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Industry News / Re: Monkey selfie
« Last post by YuengLinger on Today at 02:53:36 PM »
Simply a very expensive, mischievous, publicity seeking lawsuit by PETA, a group composed of trust-fund babies with too much time on their hands, and a whole lot of self-loathing they've never worked out in therapy.
Industry News / Re: Monkey selfie
« Last post by unfocused on Today at 02:51:09 PM »
This has supposedly come to a final conclusion. The Monkey can't own anything being an animal, not even a copyright. The human photographer is entitled to reimbursement of attorney fees.  https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2018/04/24/monkey-selfie-copyright-case-naruto-crested-macaque/545166002/

Glad to see that a little bit of common sense may have prevailed. (Although I'd like to know more details). This lawsuit was always about PETA trying to advance a political agenda. Unfortunately, I'm not sure the original wrong was ever corrected. For those who don't recall, this all got started when Wikipedia stole the photograph and then refused to honor the copyright.
We reported in March of this year that the upcoming Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L IS II was going to be announced this month.

We’re now nearing the end of April and we haven’t heard anything further about this lens announcement. We have asked around, but for the moment we’re just getting silence on the matter.

It’s not unusual for lens announcements to move, even at the last minute. The last one to suffer this fate was the EF 16-35mm f/2.8L III, which was originally to be announced in June of 2016, but was delayed until August 24, 2018. The other recently delayed product from Canon was the Speedlite 470EX-AI, which was originally going to be announced in the summer of 2017, but was held off until February of this year.

The lens is coming and the month isn’t over yet, but we cannot update you any further on when EF 70-200mm f/4L IS II is going to be officially announced.

I will say that I am pleasantly surprised about how many people seem to be looking forward to this lens.

I didn't watch the video so I can't comment about what Tony says...but when Canon brings forth their FF mirrorless, will it have a sensor that competes with the likes of Sony and Nikons (D850 sensor)? I mean, really that's what it boils down to, right? Do people really want a full frame mirrorless or do they just want any kind of camera that has improved DR and can compete with the features of the Sony A7 line and the Nikon D850? I honestly don't care whether a camera is mirrorless or a DSLR, I just want to know that my camera isn't 2 years behind the current tech when I buy it (ie the 6D2) or crippled in some way.

No, and you have obviously drunk too much of the DXO/DPReview Kool-Aid. At 100iso there is .25 stop difference in DR between the 5D MkIV and the D850. If you use dual pixel development techniques the 5D MkIV has 0.22 stops more DR than the maximum possible from the D850.

How, exactly, is that "uncompetitive?"
The “massive update” to Adobe Lightroom Classic CC released earlier this month came with a lot of bugs that made a lot of the photography community quite angry, especially considering people are now paying monthly for the software.

We’ve had a lot of comments and questions from readers about Lightroom Classic CC and if there are any other options for software. We generally shy away from making recommendations like this, but it’s inexcusable that Lightroom would suffer from the types of bugs it has after so many years of development.

From Adobe:

“We heard your feedback and felt that parts of the release didn’t uphold the level of quality that we hold ourselves to. We’re happy to report that these issues were resolved and now available for immediate download. Some of the issues resolved included converting presets, sorting and copying/pasting profiles, translation errors, along with crash fixes.”

Bug Fixes:

  • An issue where some presets were not converting to the new format.
  • An issue with B&W legacy presets where the profile resets to Adobe Standard
  • An issue where Develop presets were not sorting correctly
  • Translation errors in other languages for some profiles
  • An issue where users were unable to copy/sync Black and White Mix settings
  • Lightroom backup catalog error issues.
    • Note: To resolve corruption issue in the backed up catalogs, update to Lightroom Classic CC v7.3.1 and then back up your catalogs again. If you’re backing up your catalogs on macOS, see this known issue related to catalog compression below.
  • Known Issue on macOS only: When backing up your catalogs on macOS, Lightroom Classic doesn’t compress (zip) catalogs that have a file size less than 4 GB. As a workaround to this issue, manually compress the backed up catalog files. Compressed files take up less hard disk space. By default, Lightroom Classic saves backed up catalogs to the following location on macOS:
    • /Users/[user name]/Pictures/Lightroom/[catalog name]/Backups

You can read more about the update at Adobe.

