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EOS-M / Re: Canon EOS M3 Coming to North America? [CR2]
« Last post by Random Orbits on Today at 10:02:36 AM »
I'd like to try out the M3.  The M served as a backup while I had my DSLR serviced.  I missed a lot of action shots and lost the ability to shoot in low light, but that is price to be paid with the much smaller system.

I'm hoping that Canon stays with the M-line as a compact lineup, and eventually replaces the DSLR offerings with mirrorless counterparts with the same flange distance.
EOS-M / Re: Canon EOS M3 Coming to North America? [CR2]
« Last post by Luds34 on Today at 09:58:24 AM »
For crop mirrorless, we have great selections to choose. I'm not sure this is a good move for Canon.

Agree that it is a competitive field. It has required a lot of will power to not buy into the Fuji X system. I know the second I pick up a X-T10 or X-E2 I'll be in another few grand in glass.

With that said, the M3 is developed and available. Might as well make it available everywhere. They just need to put a little bit more behind the system. A few more lenses (please a fast 85mm FF equiv prime) and continued improvement/evolution of the camera and they could catch up to the likes of Olympus, Fuji, Sony. I have a couple of the original Ms and they are decent. The M3 is a nice step up from everything I've heard and seen. Maybe by a 5th gen M they will really be cooking?

Plus, don't forget the appeal to those of us who own a lot of Canon glass. While the EF-M is a second system, the compatibility with EF/EF-S makes it not quite the jump as say if/when I have a little too much scotch some evening and click checkout on that new Fuji system. ;)

Either way, it's a win for us US consumers. I'll have to consider picking one up if this comes to pass.
Could the price decrease be due to the 5DS being priced at $3699? While the 1DX is a natural for sports photographers, those who wish to currently step up from a 5D3 could go to the newer technology in the 5DS for less money rather than opt for the heavier, older and more expensive 1DX.
No, you would upgrade to gain specific capabilities. The 1D-X and 5Ds speak to completely different user needs; they do not compete for the same dollar. If you need the 1D-X, then the 5Ds will never do. If you need the 5Ds, then the 1D-X would likely also be a poor alternative.
EOS-M / Re: Canon EOS M3 Coming to North America? [CR2]
« Last post by jchung on Today at 09:56:45 AM »
I think it would be great. Especially with the EOS M Mount adapter. No need for more lenses, just need a good body.

I just wish they would get rid of the touch screen display. I keep accidentally hitting random parts of the display as the body bounces against my belly. :D
I think all drone should be required to be registered to fly and anyone should be able to get the id from the drone and find the owner.

Then the owner would face criminal charges if they spied on you.

I think all gun owners should be registered to shoot, and that anyone should be able to get an id from the bullet to find the owner.

The owner would then face criminal charges if their gun was used in a crime.

I think there was this very judgmental movie about these judges who would do things and drive around in their judge-bikes to hand out sentences to bad people and such. The judges used special guns that would imprint dna every time you shoot so they'll know who shot the bullet. But this one judge was framed so then he was judged by the other judges and all things went south and sh#t. I think the movie was called The Punisher.

have factories stamp them with batch no's.  When you buy them you show your id, this is recorded next to batch number.

Not totally foolproof, but if the idea is planted that the bullets can be traced back, more care might be taken with storage, with operation.

This woukd not stop high school shootings or terror attacks because the perpetrators aren't giving a damn about getting caught, maybe just very strict licensing based on actual irrefutable need.

Certainly the more I hear nonsense about rednecks wanting to shoot at kids toys in the sky, the more I think we are ignoting the greater problem.

"daddy that man shot my quadcopter"

"son, that man is a dick but he has a gun and is clearly effing mental, lets just hide behind this tree for five minutes"

Google Gnat warfare.  And FYI... many of the shooters taking part are Olympic contenders... it IS in fact a sport, whether you want it to be or not. 

I'm not going to debate that with you.  You're entitled to your opinion about guns.. You're also granted the rights of your locale to own/buy or not own/buy guns, just as I am. 

I reload my own ammo.  I don't have a way to mark my bullets or each individual piece of shot in my shotgun cartridges (roughly 400 pellets in a 1oz target load)... and to be honest, marking them would alter their ballistic properties enough that I wouldn't do it even if I could.  I've competed in world competition representing my country.  I'll continue to do so.  Thanks for your support and childish name calling. 
If Sigma releases a 12-24 and it is stellar, I sure hope they weather seal it. I love my 50 ART and do use it outdoors sometimes, but its mostly my people lens and don't care so much that it is not weather sealed. However, for the price, how much does it really cost to weather seal a lens? I'm curious.
Landscape / Re: Beautiful sunsets
« Last post by d4mike on Today at 09:49:10 AM »
My wife and I were invited to a destination wedding in Sedona last February. We had never been before so we ended up making it a 10 day trip with time split between Sedona and the South rim. I took this as a three shot HDR after the sun had set and all the other shutterbugs left.
The bonus was the five Mule Deer bucks we saw walking back to the rental car.

EOS-M / Re: Canon EOS M3 Coming to North America? [CR2]
« Last post by Dylan777 on Today at 09:42:44 AM »
For crop mirrorless, we have great selections to choose. I'm not sure this is a good move for Canon.
Lenses / Re: Sigma art focus issues : still a problem ?
« Last post by mystikjoe on Today at 09:42:43 AM »
I had a sigma art 150-600 lens that was what I think a decentered lens.  that's what sigma told me the replacement was flawless.   the original lens wouldn't focus past 280mm and I couldn't correct with dock.  food for thought maybe just request a replacement.
Industry News / Re: Lens Rentals Canada Shuts Down Operations
« Last post by Canon Rumors on Today at 09:42:11 AM »
Will the closure of Lens Rentals impact this website and/or its operations?

Not at all, the Canon Rumors community is far easier to deal with. :)

Do you frequently get rumors from your contacts related to the rentals business? Should we expect that there will be less rumors from now on?

No, I started LRC after Canon Rumors. I've always tried to keep them separate, though there was some inevitable crossover.
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