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EOS Bodies / Re: More About the EOS 6D Mark II Shows Up for Certification
« Last post by dak723 on Today at 10:30:13 AM »
Not to mention anyone with physical disabilities, or is older and might have trouble kneeling down to get shots of flowers or something similar. 

Says the person who never used it for macro, over head, low angle, studio shots (think of a tethered laptop as the big tilty flippy) stills shots.....  I have had the tilty flippy (t3i) and often shoot with friends that have 80d, etc and the 1st thing I miss when I go back to my 5dIII and 1Dx is the tilty flippy.  I would LOVE a tilty flippy on a "pro" stills body.  Its like orange juice - its not just for video.

Ohh noooo.. please don't pollute the fine 6D with a clumsy tilty flippy screen, i hate those damn video gadgets on my camera   :(
Software & Accessories / Re: Lightroom CC 2015.10.1 Now Available
« Last post by grainier on Today at 10:14:40 AM »
my new system

Your system can not be considered new if it was built before the latest Adobe update.  Time to upgrade, man.
Lenses / Re: AF speed of the new EF-S 35mm macro
« Last post by leadin2 on Today at 10:05:11 AM »
Looks good! Is it shipping already? Looking forward to see reviews of this lens. Thanks for sharing!
EOS Bodies / Re: Canon Full Frame Mirrorless Talk [CR1]
« Last post by ecka on Today at 10:01:19 AM »
I am willing to bet that the average consumer does not care if it is mirrorless or not... All they care about is does it take good pictures in "green box" mode.... although, with FF, the odds are much better that it will be used with a second lens and even taken out of automatic mode.....

We CR readers do not represent the average consumer.....

FF cameras are not for average consumers. FF is for serious hobbyist and professionals.

One would like to think so, but there are a number of people out there who buy the best without knowing how to use them.....

So, if you are not a professional driver, then you must be driving cheap, uncomfortable, boring, and $H!tty cars. Same deal, right? How about food? Are you a professional food taster? ... :)

Actually, I am a professional driver..... it is part of my job and my training.....

I am trained and certified to drive a Genie-lift.....
I professionally drive several work vehicles, large vehicles with racks of electronics and 55 foot antenna masts....
I am trained and certified to drive a forklift....

And like most professional drivers, I do not drive $10,000,000 F1 cars, I drive vehicles that are suited to the task at hand. Being a professional photographer does not involve always buying the best, it involves  getting the best combination of tool and price for the task at hand.

FF is not for average consumers? ? ?    No, it is for consumers with a bit more disposable income.

Are you comparing FF to $10,000,000 F1 cars? Really? Well, FF is not the best... There are $50k+ cameras with much larger sensors, which are not that popular among professionals. And there's luxury stuff made for wealthy non-professional consumers too.
I wasn't talking about you specifically. But, would it change anything, if you wasn't a pro driver? Would you restrict yourself to a lesser car? (Or maybe you would buy a $10,000,000 F1? Which is what all those silly non-pros must be doing. :) Right?) And I don't mean your work vehicle. You don't have to own a plane to be a pilot.
FF is not an overkill for an average consumer anymore. Because on modern big UHD+ displays, crop sensor images are starting to look like $#%@ (not good enough) and you can't do anything about that. Buying expensive optics for it is madness, because FF is a much cheaper solution these days. Cheap lenses on FF produce much nicer images than on crop cameras. So, believe it or not, but in many cases, FF is the best combination of tool and price. Crop and kit lenses can still be perfectly usable, but if you feel like it is not enough anymore, then there is no reason why you should not get a FF straightaway. Seeking better quality or light gathering on crop will simply cost you more money. It's not worth it. Crop potential will never catch up with FF, because size matters. The market is getting oversaturated with crop sensors and manufacturers are being pushed to put better sensors in consumer products. Do you remember what happened with cheap P&S? Same thing. You can blame smartphones for all you want, but "everyone" has or had a cheap P&S camera and now you can get one used for peanuts or free or find some in trash cans. It doesn't really matter if they put cameras in phones, or phones in cameras. It's a superior symbiote. Why all (most) phones have cameras? - Exactly ... Maybe the next question we'll ask in 5 five years will be - "Why all ILCs have FF sensors?" - and the answer will be the same.
Lenses / Re: Useless lenses you fell in love with
« Last post by leadin2 on Today at 09:46:51 AM »
I'm a zoom lens guy. Any fixed focal lens that I buy (50s, 135) will usually sit on the bench, eventually sold, except for 100mm L which I always use for product shots.

These days, I am trying to use only fixed focal lens for a change. My legs will be the zoom.
EOS Bodies / Re: Future 7D Mark III
« Last post by LonelyBoy on Today at 09:29:02 AM »

How many people use the built-in flash on the 7Ds anyway?

I know a few who own 7D's and they all do.  It's an acceptable solution for optically triggering speedlights, and a good deal less expensive than getting Canon's proprietary radio triggers.  The case can be made that a Yongnuo RT might be more effective and as cost-effective.

In this context, however, where it's "crappy built-in flash OR wifi/GPS", I'd rather have the wifi and GPS and put a 90EX in my pocket for when I need an optical master, or a bit of fill.  But maybe that's just me.  No one was talking about taking the flash away in exchange for nothing, though.
EOS Bodies / Re: Future 7D Mark III
« Last post by BillB on Today at 09:22:44 AM »
Doesn't anyone want to ditch the AA filter? The superior IQ of the 5DSR when cropped over the current 7DII is clear. I'd like a switchable AA. Faster mirror? Only if it can have lessened slap. Better AF? Yes.  More mp? Ok for fast lenses but slow telephotos are diffraction limited now.  On-chip ADC is taken for granted now.

Even with diffraction, you will get some benefit from more mp, just not as much.  Guessing at the 7DIII design philosophy (high FPS etc) not sure what the mp sweetspot would be anyway. The simplest choice might be to adapt the 24mp sensor that they are putting in everything else.

Are there any issues with ditching the AA on an APS-C sensor?
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EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Second camera option
« Last post by bholliman on Today at 08:31:54 AM »
Hey everyone. Have been using a 5D3 for the last 5 years. Typically would use the EOS M + 11-22 as a back up especially when hiking. Would like to consider a more advanced second body so that one is mounted with a wide angle and the other with a telephoto zoom. Mostly do natural light portrait, travel landscape and kids events (stage dancing, etc). Any suggestions? 5DsR, 5d4 or wait for the upcoming 6D2? Appreciate your thoughts.

Looks like you are wanting a 2nd FF DSLR.  The 5D4 is a terrific all-arounder, but if you are not in a hurry, wait for the 6D2 to be announced to see what it offers compared with the other FF bodies currently available.  Its a terrific time to be a photographer, so many excellent equipment options.

What capabilities are you looking for that would enhance your photography (more FPS, greater resolution, better shadow recovery, etc.)
Animal Kingdom / Re: BIRD IN FLIGHT ONLY -- share your BIF photos here
« Last post by Click on Today at 08:30:10 AM »
Great shot, Eldar. 
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