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Patents / Re: Patent: New EF-S 18-55 With an LCD Display?
« Last post by ajfotofilmagem on June 19, 2018, 02:11:14 PM »
Could this be an EF-S 18-55mm Nano USM? :o
First of all, I am a recently adopter of a 5D mark IV (before I had a 5D mark III and a rebel t2i) and have a small quantity of canon EF glasses (16-35 f/4, 50 f/1 . 8 , 100-400 II, tamron 85), and  I am not thinking in left canon because their products are excellent and do a great job. Maybe in the future I will buy a mirroless camera and a lens adapter to have the best of both worlds (DSLR and mirroless). If Canon release an excellent FF mirrorless they will have my money, but if not, I am going to try Sony. 
With respect to the article, I have to say that the 6D mark II and the A7III show the way that some brands are taking nowadays. You can take great pictures with both cameras, but it's obvious that Sony approach is more innovative (and dangerous) and less conservative than canon for the moment. I hope Canon realize that the market need top innovation, specification and performance. Even if what you bring are excellent products, the market wants the best for the money, even if something less innovative and performer do the same job well. It's the world we are living. For the moment, Canon market share is secure, but in the business world, you never know.
Patents / Patent: New EF-S 18-55 With an LCD Display?
« Last post by Canon Rumors on June 19, 2018, 01:55:23 PM »
A patent has surfaced pertaining to aberration reduction in interchangeable lenses.

Unrelated to the patent is an image showing an EF-S 18-55 kit lens with what appears to be an LCD display like we have seen on the Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS II.

The patent does reference a “lens information display”.

We’ve been told that a new kit lens is coming this year, and it’s possible that it will be a new EF-S 18-55 IS. Though we haven’t confirmed a DSLR that could possibly be announced alongside such a lens.

Below is Japan Patent JP2018005130A:

...As for beginning of the article, it very clearly reminds me of the book Gekaufte Journalisten by Udo Ulfkotte. I do not know its exact English translation, something like Sold Journalists. There is a story in this book how some Gulf country invited journalists, and paid all their expenses on the trip, every their wish was addressed. It is quite natural that those journalists wrote very positive feefback articles about that country, despite all the social problems of that autocratic country, and despite the fact that the head of the country was a tyrany.

Now I see that Rishi of DPReview went there. I would never call him unbiased, given that fact. It is quite natural for a human person, when given all the welcome treatment, to lose their critical point of view and become slightly biased, then the bias will gradually grow and then suddenly an independent journalist loses integrity completely and turns into what Ulfkotte calls a presstitute. This does not happen at once, its very slow and gradual.

This has long been a problem in American journalism when it comes to business, sports, film, cooking, etc.

Many times these journalists are actually fans who cover an industry where they would personally like to be the people or companies they are covering. Companies like Canon, Nikon, Sony, etc., know very well how to manipulate these journalists. Just read any of the Q&As that DPReview publishes after a trade show. The companies set the ground rules and the "journalists" happily comply and never come close to asking any really difficult questions or attempt to verify what they have been spoon fed.

This particular article is no worse or better than any other, but at least it discloses that the writers were all there on a junket paid for by Sony, so people can take that into account.

I think if you walk into the article that Sony has their head screwed on backwards, this will do nothing to change that.

My take home was that there is some market method to the madness, there are TWO cooks in the kitchen (Sensors keeps imaging in the dark on some things) and -- yes -- you feel some humanity when you actually meet the humans that make things.  On the last point, any visit to any manufacturing floor where folks are treated well usually leaves you feeling this way.  One could imagine a trip to Canon / Sigma / Nikon / etc. would have ended with the same result.

- A

I am not saying that Sony has got their heads on backwards at all and in some respects, using the capital to fund the growth and development of their cameras is a pretty sound business strategy.

Beyond that (not totally unsurprising revelation) I found little else of interest, and certainly no information about their strategy for camera development in itself - in fact the author was at pains to say Sony gave zilch away.

