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EOS Bodies / Re: Built in adapter?
« Last post by Marsu42 on Today at 02:51:36 AM »
Here is one, perhaps what I remembered.  It definitely discusses a new lens mount, and is about as close as Canon comes to saying it will happen.  No patent though.

Thanks for the links! "Canon is exploring the possibility of a new lens mount" is what sounds plausible, esp. for the time it might take until they really release a new system. If they do it, they'd better deliver as much added value as possible (like the "block rotating elements" gimmick from the other link).
Lenses / Re: Review: Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II
« Last post by monkey44 on Today at 02:25:35 AM »
Not sure what that means, never heard that terms before "onions" ... altho, can see now why it gets the name.

Is this a defect in the lens ... should I worry about this??  Can someone comment on that?

At first, I thought it was water drops flying about, as the bird right behind it was flapping water all over while bathing ... here's another image illustrating that.   And, none of the other shots that day have this in the image, only where water drops are flying around.

Will attach a couple more here -- one showing the bath, one a different bird, very clear on the water, THEN he dives in a takes a bath, slashing all over too, and no onion spots, just water drops in the air
EOS Bodies / Re: Ron Martinsen Blasts the 7DII in his review
« Last post by raptor3x on Today at 02:12:03 AM »
HereĀ“s a short video, where he is demonstrating the fantastic (in his view) autofocus with facial recognition on the D4S:
Even for a totally still, well (over)lit face, it still hunts ...

In his D4S review, which he claim has the best AF system in the world, he is using his kid on a swing, as "the ultimate AF challenge" ::)

My favorite part of his D4S review is how he spends the entire article talking about how the D4S has the best AF system ever created and is so much improved over the D4 and then in the last paragraph or so admits that the 1DX can do everything the D4S can do but just needs to have the AF options configured correctly.
Third Party Manufacturers / m42 Lenses on 5D MKIII (and 6D)
« Last post by adhocphotographer on Today at 02:05:56 AM »
I picked up a Helios 44-2 58mm f/2 earlier this year and loved it...  I also inherited a Pentacon 50mm f/1.8 with an old Prakitca MTL3.

Since then I have had my eyes open for other great value old MF lenses and am will soon be picking up a Tair 11A (135mm f/2.8, with 20 bladed aperture) and a Carl zeiss 35mm f/2.4 Flektogon MC.

I'll let you know how they do and will post some images.

Have you guys got any other suggestions from personal experience? Maybe something in the macro genre? :)

No doubt this may be the future.

But, it still begs the question... is this really adding to the art of photography? Or is it adding to the art of photoshoping?

When light meters were added to cameras, the question was asked.
When Autofocus was added, once again, it was asked
When Digital Cameras first came out, they were panned as toys.
Only time will tell, but I suspect that funds to keep going are getting tight.

Sorry for bringing back an old thread, but after watching the following:

It reminded me of this thread and what Mt. Spokane said.
But really, I would have loved to be a part of this challenge.
"Really interested to see how this plus 1.4 Tc is vs the tamron "

Wicki - not sure if you are referring to the new Tamron zoom to 600mm against the 100-400 with Canon TC or this 100-400 with Canon TC vs. Tamron TC but here's my take on the latter: a bit disappointing.  I spent the day with the annual Christmas Bird Count group here in socal and stumbled across a rare Lewis's Woodpecker.  Stationary shots were wonderful no complaints at all (see sample Lewis's Woodpecker (20794) by Anthony Gliozzo (Web Site is, on Flickr however in flights shots were less than satisfying with respect to the camera and lens' focusing abilities . Despite it was on "3m to infinity" the camera was somewhat slow and struggled to focus on in flight bird shots against a gray sky.  The combo offer only a max of 5 centered AF points.  My friend was using also a 5D Mark III with a Tamron TC 1.4 and a Canon 300mm F/4 lens.  All his inflight shots were quite good - his combo offered 9 AF points with the Tamron SP TC We set out cameras up the same - settings were AI Servo, Case 5, Spot Metering, manual mode at 1/1250 ISO 1000 Av=6.3 to perform this comparison.   The 500 F/4 IS II has no issues - all points work with the same TC though I am now wondering if the F4 lens has something to do with limiting the AF points.  Perhaps I can try my friends Tamron tomorrow and report back. ..cheers..Anthony
EOS Bodies / Re: Ron Martinsen Blasts the 7DII in his review
« Last post by Don Haines on Today at 12:43:13 AM »
moving back to the point.... the review.

Those pictures were terrible. If I were to consider a camera based on those pictures, I wouldn't touch it. The focus is not there, the lighting isn't there....Has he AFMAd his lenses? Does he have it set in some AF mode where it is focusing somewhere other than where he thinks it is?
Lenses / Re: Canon 100mm L Macro
« Last post by DominoDude on Today at 12:32:33 AM »

... I like the lens except the slow af.  So could this be a good multi purpose lens (for portrait and a little bit of action photography). My non L AF was slow? Is this one better?
Congratulations to the new 100!
I would say that the focusing speed of the 100/2.8L is really fast, especially if you narrow it down so it won't have to hunt around all the way from 30cm to infinity. I don't use mine as often as it deserves, but I still love all and everything about it.
EOS Bodies / Re: Ron Martinsen Blasts the 7DII in his review
« Last post by tphillips63 on Today at 12:19:01 AM »
I like his blog, especially the printing information.  That part is great for me.
On the 7D Mark II, I bought one but have not made up my mind either way yet.  I was also thinking of a 1D Mark IV as an alternative but decided to go with the more modern system in the 7D Mark II and refrain from being such a big pixel peeper.  Many images I have seen out of the new body are not that bad.  I don;t think I agree with Ron, at least so far, but it is his opinion.
Lenses / Re: Canon 100mm L Macro
« Last post by Hjalmarg1 on December 20, 2014, 11:56:36 PM »
CR friends - I got rid off my beloved 100mm macro lens(non l) due to fungus problems. Adorama accepted the lens and offered me a small price (not worth talking about). I told them about the fungus before sending it in. Unsurprisingly their test showed more than what I thought. Anyway I felt better even though I did not get much for it.

Now the question. I ordered the L version mainly because I did not want to take a chance again with the non L again. I will take possible precautions against future fungus problems (thanks to you folks for the advice ). Is the L lens worth the extra money? I feel the pain of shedding the extra $$$( bad news is my old lens did not help cover much, I missed the refurb deal by a few seconds. The good news is I got a 10% discount from best buy and there is $50 MIR). I read a lot of reviews and blogs and everyone have only good things to say about the lens. The only other fast lens I own is the 50mm 1.4 (canon). I like the lens except the slow af.  So could this be a good multi purpose lens (for portrait and a little bit of action photography). My non L AF was slow? Is this one better?
Enjoy your new glass. The IQ from the 100L is exceptional. It's probably my sharpest lens and AF hunts a little but is really good once you get used to Macro lenses
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