« Last post by jayphotoworks on Today at 02:22:48 PM »

Are you stating that a 'better spec list' equates to a more capable camera?  And that disagreeing with that statement has no relevance?  That's asinine.

Native lens selection is a huge part of a camera's capability.  Does Sony outspec Canon?   For vloggers, a fully articulated screen is very important...does the a7III outspec the 6DII? 

If you refer to the A7III review on Dpreview, you can see within the same type of tests, the A7III outperforms the 6DII on all fronts including autofocus tracking (even with the 6DII's DPAF). Then it goes on to be better at DR, AF coverage, burst shooting and oversampled 4K. If none of those items are important, than what is? Is it biased? Should I write a review and say, well the 6DII is better because it has an articulating screen, and Canon has more market share? The reader can make their own choices, but the A7III is better than the 6DII at those things that are kind of "important" for cameras right?

Are you, like Takingshots, someone who lets Internet reviewers dictate to them which features/cameras are most important/best for them?  Frankly, you seem either indecisive or unable to recognize that the search for 'the perfect camera' is futile...or you simply swallow the latest review proclaiming the superiority of the new —insert brand/model here— and jump at it. 

Yes, I realize the perfect camera does not exist, but trying and understanding how new tech can improve ways of doing things the "old" way doesn't mean I'm indecisive or in love with internet reviewers. How would someone even know what an A7III might bring to the table without trying it? You don't become a better doctor operating on the same patient with the same ailment time and time again. You gain that through experience in treating different patients with different ailments. Progress moves forwards whether you like it or not. There are some UX elements in modern Sony cameras that are better than Canon's own implementation, but I still see the comments about how Sony's are an ergonomic disaster. Those individuals probably haven't rented one or tried it out.

The thing is, what's best for you isn't necessarily what's best for me, or for anyone else.  There's no objective way to judge, because everyone's needs/wants differ.  You can claim Sony outspecs Canon until you're blue in the face, but that's what really has no relevance here...'outspec' is a value judgement, and everyone's values are different, so there's no objective assessment.  What can be objectively assessed is market share, which is a gauge of what collection of features incorporated into different brands/models best meet the needs of buyers in aggregate.

Like I mentioned above, the specs and features that can be measured with uniformity against competitive brands shows that those features are better served with an A7III over a 6DII. Market share does not play into that here because we are comparing cameras and features that are comparable among other cameras. Canon might have decided that most buyers do not need those features or they might have a larger market share because its buyers do not want those features, but like I said, it doesn't diminish those features or the fact that it is more capable as tested.
Industry News / Re: Monkey selfie
« Last post by Labdoc on Today at 02:08:32 PM »
This has supposedly come to a final conclusion. The Monkey can't own anything being an animal, not even a copyright. The human photographer is entitled to reimbursement of attorney fees.  https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2018/04/24/monkey-selfie-copyright-case-naruto-crested-macaque/545166002/
Landscape / Re: Winter
« Last post by dpc on Today at 01:59:40 PM »
Melting icicle...

Absolutely Amazing. Perfect Timing.

Thanks! 😎
Landscape / Re: Seashore, Beaches and Harbours
« Last post by dpc on Today at 01:56:41 PM »
That's the Pacific, anything but peaceful.
Nice "calming" shot.

Bleak day along the Pacific at Victoria, BC, with a small flock of brants resting on the rocks in the foreground.  :)

Thanks! 😎
PowerShot Cameras / Re: Is the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II Discontinued?
« Last post by okaro on Today at 01:27:18 PM »
I cant understand why they print the focal length on the lens relative to sensor size and not the 35mm equivalent.

totally useless information

It is not useless information, it allows quickly to see the sensor size of the camera. For one inch sensors the zoom starts at 8.8 mm or 10.2 mm. That is the real focal length. at he 35 mm equivalences are not real and should not ben printed on the camera. Especially with real aperture values. The G series uses them on the step zoom though. This is somewhat understandable but they could have used real ones.
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