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EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Canon 5D Mark IV Shutter Actuation Lifespan
« Last post by tinman0 on April 25, 2018, 04:24:51 PM »
Bought a 50D off eBay, that had clearly spent most of it's life as a football, shutter had 130k, it lasted 10k more in my hands before dying. A $200 shutter saw another 350k before it died and they refused to replace it "beyond economical repair". Code for "get lost".

Had a Rebel XTi (still got it in fact) with 375k and still going. Shutter button is dead to the touch but still works with AF!

Our first 7D died at 836k, shutter shook itself apart. Since then had a 7D2 at 1.03m and the mirror fell apart. CPS replaced the mirror assembly and shutter for about $300. They replaced the working shutter because they warranty the camera for 6 months, they won't work on a camera with a worn out shutter.

Got another 7D2 here with maybe 2-300k on the clock? Something like that.
Software & Accessories / Re: Experiences with ON1 Photo RAW 2018?
« Last post by cayenne on April 25, 2018, 04:11:47 PM »
I've been using On1 since inception, and upgraded each time to the latest version, like Cayenne I paid the extra and have the Pro version of RAW, the tutorial content and free access to downloadable content is absolutely worth the extra.

I still tend to go from LR (due to the excellent file management) out to PS and On1 RAW, currently I do most of my image changes in On1, then save back to LR.

The 2018 version may change my view on this process, I'm actually finding On1 RAW to be as a good a file management system as LR.

My only minor beef at present is that I'm tending to process my images in Photoshop Actions quite a lot these days, and On1 as yet do not have that similar capacity to Photoshop (although I do know On1 are looking to support this ability in the future), neither does LR for that matter.

I started using On1 as it offered Layers and in a much simpler system than PS, and I've continued to be extremely impressed with the whole On1 environment, I think the guys that put this software together and continue to grow and support the system are a breath of fresh air.

Yep, it is very interesting.

I'm trying my hand at using On1 RAW in conjunction with Affinity Photo.....so far, working pretty darned well...still trying to get my keyboard short cuts memorized or altered to fit what I'm used to in PS and LR, and then occasionally, having to stop and research to see how something I did in PS is done in Affinity, usually just called something else (different name)...etc.

For example, today in On1 RAW, I was trying to set up my own preset adjustment for "Iris Enhance" like in LR.  I couldn't really find the clarity...a little research and finding that with On1, the Structure slider is the close equivalent of Clarity. 

I explored further and saw that maybe making a preset based off the Dynamic Contrast could maybe be something to look at too...etc.

Anyway..if nothing else, it is fun to try new things and learn new things.  I'm still finding really cool ways to use all the masking in On1 RAW.

I'll be shooting Jazz Fest 2018 here in New Orleans the 2nd weekend, and this will be the first extreme test of doing a workflow sans Adobe, using On1 RAW and Affinity.....I'm shooting the 2nd weekend, Thurs-Sunday, and I think last year I shot close to avg 1000 images a day covering my two stages....

So, that will be a LOT of images to import, sort, cull, develop, and all.....a major test of On1 and my patience with doing something new.

I shoot a lot of the gospel tent, and there well, it often tends to have a LOT of people on stage, and last year I had good results shooting some of them in a quick pano. So, I'll be working that aspect out of the tools too.

Anyway, I'll likely update here with results.

Canon General / Re: Canon Releases 2018 Q1 Financial Results
« Last post by DaviSto on April 25, 2018, 03:59:41 PM »

They will also continue to drop until Canon can a) catch up to Sony's full frame mirrorless break-away and b) be more competitive with Sigma's steady stream of Art series lenses.

KirkD = King Canute.

Badge of honour for mindless bravery despite the facts
My concerns:

I won't be able to use my existing EOS lenses
The body will be too small for my hands
No view finder..... I need a view finder and not that digital junk

I just don't have much of an interest in mirrorless.

I would bet anything in the world that any EF lens will work on Canon's full frame mirrorless. The body might even be to your liking.

But... it's gonna have a digital viewfinder :D

Come to think of it, it would be awesome (though physics defying with today's technology) to have a mirrorless OVF camera :D. All we need is a transparent sensor that doesn't require a shutter!
Canon General / Re: Canon Releases 2018 Q1 Financial Results
« Last post by Canon Rumors on April 25, 2018, 03:38:20 PM »
I updated the post with the correct speech summary, Canon put the wrong one in the zip file.
Lenses / Re: 35 L vs. 35 L II
« Last post by lightthief on April 25, 2018, 03:28:54 PM »
When it comes to the overall look of the images though, I am not sure which one is my favorite. They produce different looking images, and I very often appreciate the look I get from the original 35L. I like the ones from the 35LII as well, but those images have a more clinical look to them, while the 35L pictures have more mood to them - which I often prefer.

