial online quote price that KEH offered ($635). That's just not enough for me. I see them getting actual bids on Ebay for up to $900 and mine is in mint condition and only about a year old. To be honest I love the lens, but If KEH quoted $800 it would be in the box and on its way because I want the EF 400mm f/2.8 mkII in another year or so anyway.

Has anyone else sold one of these lenses recently or know of a good way to sell it and get a decent price? I'm not faulting KEH on their quote. They probably have a warehouse full of used lenses they have to store. I just think I can do better than $635.

I've never sold any gear, so I am open to suggestions. Thanks!
Canon General / Re: Member Deleted?
« Last post by NonOblitusSedAbiit on Today at 12:41:53 AM »
He made a couple of very disparaging posts when somebody asked an innocuous enough question about some images and CMYK. It was in total contrast to many of his other posts that were overly glowing, particularly about relatively mediocre images, he obviously suffered from strong mood swings and commented on his failing health several times, he also boasted that he was arrogant and opinionated. I think that persona involvement ran its course, though I wouldn't be surprised to see a different user name from the same ISP with a more moderated tone soon enough.
Caveat Emptor !

Well, I don't know if it's really outperforming it by all THAT much, maybe not even a full stop if the iso sensitivities are real.  Probably still has an edge over the 7D2 as well.

OTOH, if you select the Nikon d5500 you can push that little beast +6EV and have it comparable to the EM52 and 70D pushed only 3 EV.  That's some kinda clean.

Golly, Canon, what'r'ya gonna do 'bout dat?
70D does fine until +3EV push. It is little sharper and noisy.

Every one pushed to +3EV. Even Nikon is missing fine details. Actually Canon shows some details albeit noisy.

Now, EM52 and Nikon pushed to +5EV and  70D to +3EV. Can some recognize what is EM52 actually captured. What is the point?

Canon General / Re: Fare Thee Well 135mm L
« Last post by jdramirez on Today at 12:28:00 AM »
135L isn't a very versatile lens and i've even had to rent a 70-200LII when I needed one.My main gripe with the 135L is the lack of IS which still makes me ponder a 70-200mm of some version and I've rented it when I knew I'd need it.

I bought the 135L primarily for one reason... in door sports.  Basketball, some volleyball... stuff like that.  Give me an extra stop of light... and I shoot around 1/500th of a second, so IS is irrelevant.  If I was shooting at 1/50th of a second... then yes... not the lens for me... but the iso is what it is... and I live with it and fix it in post. 
Lenses / Re: Review: Samyang 135mm f/2 ED UMC
« Last post by jdramirez on Today at 12:07:58 AM »
Canon should not have waited that long to bring an EF 135/2.0 L IS.

If I were a Canon manager I'd consider it an ultimate defeat if I had to read sentences like these in a review of a 500 bucks lens by a company like Samyang:
The question is whether or not I would choose it over a lens like the Canon 135mm f/2L despite the fact that that the Samyang beats the pants off it optically. 

I've long thought about getting the EF 135 L, but lack of IS and yesteryear optical design have kept me from doing so. Quite happy I got the 70-200/2.8 II instead. Zoom flexibility, better IQ and IS on top. f/2.0 vs. 2.8 does not make a worthwhile difference for me.

I can live with a little chromatic aberration... And from what I could perceive, the images were comparably sharp.  The 135I is one of those magic bokeh lenses... So I want to know if it is creamy and delicious... If not... I really am not concerned with it as a rival.  My wife may have a bigger bossom than kate Upton, but she loses on every other possible category....
EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Canon Disappointment
« Last post by JEL on Today at 12:06:29 AM »
Hi everyone,..
I need some opinions.

In November 2014 we went to Hawaii for vacation and I decided to bring the 7D with the 17-55 for the vacation photos.
When we got there the camera had developed a depression and would not turn on.
I checked it at home , before departure, and only thought the batteries were dead and that was the reason.
Had two batteries, fully charged them both, none would turn the camera on.

Just speculating here; if it was stored for that 1½ year with the battery attached, isn't it likely that will destroy the battery? I believe I've read in some manual that leaving a battery inside will over-drain it and make it impossible to re-charge that battery again.

That could account for why the 7D wouldn't fire up before your holiday to Hawaii (how lucky are you! hawaii, must be a dream going there :) )

Second; maybe the camera got damage during the travel to Hawaii?
Assuming you flew there (are there even any non-special charters that sail people to Hawaii?), then maybe the 7D was damaged by airport-Xrays or shaking/airpressure changes during the flight?

Like I said, I'm just speculating as to what MIGHT have caused your 7D to stop working. It is ofcourse possible you had a half-bad 7D from the start and the problem slowly evolved. That does indeed happen (kind of like the backside navigator-button on the 5D3 that some have reported falls off. Mine hasn't fallen off yet, but since those reports I do ofcourse worry about it (and treat it all the more gentle :) ))

All that said; Canon is rich enough that they could have the best customer-service in the world, but obviously they're a business and not your friend. Let's not kid ourselves here. Businesses don't care about you! That's just a fact (even if you are in pain and have spent all your money buying their product)
I'm not sponsored by Canon. They do not pay me in any way. I've paid for my Canon products myself and I do not in any way advertise for Canon. I couldn't care less about Canon or any other commercial company. I treat them the way they treat me; ME FIRST, THEM SECOND! There's no fairness involved, just the law. So remember all this the next time you vote for government; vote for somebody who will regulate business instead of letting them get away with whatever they want. That's all you can do at this juncture I think.

Good luck with your future electronics :)

PS: I do concur with what's been said about storage in sealed bags: Don't do it. Keep your equipment out in the open room-air. Leave your bag open. An unzipped camera-bag for example. If you don't want dust on it, put a little towel over it or something. But don't seal it up :)
EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Canon Disappointment
« Last post by jdramirez on Today at 12:02:02 AM »
I can sympathize.  I bought a cheap after rebate Polaroid dvd player once and when I opened up the box around six or so months the dvd player was doa.  So I called, explained it was never used and the warranty, only a three month warranty, while expired, should still be honored.  They didn't... I didn't repair it...

And I'm thinking, I don't think I have purchased a single Polaroid product in the past ten years.  And I have purchased around $50,000 in Canon gear... Maybe $3000 in Nikon. 

And another related story... My first digital camera was an Olympus and it had a 1 year warranty and the usb out stopped working, so I called them and they refused to do the repair because I didn't have the receipt, though I did register it.  They didn't fix it and I haven't bought a single Olympus product in the past 11 years. (Before this I was naive that a receipt was required... I've since learned my lesson)

Canon tried to meet you half way... I might have been satisfied with their offer.  As consumers, we have the final say on the matter.. But the problem is, if we get angry too often we are going to leave ourselves with very few options.
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