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Woow!!! This is wat i call.....a trully nonsense post! Congratulations!

Let me just say this for a start....I am a huge fan of Canon.I have used canon for 18 years.And i still do, but nowadays not 100%.

Like everybody who works on photography and videography, i always wanted the best, not only in sensor, but in ergonomics, in usability, lens etc...This is the reason i have choosen Canon all this years. I just love Canon for many reasons. But in the last years...it seems Canon stop listening to the marketing, and just trying to sell what they want. They completely disregarded Sony advance and they simply....do nothing. I had a 7d markII, and that camera almost drived me nuts...I was one of the bad lucky guys that bought the first bodies, and the camera had a severe fail in the mirror box. When the photo was taken with some shake the photos get blurry. Even if you take the photo with 1/2000 or more. I got really angry because Canon didn´t do nothing about it! They have later, admited the problem as a possibility, but never admited that it really exists!! So as you can see, problems happen in all brands, not only Sony! So i sold it.

So then i also sold my 5dmkIII and bought the new 1dx mkII. This was the last chance i give to Canon. And yes, Canon did it, the 1dx mkII is a hell of a camera and i am really happy with her! It has some defects, but overall is a fantastic camera and i love it!
Then i was in the market for a second body. Canon launched the 5DmkIV and i was expecting so much this camera because it would be the ideal couple to the 1dx. And Sony launched the A7R3. We´ll get back to her. So, regarding to the 5dmkIV....Well......the MP bump was good news, the iso behaviour was good news...in photographic terms the camera is a good one. But hell....then you compare photos with the Nikon D850 and the Sony a7r3....and damn...it get´s behind! Then i look for video specks....4k 30fps looks good...but at 120FPS she only records at 720hd....Really???? And then you see that it doesn´t record 4k fullframe, only with crop. It´s not  bad for me in the 1dx, i kinda like it because i shoot wildlife, but it would be great to have a camera that records 4k in fullframe. I couldn´t give 3000€ for a camera that is worse on video specs and the photo quality, althoug it is good, it stays behind the competitors....Remember what i have said in the beggining, we all want to purchase the best.

Well, it´s time to look after some solutions. And the Sony started to become a serious solution. 4k with a great codec (ohh...didn´t i mentioned the MJPEG codec of Canon? Well it´s really good, but creates monster files!!!) 120FPS at 1080HD, 42mp wiht a great sensor with no AA filter! Well.....this was promising! And the best...Sony did corrected some of the biggest problems with the A7r2. They gave this one, better ergonomics (not as good as Canon, but this is a mirrorless, much smaller than a dslr!), new battery and it solves the problem. This battery is identical as the dslr batteries, etc...etc... The only thing that worried me was the big investment i have in canon lenses. But...problem solved, bought the mc-11 adapter and although it´s not perfect, it works.

So i have changed, not completely, now i have the 1dx mkII that i love and have the A7r3 that a really LOVE! I am extremely happy with this camera!! Photo have such a great detail! I can shoot at ISO 8000 with no problem (this is something in a 42mp sensor!), video is fantastic also with the help of LOG profiles, zebras, focus peaking, etc...Well, just to resume, i am really happy with the camera! Ohh, not to mention the size and weight! It´s really a great thing when travelling!

So, in conclusion...i am sad just because what i wanted was to continue to buy Canon cameras. I was forced to look to another solution!
And when I see this posts i really get sad...because it´s because guys like you that Canon never had the need to make better moves in the industry. It´s because that things that they get confortable and they didn´t answer in time to an upcome development! After mirrorless and the D850 hit the streets what Canon did?? Yeahhh they launched the great M50!!!! After the D500 came that totally smached the 7D mkII in aps-c sensors what canon did?? Nothing!! And what is the response of canon users? Moking with Sony!!

