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Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Dissuade me to get a Rolleiflex
« Last post by Grumbaki on April 16, 2014, 11:01:31 PM »
I'm lost in South west China but thanks for the proposal.
As someone from China, I can tell you that HK is the place to go if you want more options and much cheaper prices.

From what I saw in my previous trips, HK is not really that much cheaper for vintage gear. For new stuff sure. But there is for sure more choice. Which is kind of not relevant as the exact model I wished pop'd up (minty 2.8F Planar with meter).
I'll hit the shop on Saturday for more details and start the nego. 14K CNY as first asking price to a laowai tells me I can go down to 12k without difficulty (and that's even before chatting accessories and suchs...I want the damn original box! Was theremanual in chinese? :P). If all the mechanical tests are right, anything 12k and under is a decent price even for the US or EUR. (specially since CNY is "tanking" versus EUR recently :D)

Actually one thing that would make me not pull the trigger is the announcement of a full frame Fuji X100s :D
From one extreme to the other............ ::)

Hehe true but outside of politics, I like the extremes :) But outside of the prevention of spray and pray by the Rollei, some points are valid (ligthweight, force to be creative thru single lens, discreet). Rollei also adds the ice breaker element, the collector/resale factor and the film (that will partialy be a chore, I know)
Actually I'm not even sure it would prevent me to buy both as the lightweight combo might be awesome with Fuji for fast action and Rollei for quiet "meditative" shooting. Now that is bad GAS :P

But one way I tend to think about cost when I'm thinking about buying something is on per use basis. So if it's something that I'm going to use all the time, I tend to be willing to spend more money --often a lot more money – than if it something I'll use rarely or only on occasion.
Thanks for the very zen input. I did cut your quote as this part is the central difference. I think in term of costs but not upfront, more long term. Picking up such a camera (with good appraisal of the quality) is like picking up a 200 2.0L for 3K in mint condition. Even if you never use it, as long as you don't break it, you can resell it for the same amout or more...The only cost is actual use (specially with film) and the "lost interests" of the bank account. If I ever need some cash back, it'll go back on the market. With the same idea, that's was I was more reluctant to shell out for body than for glass.
EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Give me reasons to by the 200 f/2
« Last post by Jim Saunders on April 16, 2014, 10:58:55 PM »
In your shoes I'd see which of your lenses you use the most and get backup copies before I get a 200 f/2.  After that...  ;)

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Pentax 645z
« Last post by PVS on April 16, 2014, 10:57:42 PM »
1/125s will be bummer for outdoor shooting but for anything inside the studio.. Anyhow, if it's an important matter one can always override this by using manual 75&135mm leaf shutter lenses @1/500s.

The lack of interest and excitement for such a versatile high-res machine like this one on this forum is beyond me.
Anyway, enjoy these samples:
EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: 6D autofocus capabilites: let's bust some myths about it
« Last post by J.R. on April 16, 2014, 10:55:13 PM »

While your image of the girl looks sharp, all I can say is, her nose occupies the right side of the "center 50%" of the image.  My previous point, had to do with the nasties that come about when you go outside that 50%, with an f/1.2 lens, shot at f/1.2.  I thought the side AF points of the 5D3, were well outside this center 50% image area.  In fact I'm pretty sure they are.  The 6D's side point is almost at this location...but would be closer to her ear ring...hardly a matter of much focus and recompose.

Not sure what you mean. The focus was on her left eye with the outer AF points
I would love a white SL1.  I'm really happy with mine.  It pretty much replaced my M.  Too late now though, not going to buy another body just for a different color.  Besides, if it is UK only, then oh well...
EOS Bodies / Re: 1d IV vs. 7D II
« Last post by neuroanatomist on April 16, 2014, 10:53:22 PM »
On topic:

How dare you?!?   :o


Seriously, though, I agree with both off- and on-topic parts of your post.
EOS Bodies / Re: 1d IV vs. 7D II
« Last post by unfocused on April 16, 2014, 10:52:12 PM »
Well, aren't we all being jerks today.

So now there's black and white.  Two more colors to go to tie the T3 color palette in number of options.

Mostly because most of the same folks who are bashing its AF, spent 5 years thinking their 5D2 was a superb camera at a superb price, and rarely complained, if EVER, about its AF performance.   

