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Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Nikon upcoming APS-C Mirrorless system
« Last post by ashmadux on Today at 05:23:52 PM »

Agreed, I'm a Canonite, so I'm naturally skeptical of anything Nikon, and depth of field has a lot to do with it too as we're finding out the opposite with the 80D + live view + smaller apertures / telephoto hurt AF.

Can you elaborate? I'm collecting all info i can on 80d live view tracking, and general performance.

Do you have info on wide aperture live view performance?  Thx in advance
Lenses / Re: Canon EF 400mm f/5.6L IS Mentioned [CR1]
« Last post by johnf3f on Today at 05:13:58 PM »
I just got some pretty decent shots of a moose at 1/350sec handheld (as slow as you would want to go for anything moving, and yes gopher shooting practice helps), which makes me wonder if IS isn't just an excuse to be lazy more than anything.

Sure, just like autofocus, automatic metering, being able to review images on an LCD screen, even a viewfinder! Each new technological improvement makes things a little easier - or makes it possible to take good shots at a higher rate than before. I know there are a few dissenters who use superteles with IS switched off, but I find it is very useful for upping my keeper rate, and I don't see a problem with that.

1/350 sec on the 400mm F5.6 without IS is easily do able and quite a bit lower with practice. Part of the AF/weight/size advantage of this lens is the lack of IS.
I am one of those who has found that IS is a distinct disadvantage for wildlife and sports shooting regardless of the focal length (my most used lens is the longest EF lens that Canon currently make). The improved AF acquisition speed and improved tracking with IS OFF (or better still not fitted) is worth far more to me than any claimed help that IS offers.
As to slow shutter speeds? I have managed 1/50 sec with my 7D2, 1.4 Mk3 and 100-400 Mk2 at full extension - approaching 900mm? True I did have a little help in that I could lean my left arm against the side of the hide which helped a little. Anyway I shot 4 consecutive frames 2 with IS on and 2 with IS off - do you want me to post them so you can guess which?
For reference my arms are pathetically weak, even so I have no use for IS when hand holding my Canon 800mm.
Beautiful shots, Keith.
Industry News / Re: Review - D5 by DXO
« Last post by 3kramd5 on Today at 04:51:15 PM »
DPR claimed that with the D5, Nikon sacrificed some low ISO DR for better high ISO performance.

I still don't get how that works.

I suspect that other trades (e.g. framerate) impacted read noise, and at the same time improvements were made to high ISO.

Coincidence, not causation (sacrifice).
Canon General / Re: Why WiFi should be on DSLRs
« Last post by Mt Spokane Photography on Today at 04:42:37 PM »
Wi-Fi does not need to be expensive. I use low cost Ubiquity Access points.  It takes about 2 seconds per image to upload jpegs from my G1X II, 4 seconds for my 5D MK III, a lot more for Raws, but still usable.  I get reasonable security, and great coverage from a $64 unit.  They have POE, so can be placed where they work best.  Their range is fantastic.

When I replace these I'll go to a 802.11 AC unit for $127.  I have a Ubiquity router too, it gives high end features for a low price.

Many do not purchase these because they require a bit more advanced setup, but even a old guy like me managed it.  I was even able to repair my Ubiquity router after a lightening surge took it and my 24 port HP switch out.  Inside the router is the OS on a thumb drive.  That was corrupted and the thumb drive ruined.  I found a image online, copied it to a new thumb drive and was back in business.  Ubiquity support pointed me to the solution even though they do not officially support it.

HP has a forever warranty on their pro grade switches, they overnighted me a replacement at no charge and included a return label for the dead one.  If I ever decide to upgrade, it will be HP.  It costs less in the long run.
Post Processing / Re: example of 6 stop push in post
« Last post by bwud on Today at 04:42:03 PM »
What's being pushed isn't necessarily coming from the very bottom 1 or 2 bits of exmor info.

Same is true with other sensors.

Regardless, shadows are shadows, and there is a significant lack of detail there as compared to mid tones, for obvious reasons. If you want to record more detail in the shadows, you have to expose for them, which may result in clipped highlights. For a given sensor, you can maximize shadow detail without clipping the other end by ETTR. With Exmor sensors, decreasing noise has probably reached diminishing returns (I have no practical experience with the latest Canon sensors and thus won't make a similar statement).
I received my WFT-E8A unit on the first day when I collected my 1dx mkll on April 27. I thought it was released everywhere in the world at the same time. Works well with my iPhone
Industry News / Re: Nikon D5 Sensor Score from DXOMark
« Last post by Mt Spokane Photography on Today at 04:10:17 PM »
I quit paying much attention to DXO testing years ago.

I look at the graphs and consistently see only tiny differences in the lines. I know people on both sides get worked up about their tests, but frankly, I would never make a buying decision based on the insignificant differences their tests show.

That is certainly my way of thinking.  I've made the mistake of purchasing cameras based on reviews that were flawed more than once (you'd think I'd learn ;)  )

I tether my camera to a computer to photograph my products on a light table.  I focus and set the aperture to get the depth of field I want, or put the feature I want in sharp focus.  I can change the angle or take other measures to eliminate unwanted reflections, all in near real time with every Canon XD or XXD since the 40D, and they all work great. 

I bought a D800, it was horrible to tether and remote control, reduced resolution so you could not focus on fine details, it was so slow as to be unusable.  I also had a D300S, it was worse.  I don't know if current Nikon models work any better, I've tried to find good reviews, but they seem to be lacking.  I'd think the A7R II being a mirrorless would tether well, but the few reviews I've seen hinted that it is not good at tethering for remote operation.

I stick with Canon now because I know the remote tethering just works.
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