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EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: 5DS R tethered live view focus problems
« Last post by takesome1 on Today at 02:51:02 PM »
It is an apple and orange comparison. If your using 16x manually and viewing what you are focusing the half press tone is meaningless as is any AF adjustment. You are 100% manual.

If you had said you focused in 16x and it was tack sharp on lcd, push the shutter and waited 10 seconds for the release it would be more of a puzzle why it is oof. I would look at technique and circumstance first.

I had a series of shots with the 5Ds R two weeks ago that turned out soft. Shooting off tripod, live view, 16x with shutter set at 10 second delay. I had a series before and after this series that were tack sharp. Only difference in the subject is that it was against a very overcast sky. It seemed odd and my first thought was the camera was doing it. More probable is human error on my part, possibly bumped the AF switch on or something. It is definitely something I am watching for next time.
Hi Erik.
Two very nice shots there, the wheels down canopy open is a good look.

Cheers, Graham.

The legend..  :)
Why is it that the only person at a wedding who cannot take a picture of the bride feeding the groom the first slice of wedding cake and have the picture on the bride's Facebook page within a few minutes is the same person who is being paid to take pictures?

Because he or she is expected to keep on shooting instead of messing with his or her small camera screen in the attempt to fix a photo and upload it to Facebook? What if doing it he or she misses some other important shot? Other guests are free to ignore what's going on while updating Facebook pages, is the paid photographer allowed to do so?

And, if the paid photographer did try to do that, he or she would need a Rube Goldberg combination of devices, media and interfaces.

Letting aside it's not so complex, what's wrong with that? You're a pro, so you're expected to have the right gear for the task. If you're expected to upload photos as an event evolves, you need the proper personnel and gear to ensure those images are uploaded properly, even if something fails temporarily. Have you see how many people man a cinema camera? Hey, why don't they get away with AF, auto exposure and later fixes on the camera screen?

Photographers should be able to take a picture, review it on the back of their camera, make a few simple adjustments (cropping, exposure, color correction) and hit a "send" button to get that photo to the client or directly to social media or a website.

If you wait for the proper moment to do that, it changes little if you had uploaded them wirelessly to a laptop or whatever and use it for the final steps, which may be also quicker. If you need to do it on camera, it means you're doing it in the wrong moment, and you are just distracted instead of performing what you are being paid for, shooting the event.

The fact that no manufacturer offers that capability today shows just how miserably camera manufacturers have failed their customers.

Will you give a photographer access to your personal pages so you can upload photos for you? Your personal phone may contain credentials for your personal services, what about a "stranger"?

And, if you need a larger screen, it ought to migrate to your iPad or laptop automatically, without having to use cables or complicated interfaces. It should just work.

It's exactly what Canon WiFi adapters do (at an absurd price, I agree). You shoot, and photos are uploaded via FTP. FTP is good, very good. It's a full standard protocol that run across very different devices and networks. It doesn't rely on a single "app" that may work today on a given phone OS, and no longer work tomorrow.

If you like, it's not difficult to have them "professionally" processed automatically as they come in, and upload them then whenever you want. Sure, maybe if you're not an IT expert you need to hire one to help you, why shouldn't you? Today, just you may need to hire a makeup expert, a professional hairdresser, or whatever, for a truly professional work you may also need someone expert in IT.

A colleague of mine did exactly this but the WiFi part (too expensive for him), it shoots mountain bike events, he plugs the CF into its laptop, images are downloaded, automatically processed, and uploaded so events participants can look at them and decided which to buy (unless the organization already paid for them). Meanwhile, he keeps shooting with another card - his camera is not busy while trying to process and upload anything. He wrote the software, I had already told him he should sell it...

That's what Apple understands.

No, Apple understand if it can lock you in in every of its products, it's a lot of money coming.

Think about virtually every breaking news event of the last several years -- the first pictures and video usually comes from an iPhone, not from a professional photojournalist covering the event.

That's just because most people have a smartphone in their pocket, not a pro DSLR. Once they would have had no photo at all, but someone being lucky.

But which pictures have a better chance of becoming "iconic" for an event?

When I go to a press conference

Here, you're right, there's even no need for a pro DSLR to take the usual useless media filler picture that comes from press conferences, a smartphone is usually enough.
The legend..  :)

Yes indeed.

Beautiful pictures, Erik.
EOS Bodies / Re: EOS-1D X Mark II in Final Preproduction Form
« Last post by IgotGASbadDude on Today at 02:36:16 PM »
+100000000 Thanks!!!  :) :) :) :) Yep My 5D3 sits with the 5D2... I'm truly enjoying the 1DX I'm thinking that I may never touch the 5d's again!!!!

I do use my 5D3 when I shoot concerts. The Spider Holster system is awesome--it's nice having a camera on my hip and having the ability to swap out cameras quickly. That system is highly recommended!
EOS Bodies / Re: Patent: Canon EF-S 15-53mm f/2.8-4
« Last post by 9VIII on Today at 02:35:54 PM »
It would be awesome to see an aperture upgrade on the kit lens.

It's sad to say, but I kind of like seeing the big camera companies getting squeezed by the cell phone market, it gets us some juicy sweet lenses.
EOS Bodies / Re: Wi-Fi / GPS on 5D MK IV - Patent
« Last post by 9VIII on Today at 02:27:07 PM »
If Canon starts putting Wi-Fi in their Pro bodies I might actually seriously consider owning one!

As-is I was probably just going to get an SL2 (or some other equivalent crop body), regardless of how good the other cameras are, but if they all have Wi-Fi then it equalizes the playing field.
That's right, the 1D and 5D need their specs improved to complete with the Rebel line.
(Alternatively I would be happy with a fully articulated screen on the 1D, but we know how likely that is to happen.)
I know this has been discussed before but just for grins, what shutter/aperture/ISO settings are you aviation gurus using for the prop planes (for a bit of prop blur) and then other things like jets (optimum sharpness, DOF, etc.)?  Does anyone use any CPL or other modifiers to help with contrast, DR, etc?  Just looking for some simple answers.
The legend..  :)
Lenses / Re: New ef 50mm 1.2 annoucement coming?
« Last post by TeT on Today at 01:41:12 PM »
35 L II
50 L II (2016)
85 L III (2017)

all coming; my dates are pure guesstimation

the 50 1.4 replacement will show up along the way probably equivalent to the 35 2 IS in quality (which will make most everyone drool a little on the way to the store)
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