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Lenses / Re: Three Canon Lens Masters Pick Their Favourite Lenses
« Last post by StudentOfLight on Today at 08:52:16 AM »
I do not use the term "projection distortion". Instead I use the word keystone.
In layman's terms keystone can be summarized as follows ... what's closer looks bigger.

Keystoning is a type of projection distortion.  With keystoning, the plane of the subject is at a different angle than the plane of the sensor, and that angled projection is what causes the effect.
Do you mind getting into some philosophy?

Would you agree that distortion is a misrepresentation of the true form of an object? If we can agree on that, then the question is what defines the true form of an object?
EOS-M / Re: EOS M5: A damend good camera!
« Last post by JoFT on Today at 08:20:58 AM »
The M5 is by far the best MILC from Canon so far, but Canon are still a good 2-3 years behind Sony in the field.

What's interesting is the ergonomics of the M5 are still designed around smaller (female?) hands - not necessarily a bad thing but I find it a bit difficult to use compared with the Sony A6000 which is slightly wider.

Other things I dislike about the M5:

Only rudimentary battery power level indicator. No % indicator
Slow startup speed - it's actually slightly slower to start up than the M3, and way slower than the A6000
No 4K
Does not support USB tethered shooting.

And it's a real shame that no Canon camera has the feature that the Sony cameras do that you can charge the battery inside the camera when the USB cable is connected to a power source or a computer. Very handy for charging the camera in the car etc.

So. Canon really must do better if they want to do a professional MILC.   I like the M5 and I will probably use mine MORE than the A6000, but it could have been so much better.

I do not see the M5 behind the Sony's. Both have advantages and disadvantages. They are different.

You can shoot the M5 tethered-wireless. But only on iOS or other mobile devices.

Loading via USB is a nice feature which is not standard at Panasonic in most of their models, too....

And one bid advantage: lens selection. Even if there are not that many native lenses available: there are a lot of lenses available and really good ones. Still much better than with Sony. And they are compatible with my 5D4....

But I agree, there is space for improvement, and this is a lot. I hope Canon is going to do so.
PowerShot / Re: PowerShot SX60 HS Replacement Finally Coming? [CR1]
« Last post by canonic on Today at 08:18:53 AM »
SX ... who?!?

Canon 6D / mirroless FF / sensor technology rumors is what i am looking for, here on canonrumors. The rest is ...
Canon EF Prime Lenses / Re: Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L II USM
« Last post by Click on Today at 08:04:52 AM »
Lovely little girl.   :)  Very nice picture, Matthew19.
Do you want to say that those lenses are impossible to produce? Do you want to say that I am alone with my needs and nobody else would buy those lenses? Just look around in this discussion thread, you will see that I am not alone...

Well the most sensible response is that Canon has assessed the market and decided it's not worth their while to produce the lenses you ask for. Just because a few people on forums are vocal on an issue, doesn't mean that represents a large enough constituency in the real world to make something profitable. Some people respond by claiming there must be a conspiracy, but that's as ridiculous as any other conspiracy theory...

I never say it's a conspiracy.
It's called marketing. An ugly (in my opinion) but common kind of marketing which ignores the needs of a group of (potential) customers (even if there are enough of them to make the product profitable) because of the fear that some other group of existing customers could be better (=cheaper) served by that product.
What else can the ignored group do in order to get their needs fulfilled than being vocal?
EOS Bodies / Re: Camera insurance recommendations?
« Last post by Stewart K on Today at 06:03:29 AM »
For anyone based in the UAE, DO NOT use Al Futtaim as a travel insurance provider.
My gear was damaged by Emirates Airline staff “stuffing” another bag into the overhead locker and both Emirates and the insurance provider refused any responsibilities.
The actual refusal reason from the insurance company was that my camera equipment bag “was not on my person” at the time of the damage.
It was utterly pointless trying to argue that one is not permitted to carry ones bags “with them” as a flight is taking off and the fasten seatbelts sign has been illuminated, beware and stay clear of them!
EOS Bodies / Re: Update to EOS 5DS & 5DS R Coming in 2017? [CR1]
« Last post by Cthulhu on Today at 04:48:00 AM »
Also remember that if 50mp is too much for your hand-holding concerns, film shooting will never be an option to you as it far exceeds those specs.

Oh no it doesn't. Film, by area, can't match any metric from a modern digital sensor.

Except for color and detail...I've read your "proof", which is comically your own posts in another thread, and I'm sorry you spent time comparing film scans (I doubt you own a serious scanner) to digital, and I'm sorry your film prints are not up to par - specially since you're a Canon shooter.
I don't shoot film, because I choose convenience, but it has definite advantages. Resolution, color and detailsare some of them, contrast and DR are not.

Edit: it's also worth mentioning that when using imperfect optics -- which is the case with many at long telephoto lengths, because not a lot of amateurs can afford professional primes -- APS-C means that you're only using the center 63% of the lens, which will be the part of the lens with the least problems.   That means you're squeezing 24 megapixels out of the center 63% of glass, rather than a 28 megapixels out of 100% of the glass.

If you are using the same telephoto lens on an APS-C camera and a full frame at the same distance, then your image of your bird (or whatever) will occupy the same physical space on the crop and FF sensors and be subject to exactly the same optical defects of the lens. There will be fewer pixels from the FF after you have cropped the image to the same size as APS-C of course, but the cropped image will be unaffected by the poorer edge effects of the lens as you have cropped out the edges.
1DX Mark II Images / Re: Anything Shot with a 1Dx mark II
« Last post by Jack Douglas on Today at 04:09:36 AM »
Thought I'd play around with trying to catch the deer that come late in the day and in this case well after dark.  Obviously, flash is not very complimentary.  I had one out on the lawn set at 20mm and the other cabled, just off the camera at 200mm and used the 400 DO II.  Many shots had extremely steely eyes.

This is not cropped, and RAW optimized in DPP as best I could so I'd be interested in comments on whether it's soft.  Now seeing it in CR (when enlarged), it just doesn't seem to me to be up to standard.  Sunny and not too cold so I'll get Canon's requested AF shots today.

400 DO F4 II @ F8,1/250 flash sync, ISO 4000.  I guess the grass says it's in focus.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: EOS 5D IV for Manual Focus
« Last post by Eldar on Today at 04:05:35 AM »

Yes, I have a 5DIV and I agree. The manual focus on a 5DIV is a lot better than previous 5D models. It is not as good as it would be with a precision focusing screen, like the S-type, but it is clearly an improvement.

Thanks, Eldar.  Did you notice a granularity or grid effect in certain light when focusing on smaller subjects?  Subtle, but there in mine.
No, I can't say I have. I'll check next time.
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