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I'm not upset about anything. But here's a list of things that Canon fell sort on, that is - they could have reasonably done it without the camera moving into another category.

1. 1/200 Sync Speed. Why? Nikon's been offering 1/250. Are we to believe the Nikon shutter is faster and more robust to handle it? I don't think so. This is Canon choosing to cripple. Especially being that Canon knows how important this, this is yet another thing to up sell to the 1DX2.

2. CF / UHS-I.  What the heck? UHS-II has been out a while. We can see why though, if Canon added UHS-II, it would be faster than the CF Card slot and that would then anger everyone into wanting CFast to match it. It's either ALL or NONE. With CFast and UHS-II, buffer clearance would be dramatically better - and here lies the reason why. They don't want it being too good for sports or wildlife....

3. 21 shot buffer. This is terrible. I would have thought a 28 shot buffer would have done enough to dodge criticism, offer more functionality too. I seriously doubt a 28 shot buffer on the 5D4 would make anyone say "oh great, I'm skipping the 1DX2" ...a bit paranoid on Canon's part.

4. Token 4K.  Yes, I predicted this in threads for a long time here on this board. 4K was an absolute must for Canon, otherwise they'd face serious wrath out there. Well, they provided it in name-only. A token 4K capability. HDMI out is crippled to only 1080. The 4K crop factor is very tight, making most lenses useless. Lack of common, very useful video tools. Awful codec. 4K is there on the specsheet, but it's mostly useless. Videographers across the board are almost in unanimous agreement on that. Canon offered it to get the mainstream review market that casually looks at specs off their back. But they also ensured that it wouldn't be used in a serious capacity. This is to protect 1DX2 and Cinema. However, other companies are offering higher video specs at the same price point, so another case of Canon not competing with the market, and instead beating up their own "in system" users, aka people with huge sums invested in glass. Canon could care less that the hard core users will complain for 4-5 years about it on webforums. They have it on the spec sheet, and major retailers can advertise this.

5. Old USB 3 type connector. USB-C has been out long enough. Takes up less space, and will absolutely be THE standard for many years to come.

6. Battery life. Lower than Nikon by a good percentage.

7. Dynamic Range. Speculation here, but given the 1DX2 and 80D, we're looking at weaker low ISO DR than the competition.

8. ISO. 1/2 stop improvement would have been better than the 1/3 improvement.

9. DPRAW.  Mostly gimmick. Can have some use for certain photographers, but if mainstream applications don't allow editing, this will be forgotten.

10. Price. Too high given the features and quality of competitor offerings. It is justifiable in the sense that if you need a little bit of everything, then it is a good value. However, if you're more focused on landscapes, or portraits/stills, sports/wildlife or videography - there are better bodies out there at a lower price. And these other bodies are also fairly decent at other types of photography. Maybe not as jack of all trades the 5D4, but close enough to not be crippled in any one area.
Can live with everything on the spec list, although I liked the resolution to be lower.
But if I don't know the IQ differences between 24 MP and 30 MP I will not complain.

My point of beeing upset is the PRICE.
Especially the pricing here over in Europe.
I hope that a lot of people will vote with their purse to show Canon that a ridiculous price rise of 27 % (in MRSP) for whatever reason is not worth that spec list.

For the next few years I am out of thr race for a new body.
As I was already about to skip this generation of camera I am presonally not so much affected on this.
But others are.
EOS Bodies / Re: 5DIV price confirmed
« Last post by Maiaibing on Today at 05:02:35 PM »
I wonder if there is insufficient supply to cater to both Europe and US markets and so Canon want to prioritize US sales. Perhaps the US market is more risky to lose.

Maybe, but you'd think with Europe having a larger population that sales would be higher here. Anyone got sales figures comparing EU & US markets?
Europe is Canon's largest market. Check out their investor's relations reports.
Is it on your backup card as well?  It looks like a typical card error, it could be a download issue, or a card issue.  Have you updated the Camera Firmware for the Cfast card issue?  If not, update it.

Canon USA's twitter just posted about the new firmware. Might be up now; haven't checked for myself, though.

Only seeing 1.0.2 Firmware as of now.

I'm almost reluctant to download it right away - not sure if I want to be one of the guinea pigs.
EOS Bodies / Re: So when do we think the 5DS and 5DSR will be updated?
« Last post by Maiaibing on Today at 04:51:22 PM »
I'd be really surprised to see it before 2019. I could see it go until 2020.

I waited forever to get the 5DIV to replace my 5DII's. Finally, I could not be bothered. Getting the 5DS/R instead was the best decision ever.

Have more or less decided not to get a 5DIV. May get a 6DII to replace my current 6D backup. If Canon gives the 6DII a better sensor than the 5DIV as they gave the 6D a better sensor than the 5DIII - I'm sold for sure when the 6DII comes out.

Price may be an issue. 6D was way overpriced at first. Now when you can get one for ~1.000$ its an amazing value offer.
Animal Kingdom / Re: Canadian birds
« Last post by Click on Today at 04:49:58 PM »
Lovely shot, Alan.   :)
Animal Kingdom / Re: Canadian birds
« Last post by AlanF on Today at 04:48:59 PM »
My best of an American Goldfinch, taken in Peggy's Cove, using a Tamron 150-600mm on a 5DIII.
EOS Bodies / Re: So when do we think the 5DS and 5DSR will be updated?
« Last post by Maiaibing on Today at 04:46:13 PM »
I feel that sensor technology has somewhat plateaud in the last few years (not only in canon land but everywhere else as well) so slower releases are to be expected. 
5DS/R sensor was a giant leap up! And so would a 120 MPIX sensor be.
So people are working out that Canon doesn't want them using the 5DIV for video, Canon wants people spending more for video ...

Some people here don't get this....

Do you know what "confirmation bias" means? Or "selection effect"? Look it up. Meanwhile, all the people already using Canon DSLRs for video happily keep doing that without feeling the need to write up passive-aggressive blog posts about it.
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