Yes....keep on moking!! Canon does love that!
Finally, never had any problems with a7R3, i was informed of that problem has occured in some cameras, but like i said before, all brands have problems!! ALL! Even Nikon was forced to make a recall with the D750! Yes i am really happy with the A7r3, i don´t need at all the A7r4. But you know what we need in Canon? Not to get crappy cameras to the market like the 6dmkII...we need canon no to put on the market what they want, but what people need!
Sony filled my needs, i changed. If in the future Canon makes a turn and fill my needs, will get back to 100% canon. But what i couldn´t do was to wait any longer....I am just thinking....when Canon come to market with new cameras 5dmkV or new mirrorless o they really go for inovation, or they will just try to balance with this a7r3? Because if they do, Sony will surpass again with new cameras...... We´ll See. I am hoping for Canon! Because i am really a Canon Fan! But please....stop mocking with other brands, instead, demand your brand to come forward!! ;)
EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Auto Area AF Gone Wild
« Last post by tiggy@mac.com on Today at 07:19:12 AM »
Sent camera in to Canon.

They found sensor assembly misalignment.

Spent yesterday shooting the fixed body, and it worked great.

Canon CPS was fast, accurate and went above the call again. They found a budding problem with the top dial, so they replaced that to free. Sent it back Fedex for free, to where I am shooting.
Reviews / Re: BenQ SW271 4K Photo Editing Monitor Review | Dustin
« Last post by bhf3737 on Today at 06:50:39 AM »

Dustin, do you have any thoughts on other BenQ models that might be a reasonable compromise for those of us fighting expensive GAS.


Hi Jack
I use BenQ BL2711U
(27in 4K UHD w/ HAS, Tilt, Swivel, USB 3.0 Hub, Dual HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort)
On which I get enough good looking results for both photo and video.
Price is around 600CDN and I have got 3 of them connected to a PC via a GTX1080 video card.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Auto Area AF Gone Wild
« Last post by Maximilian on Today at 04:52:39 AM »
Hi Tiggy and to all others!

What is the lens you are using?
To me this is the most important information to solve this.
If your backup body worked fine just until you switched the lens from the "hickup" body that indicates that something happened here because of the interaction of body SW and this dedicated lens SW.

You should also do some tests with both bodies an other lenses to find out, if your AF settings are only to hiccup with this certain lens, or if this is now also happening with other lenses.
I'm sorry, I must make a correction on what I earlier wrote.

Sony On-Sensor Phase Detect Autofocus covers only about 40% on full frame.  Here is the AF diagram of Sony PDAF on A7R3, CDAF on A7R3, and Canon DPAF on all DSLRs and MILCs that have it.

Canon DPAF covers 80% of the frame.

If you're wondering what it feels like CDAF on a Sony, it is pretty much the same speed as Live View on a T2i, or Live View on pretty much any Nikon DSLR.  However, on the Sony, it is still useful for subject tracking of humans, who aren't moving very quickly, because theoretically, you'll PDAF them in the sweet spot and then the camera can follow them around after, making only small adjustments to AF.

My understanding is that the a7r3 has the coverage shown here, while the a73 and a9 have close to 90% each.
Not disagreeing with the points of dpaf, from what I've used and seen, it seems to be extremely effective and accurate, and I'll be very interested to see what other manufacturers do in comparison in future mirrorless (stay with pd pixels or implement a dual pixel design etc)
Canon General / Re: Fear Not, Canon Will be at Photokina 2018
« Last post by Maximilian on Today at 04:25:18 AM »
Good morning, I wrote it six days before: http://www.canonrumors.com/forum/index.php?topic=34851.msg716769#msg716769
+1 yes, you did ;)

... We will be attending the show and we expect a couple of big announcements from Canon.
I try to get there but end of September there's always a lot of business for me.
But I also hope for some "big announcements".
You don't get longer reach by cropping in camera - you just get a cropped image.

You do get larger image in the viewfinder, however, and that can help focusing significantly.

With an SLR that can't be easily changed, with an EVF it would be trivial.

My guess would be EF-M mount with an adapter and automatic crop mode for lenses that don't cover full-frame image circle.
EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Auto Area AF Gone Wild
« Last post by Thanawart on Today at 03:55:01 AM »
How can I find it? We have some tools to find it.
Software & Accessories / Re: Just Bought ProGrade CFast Cards
« Last post by Jack Douglas on Today at 03:53:19 AM »
I have cards in my Amazon cart just watching the prices.  My needs grow in July.

I'm going to buy this box as well.
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