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EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Next purchase?
« Last post by iMagic on Today at 12:09:47 PM »
I took a quick look at your sideline shots and, correct me if i am wrong, most if not all the shots are 1/1000 at ISO 8000. Even the shots that have little movement in them. I would think that you can experiment by varying the shutter speed according to the action and thereby lowering your ISO. Even 1/1000 may be a little high in most action shots (I would think 1/500 would be sufficient in a lot of cases). The lower ISO will help in the quality of photos.
Sorry guys, looks like my OneDrive upload stalled yesterday. I am reuploading now, same place as the original two. In the mean time, here are the histograms:

Here is a magnification of the highlight end:

As much as the A7r image may LOOK as though it is more exposed than the 5D III, it is not (especially when the white balance is corrected, the A7r WB was much cooler, I set it to the same 5200 as the 5D III image). The histogram is pushed farther to the right in the 5D III image. The 5D III image looks darker has less dynamic range. More of the signal was exposed in tones that, on a relative scale, are deeper for the 5D III compared to the A7r. The exposure advantage, as far as ETTR goes, leans towards the 5D III here.
EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Posting about sensors and DR!
« Last post by neuroanatomist on Today at 12:03:39 PM »
BUT there is another part in the process that uses the same lower bits as shadow lifting: color reconstruction during debayering. No matter what you do to control contrast or suppress noise in software - color suffers one way or the other.
Well, that's a issue commercial/fashion clients tend to notice, but is all to easy to ignore by the "I put extra thick slices of tomato on my eyes and still can't hear the noise, so it can't be a problem"-fraction.

Thanks for that excellent explanation as to why no professional commercial/fashion photographers – particularly high-profile, successful ones – would ever consider using Canon cameras.  Oh, wait...I found who does!

 ::) ::) ::)
Where did he say that no professional commercial/fashion photographer used Canon?
I believe he said that, when they do use Canon, they have a problem which they would have liked to see fixed.

He didn't.  He stated that commercial/fashion clients tend to notice that color suffers, which if true, would mean they would likely be unhappy with images for which they had paid yet had poor color.  That's entirely different than a photographer noticing a problem and wanting it fixed, even if the clients don't notice.  Someone engaged in a profession who delivers goods their clients consider poor quality would likely not remain successful by continuing to deliver a poor quality product.  Connect the dots...if clients notice poor quality, one needs to change/improve or business will suffer.  Yet...high-profile, successful photographers continue to remain just that...while continuing to use Canon cameras. 

So, once again we have someone claiming a broad, pervasive problem with Canon image quality...a problem which doesn't seem to have affected the success of those photographers using Canon dSLRs. 

Oh, and if anyone doesn't notice a problem with Canon image quality, well...they have thick tomato slices over their eyes and try to hear the noise in their images.  Sure.
Look guys, all I'm really getting at is that there is something to be said for being the bigger man.
EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Which Canon L Lens for 7D Mark II?
« Last post by neuroanatomist on Today at 11:55:01 AM »
I live in a hot/humid part of the country. Every time I go outside in the summer, my lenses fog up. Since L lenses are weather sealed (with a clear filter), I can easily wipe them off. It would be a disaster if humidity got inside  the lens.

Hate to break it to you, but lenses with dust/water sealing are not hermetically sealed.  'Humidity' is a measure of the water present in a gaseous state in the air.  The water vapor is in the air, and the air gets in your lens...therefore, the water vapor is getting in your lens...even a 'sealed' lens. 

Your lenses fog up on the outside because of the temperature differental between the cooler surface of the lens and the warmer air, which causes the water vapor in the external air to condense (convert from a gaseous state to a liquid state) on the surfaces. 
EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Which Canon L Lens for 7D Mark II?
« Last post by AvTvM on Today at 11:54:17 AM »
I feel an envy of friends users of Nikon is 17-55mm F2.8 DX made ​​bulletproof. The optical quality is not great, but the mechanical strength makes me ashamed of Canon 17-55mm. I do not question the name "L", just give me the build quality similar to Nikon, and I will be happy.

interesting. I see it exactly the other way round. Nikon' huge and heavy 17-55 DX lens, with very mediocre optical performance, lack of IS and yet priced 50% more than Canon's 17-55 was one of the main reasons why I did not switch to Nikon from my 40D when the D300 came out (2009).

EF-S 17-55 has served me extremely well for about 8 years until now. No mechanical or sealing issues whatsoever, except a few dust specks inside. And I've been literally all sorts of places with it ... from social events to sports meetings, from shooting de-icing operations for an airport on a bitter cold day in February to some URBEXING safaris in incredibly hot, incredibly dusty abandoned places in the midst of summer. 17-55 went skiing with me in winter and mountaineering in summer ... no problem ever. Both, 7D plus 17-55 held up nicely. And the lens is still in very good shape. An exceptional item in terms of performance and value. AF fully up to snuff and IS as well. It has helped me a lot to capture brilliant, sharp images.

I also think the TO would be better served by a hi-ISO capable FF body with a 24-70 II on it. Except for the lack of IS it is the 17-55 of FF. ;-)
Landscape / Re: Rural Landscapes
« Last post by dpc on Today at 11:48:16 AM »
Take two of a previous theme. Experimenting with the 16-35 f/4 L.
Canon General / Re: How Soon We Forget!
« Last post by the blackfox on Today at 11:46:10 AM »
yo ,i progressed from a 0.8mp digicam think it might have been a fuji? but lost to memory now ,processed using a windows freebie p/p program from a magazine .if my memory is correct it didn't even have a review screen,soon replaced with a 2-0mp ricoh i think with built in memory  ,then a ricoh i500 that was long and thin and 3.0mp but took c/f cards with an incredible 1 cm close focus lens ..
    next came a mega leap with a sony can't remember the model number but it was dslr size ,non detachable zoom lens and at 8mp had the printing shop asking what the hell it was .it had a body that was multi angle to .super camera that put me on track for a legion of both nikon and canon DSLR bodies and lenses in the following years .
  during the intervening years as i progressed i went from problem laden windows computers and j-pegs to my first i-mac and then through various p/p programs till now shooting entirely in RAW and processing on CS6 on a huge desktop i-mac with more power than the ones used for the moon landings ,wonder what the next 20 years will bring
Lenses / Re: I'm terrified of my EF 70-200 f/2.8 IS II
« Last post by Helios68 on Today at 11:40:54 AM »
I use it on a 700D. It is not a problem for the mount nor the strap, but for my neck maybe  ;)
That quite heavy it's true
Canon General / Re: How Soon We Forget!
« Last post by ChristopherMarkPerez on Today at 11:40:47 AM »
I recently read a letter to the editor of a Paris-published photo-magazine.  The writer related that his Canon 20D had recently died and that he missed it terribly.  It made great images for him for all those years.

Then there's the story about a motorcycle race photographer who used an old 1Ds 4mpixel and could print _incredible_ B+ size images.  Here's a link to his story -
[Scroll down to the image of the racer]

Both these stories reminded me it's not about how much DR or how many pixels something might have.  It's how you use whatever you have that counts... and to think that Canon has for many years enabled this kind of creativity... it's amazing...
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