That's some serious revisionist history.  Complaints and bashing on the 5DII's AF are legion.  The original 5D's AF system was often likened to the 20D, and there was major flak from the beginning when the 5DII came out with the same AF.

For example, this from just after its release: http://blog.kareldonk.com/canon-eos-5d-mark-ii-not-all-it-could-have-been/

I think the 6D suffers even more from the backlash of having an AF system not significantly better than that of the original 5D, and that backlash is made even worse by the stellar AF put into the 5DIII.

But most of the defenses come off as apologies - 'the 5DII's AF isn't bad considering the image sensor is the same as the flagship 1DsIII' and 'the 6D is great for the price'.  Both statements are true, but the fact remains that the old 40D had a better AF sensor than the 5D/5DII/6D, and the 40D's AF sensor has now trickled down into the Rebel/xxxD line, while the 7D and 70D have an AF sensor that's far better than those in the lower end FF bodies.

Well your history is different from mine.  I'm not revising anything, I'll leave that to you and your little helpers. 

All I ever read, was how great the 5D2 was.  And the people I knew who owned it, thought it was the best camera ever made.

Not sure what other backlash you are talking about of the 6D, besides its AF sensor.

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Dissuade me to get a Rolleiflex
« Last post by Vivid Color on April 16, 2014, 10:48:51 PM »
Dear Grumbaki: You've not really said why you might want this camera, but you did ask us to dissuade you.

Since I don't know why you want the camera or what you want to do with it, I'll just ask you: What else could you do with $2300?

Another way to think about it is: What aren't you going to be able to do if you spend $2300 on this particular camera?

Dear Vivid, your first question is one of the good point in the con side. That amount can be spend on a trip with my modern gear. I'm Lucky (and working my ass off) enough so that the second one is not that relevant. But yeah, 2300 could be used up for something else...but not in the bank.

As to the why this camera:
- I really love the "whole format", the "belly shooting".
- Film can be a pain but the restraint it imposes usually make me a better photographer. I think I already posted about my outings with a 1Gb CF (13 exposures on a 5d3 shooting full raw) and the lcd blackened out to emulate the case.
- Native Square. Personnal taste for compositon.
- It's not like there is an option for medium format shooting around 2k USD. Replicas are generally toys in term of output. This one (and the Hassels like 500C I had the chance to try out...but Im more a TLR guy) have very good outputs even in our digital area. Those modern medium format are, to my knowledge, the only option for belly shooting and they are around what? 10K?
- Except if I truly mishandle it, there is little chance of loosing much value if I purchase smartly. This is not an investment but not a perishable item like our dslr.
- Pure admiration for engineering/craftmanship. That point is kinda moot but that stuff is a piece of beauty like watches or old cars can be. I mean... hand polished lenses...!
- Ice breaker. That's mentionned in every review and I could notice it with the Hasselblad. Poeple are weary of DSLR but they are drawn to those pieces of curio or nostalgia. (except the unavoidable grumpy photog that think you should leave it in a museum).

Writing all those explanations doesnt really help as your point and the fact that I don't have much time to shoot are the only 2 points on the con side.

Any debunking of my pros? :P

(I know this is a weird GAS thread...thanks for the answers!)

Dear Grumbaki, They are your "pros" and preferences I see my role here as mostly asking questions to help you think through all of your options. The one thing I will follow up on though, is your statement about not having much time for shooting. So then the issue is whether you want to get this camera now or wait until you can use it more. I have no idea how often these types of cameras in excellent condition come on the market. But one way I tend to think about cost when I'm thinking about buying something is on per use basis. So if it's something that I'm going to use all the time, I tend to be willing to spend more money --often a lot more money – than if it something I'll use rarely or only on occasion. So here are some more questions: what is the downside of waiting? Is it possible that by the time you become less busy, you might not want this camera at all? And let's go back to opportunity cost: if you are not going to get much use out of this now, would you feel your money is better spent by going on the nice trip that you mentioned? Or can you get the camera and go on the trip? And lastly, what is your uncertainty about this camera really telling you? I hope these questions help. Let us know what you decide. --Vivid 
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