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Landscape / Re: Telephoto landscapes / seascapes
« Last post by MiJe on Today at 07:35:37 AM »
View from Nebelhorn (Bavarian Alps)

Baltic Sea Coast

Rapeseed field

All shot with 5DII & 200mm 2.8 prime. 
EOS Bodies / Re: Any chance of an 80D surprise?
« Last post by nhz on Today at 07:33:34 AM »
Ultimately, the 7DII is a mini-1DX, and used most for sports, wildlife... it does have slightly better video features than the 70D, but lacking the swivel screen and touch screen. The D500 is a mini-D5... which is newer... to have a mini-1DXII, we either have to wait or they can have a substitute for a while till the 7DIII is released.
A mini-1DXII sounds nice, however ...

It's about time Canon gets sensor performance (especially at low ISO) that is about as good as Nikon/Sony; but I'm not holding my breath for that one. IMHO the D500 is better than 7D2 on almost every spec; of course it should be, because it is a more expensive camera. But the probably much better sensor, tilt screen and lots of other extras like Snapbridge make D500 a far more 'universal' camera to me than 7D2. 7D3 seems at least 2-3 years in the future, if Canon sticks to their usual schedule and I don't see how a 80D could bridge the gap without 'killing' the 7D2.
If they can do 8FPS @ 20MP with a lower clocked DIGIC7, they can do the rumored 8FPS @ 24MP (or more) on a higher clocked DIGIC7 that would be present in the Pro-M, upcoming later this year... Check next to that rumor... I'd say that rumor of 8FPS+ is valid, wonderful, I knew they'd get there, eventually.

Happy for the G7X users, that 1FPS per second RAW was a real crap shoot for the G series power shots...

Also strong probability of UHS-II, although not mentioned in the specs as 8FPS @ 20MP is greater than 95mb/sec of UHS-I

It says 8FPS but it doesn't state whether it is in jpg or RAW. So it could possibly still be 1FPS in RAW. Because you know they're talking about the jpgs being 8FPS.
EOS Bodies / Re: Canon EOS Rebel SL2 Coming for CP+ [CR1]
« Last post by nhz on Today at 07:22:28 AM »
I agree with applecider and others here - Canon should concentrate on keeping size and mass down, as that is the 'standout feature' for the camera. 

The current SL1 is similar size/weight as competiting cameras from e.g. Nikon that do have a tilt screen and many better features. So IMHO Canon  either have to make it even lighter and smaller (I guess that would mean ergonomics really down the drain unless there is a radical redesign ... doesn't sound attractive to me but maybe it sells) or add functionality like a tilt screen and better AF while keeping similar size/weight (the 750D/760D is still a significant step up in size/weight).
Why everyone here talk about the 18-135 IS USM?  The patent relates to 18-100 IS.

Not nearly all lens patents end up as actual products. Presumably the 18-100 design is a proof of concept of something novel and patentable, and the rumored 18-135 is then an actual real-world implementation of the same optical design.

Instead of a better kit lens you can always make a CHEAPER kit lens ;-)

Some USM lenses are really crap, USM doesn't guarantee much. And for those who assume the 80D is about (4K) video, isn't STM supposed to be superior technology for video AF?
By the way, I view the 80D not as a competitor for the D7200 or D500, but rather an upgrade of the 70D, and also a platform for APS-C tech historically. Canon still largely goes to the beat of their own drum, you have Nikon going "oh crap, 7D, now what?" But Canon does that to Nikon and visa versa.

You are probably right about that but I agree with HaroldC3 here, pretty unexciting if this is the real spec.

There isn't that much room in between the 760D, 70D and 7D2 currently except maybe for potential 4K video (how many really use this after the novelty trick wears off?). Canon seems preoccupied with 'segmenting' and milking  the market, making sure that there are all kinds of practically irrelevant differences between models and only very gradual changes that are just enough to keep the faithful upgrading every time.

Now if they have a new sensor with much improved noise/DR (like is rumored for 1DXII, but I'm not convinced about its practical performance yet), improved AF system and a bit lower weight that could be attractive - but I bet at least the sensor is existing tech, with at best a few small tweaks. After all, better sensor than 7D2 would be a problem with the current pricing (especially in EU where 7D2 is still VERY expensive).

I don't think Canon has anything to compete with D500 and won't have for at east 2 years judging from these 80D specs. BTW, I find it curious that that Canon support page lists 80D and not SL2, which was supposed to be a more likely introduction for CP+.
I thought the whole ethos of Apple and it's closed ecosystem was that users are protected from this sort of conflict between applications?
I wonder what Apple's position is. This sort of thing if allowed to carry on has the capacity to damage the brand.
First, I am not here to defend Adobe, the code writing error is unforgivable, deleting arbitrary files needs to get somebody fired.

But let's stop with the inaccuracies, for one this has nothing to do with the difference between a Cloud service (which Adobe CC isn't anyway) and a stand alone disc, it is a code writing error that could happen in any program disc or 'cloud' based, and it would be just as unforgivable.

Also, not logging in will not prevent you from 'finishing that wedding you shot yesterday' you can use the programs for over two months without an Internet connection, which is why it isn't a cloud program, the program lives on your computer and periodically checks with Adobe servers that your subscription has been paid, it will not fail to open the program for two moths even if it can't handshake with the servers.

What you can do via the services of Adobe that are cloud based is sync and backup effortlessly across devices and this should never result in lost files, lost changes maybe, but never lost actual images.
Animal Kingdom / Re: BIRD IN FLIGHT ONLY -- share your BIF photos here
« Last post by MarCath on Today at 07:11:20 AM »
Vautour fauve - Rémuzat Drôme
1Dx 200-400 160 iso 1/640 f5,6
It will be very interesting to see what both lenses actually are. The smaller one may be something that's similar to Canon's 60mm Macro. Sigma did previously have a 50mm Macro so could even be a replacement of that.

I honestly think an 85mm Art will be several years away. The current 85mm is seriously amazing and already has Art IQ so I see why they haven't updated it yet.
If that is indeed a 60mm Macro Art with Hsm and FF coverage, I am going to be happy and get it on release to complement my 180mm macro.
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