Yes, they are doing a lot of technological development but I am not sure that is the same thing as being tuned into photographers - they are primarily a technology company doing what tech companies do best which is release tecchy things. I have read several reviews (even by people who have switched to Sony) saying that the last thing you would describe Sony cameras is 'fun to use' - great tools but (as one said) they 'suck the fun out of it'. 
What is spun in the article as a willingness to try things, have many people criticise them as releasing beta products quickly superceded by the next model whereas a different view is that Canon does what photographers want which is release a camera that does what it is supposed to. In that respect are Sony really any more 'tuned into the psyche of photographers' than Canon?
I am not even sure Sony are pushing the boundaries - many aspects of Sony cameras (IBIS, in-camera stacking, in-VF histograms etc) were, IIRC, released by other manufacturers first. 

The article has its interesting comments, it is just that I think when you read it back it is short on meat and I came away with the conclusion that Sony are 'nice people'.
Apple have been negotiating with LG its monitor supplier about production of OLED panels for iPhones currently the iPhone 10 uses a Samsung screen and as we know they dont have the best of relationships.
Canon Tokki Corp. part of Canon manufactures the OLED manufacturing cells and LG wanted upfront payments from Apple to make this investment which is considerable. 

Thats called business not an acquisition.
...Canon is unlikely to hit this level on the first iteration so they will probably be pragmatic and be happy initially with something to make the statement "we can do it too"...

I've seen this reasoning a lot on this forum and I don't understand it. Why would Canon not want to hit it out of the park on its first attempt? And, why couldn't they?

They certainly have the resource available. And they've no doubt been researching this for years. I'm not suggesting that their first full frame mirrorless with be the perfect body for everyone. There are some baked-in decisions that will be guaranteed to disappoint no matter what they do (lens mount for example). But, I find it very unlikely they will unveil a "beta" version and in effect say, "we'll do better next time."

The reason I am a bit sceptical is that there is a difference between designing a product and it working out as you intended in the real world.
Added to this, Canon is very cautious about releasing new technology - it seems to me that if there is any doubt they prefer to hold back a bit until something works with a high degree of confidence. Their main marketing drive is making cameras that professionals use and as a soldier says, a rifle that works intermittently is worse than one that does not work at all and I think that thinking has got into Canon's DNA.
Yes, the M series started off a bit of a lemon but that was aimed squarely at the lower end of the market, but I get the idea that with their first FF mirrorless they want to aim more upmarket and that means it must work.

I get that, but canon does not need any new to them technology. They have arguably the best on sensor auto ficus system; they know how to make an EVF. What else is there really? Hell if they want to do something special, they know how to make a global shutter too.

I expect them to do the smart thing, which is to go up to the widest market they can capture. That’s not the high end, and it won’t be a spec sheet warrior, but there is no reason to assume it won’t be well thought out and put together.
Canon has shown they are closer to building a FF mirrorless camera than a lot of people give them credit for and more closer to FF mirrorless than Nikon.

They have technology based on previous APS-C mirrorless tech:
- DPAF with full touch screen menu and focusing
- EVF from M5
- eyeAF from M50
- Ergonomic, menu & build quality from DSLR
- global shutter

Canon can really come out with a really compelling FF mirrorless this Sept if they are aggressive. Pent up demand with enough features at compelling prices will drive a lot of sales even if they decided to go with a new mount (backward compatible to EF lens via adapter close to 100% native).

- 26-30 mp sensor that's an improvement over 2 yo 5D IV
- improved EVF from M5
- improved eyeAF from M50
- ergonomic, menu, build quality, color science similar to 6D
- dual SD
- fully touch screen.

If they can add global shutter, IBIS, or comprehensive video features, it will definitely a success.

Lenses / Re: Four More Unreleased Canon Lenses Have Shown Up for Certification
« Last post by ahsanford on June 19, 2018, 12:43:44 PM »
One of the lenses is the new Canon EF 24-70mm f2L IS USM  ;D

Sure, and it comes with it's own bipod and ibuprofen.   :P

- A
Lenses / Re: Four More Unreleased Canon Lenses Have Shown Up for Certification
« Last post by jeffa4444 on June 19, 2018, 12:40:07 PM »
One of the lenses is the new Canon EF 24-70mm f2L IS USM  ;D
Animal Kingdom / Re: Show your Bird Portraits
« Last post by Click on June 19, 2018, 12:33:37 PM »
Click, believe me if I could I'd keep posting more shots but I only have a lot of repetition of the same birds (you know the 1DX2 is bad that way!  ;))

lol  :D

Very nice series, Jack. I especially like the first picture.  :)
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