I, too, am often surprised by how I often prefer photos from older "less sharp" lenses than recent batch of super-sharp lenses.  I have the 35L, 50L, and 85L II, and while their sharpness have been eclipsed by new lenses, I am not sure if the overall picture has been..

I agree!

I have much love for the 50L and 85LII as well.

I bought the new 85 f1.4 L IS a few months ago. It is a very good lens, and it is better than the 85LII in every objectively measurable way - sharper, less CA, shorter minimum focus distance, faster and more precise AF, weather sealed... While it takes very good looking images, I prefer the pictures I get from the 85LII.

My "secret" when using the 50L and 85LII - for portraits - is to use them at f2. I know people say they buy a f1.2 lens to shoot it at f1.2, but people should really explore the quality of these lenses at f2-f2.8. They are plenty sharp at f2, they have nice contrast and clarity, they have a nice amount of depth of field, and they make subjects stand out from the background in a very pleasing way.

In my experience, the 35L is very nice already from f1.4.

I use the 35 L from 1.4 to >4 and i like it. Sometimes some purple-whatever is visible, but it doesn't kill me. The 85 is very good to me from 1.8 on and close to perfect at 2.8. I love it, too. But both lenses  are very often too slow for my moving kids.
You and some other people do not help me... >:( ;)
Canon General / Re: Canon Releases 2018 Q1 Financial Results
« Last post by neuroanatomist on April 25, 2018, 03:28:03 PM »
Furthermore, Canon sales dropped by 2% last year and another 1.2% in this first quarter. In the same time period, Sony sales increased by 11%. Sony is now the #2 Camera manufacturer, pulling ahead of Nikon and topped only by Canon. Analysts are forecasting 2018 as  Given the market analysts graphs, Sony will become #1 in the world by the end of the first quarter 2019 UNLESS Canon really ups their FF mirrorless game. 

You keep using numbers. I do not think they mean what you think they mean. 
Photography Technique / Hangzhou West Lake photo advice
« Last post by kaihp on April 25, 2018, 03:25:47 PM »
I'll be on a supplier visit in a couple of weeks time, and will have a bit of time (some hours) on the day of arrival to explore around the West Lake.

Any recommendations on lenses? I'm thinking to bring the 16-35/4L IS & 24-70/2.8 for the 5D3.
What about filters (C-POL, ND) & tripod/remote?
Canon General / Re: Canon Releases 2018 Q1 Financial Results
« Last post by Talys on April 25, 2018, 03:23:57 PM »

Which break away is that? ... I welcome you to join us in the real world, but of course you are free to continue living in your fantasy land.

You may wish to me to a semi-pro full frame mirrorless camera that Canon has right now, then compare that to the Sony A7III if you wish to have a wake-up call.

I think that full frame mirrorless is an important segment because there are customers who clearly want one. It is clearly not the only segment that matters, as Canon doesn't make one yet sells more cameras than Sony.

I also think that it is a phenomenal marketing job by Sony, courting reviewers to convince people to want a full frame camera of any sort. Frankly, I think that many people shopping for a camera are much better served by APSC, as they are far cheaper, have far les expensive high quality lenses, and fit the criteria of 'small and light' without breaking a sweat and are proportionately sized.

Case in point, a recent review suggesting that the a7-3 is a great camera to recommend people as their first enthusiast camera. Say what? Why on earth would anyone spend $2000 + lens + flash + accessories if they don't know exactly what they are looking for out of a camera? Just go spend $500 on some APSC and figure it out, first. So what if your ISO 3200 photos are grainier?

I also really do not understand people who want a tiny camera and giant lenses, and even less so, people who want an expensive camera and junky but little lenses.
Reviews / Re: BenQ SW271 4K Photo Editing Monitor Review | Dustin
« Last post by kaihp on April 25, 2018, 03:12:30 PM »

Great review, Dustin. I have the Dell 2412 and it is a great screen but have thought about gong 4k.

I moved from a pair of 2412M's to a SW320. I'm enjoying every moment of it (except for the sting of the credit card bill).
Why were you working with two monitors?  What benefit did it afford you?
Two words: screen real-estate. Having two monitors allows you to put, say, the tools menus on one screen and the image on the other screen.

I designed a hardware board for a Raspberry Pi last fall, and there is is quite useful to have the schematics on one screen and the PCB layout on the other screen.

The drawback with a dual- (or even multi-) screen setup is the bezel is in the way when you'd like to put a window across two screens.
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