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EOS Bodies - For Video / Re: Can Canon Cinema EOS Keep Up?
« Last post by Niki on Today at 04:10:37 PM »
The 1DC has all the advantages the 1Dx has over the 7D. Plus, in video it delivers an entirely different league of image quality, even beyond the C100/C300. The APS-H 4K mode that works great up to 12,800 ISO is absolutely unique, with the infamous canon colours, great resolution and dynamic range, it's a very very filmic image that is up there with highest-end cinema cameras today. The super 35mm crop looks exactly identical to the C300 in C log, it's one of the best 1080p images out there, not to mention on DSLRs. The full frame mode looks crap though, very similar to the 5D and 7D mk II, good but a whole different league.

The 1Dc would be the perfect camera if they put in some focus and exposure assist features, plus an articulating screen. Why not!


I shooting advertising…with kodak..super 35mm for high end…and for everything else c300 (i mentioned this before)  I have used the 1dc and thought the same thing…if only it had more features it could replace the c300 and I could also use it for stills
If you had a shload more time, I'd consider a loop like this:

1. White Sands National Monument (Up I-10 to Las Cruces, then east on 70)
2. Grand Canyon (West on I-10 to Phoenix, then I-17 to Flagstaff, then HWY 180?)
3. Antelope Canyon Photo Tour (HWY 89 to HWY 98)
4. Lake Powell (HWY 89)
5. Zion National Park (HWY 89 to HWY 9)
6. Bryce Canyon (Back across HWY 9 to HWY 89, then HWY 63)
7. Salt Lake City and Temple Square (Go West to I-15, then head North)
8. Park City (East on I-80)
9. Columbia River Gorge (I-80 West to I-15 North, then I-84 West*)
10. Portland (You made it!)
11. Oregon Coast (Perhaps HWY 99/18 to Lincoln City, then down HWY 101)
12. Redwood National and State Parks, Fern Canyon, etc.
13. Agate Beach at Patricks Point State Park? Lots of seals at Patricks Point...
14. San Francisco
15. Yosemite (Whatever route Google says is best :) )
16. Death Valley
17. Las Vegas
16. Back to El Paso...

According to Google, hitting everything on this list would require about 70 hours of driving. Yikes. That would be 7 hours every day, without stops, so that definitely qualifies as a whirlwind tour (although only 2 hours a day more than Google's recommended direct routes). Better to have 30 days for this one...

* If you can hit Dead Man's Pass at sunrise or sunset, all the better! Not many other photo ops between Salt Lake City and the Gorge. :P
So, this is the lens that the year is about for Canon?  ;D
that reminds me, we haven't heard much about a Mkii 400 f/5.6 in a while. Methinks if there is one in the works, they won't release it anytime near the 100-400.
Landscape / Re: Mountains, Lakes and Rivers
« Last post by tahoetoeknee on Today at 03:55:31 PM »
Carson River
EOS Bodies - For Video / Re: Can Canon Cinema EOS Keep Up?
« Last post by joe1946 on Today at 03:54:31 PM »
Definitely agree with you there, but I also remember very clearly when people were saying similar things about 1080p. Things like why bother, shoot in 720p, nobody can tell the difference etc.

Of course, you can see the difference, but its how far you are sitting to see this difference. Not to mention screen size. Apple's retina display, the ratio - screen resolution : screen size is variable to suit minimum viewing distance.


In my honest opinion, I don't think 4K TVs will catch on...
Not only is there a lack of 4K content, but people will not see the value. Sure the price of 4K TVs are dropping, but seriously... 1080p came out at the perfect time. People were upgrading their TVs, they wanted larger televisions, flat screen and obviously 16:9 widescreen TVs... which only started appearing after 2001. Even then it was pretty thick, remember those 4:3 tube TVs? That wasn't too long ago. The massive transition from 4:3 tube TVs to 16:9 flat screen TVs was the real reason of the acceptance of 1080p.
In a few years most TVs will be 4K UHD and most smartphones and cameras will shoot 4K UHD video.
Third Party Manufacturers / Re: DxO mark: here we go again!!!
« Last post by Famateur on Today at 03:53:24 PM »
From Nikon rumors:


Let the trashing begin.

I think the one that I find most amusing is that they rate the Nikon D810 higher in low-light ISO performance than the 6D. Yet, if you use the comparisons on DPReview even a blind squirrel can see how awful the D810 is at higher ISOs.

They reduce the resolution of both to 8mp which has the effect of removing visible noise.  Some buy a D810 to get the high MP count, reducing it to 8mb in order to make it look good is misleading.  If you want 36 MP but have to reduce it to get the quality, that's a disadvantage.  I often have to severely crop my images, and quickly found out that it was a big error with my D800.

Don't you know you're supposed to check your real-world experience at the door login?  :-X
Lenses / Re: EF 100-400 f/4.5-5.6L IS Replacement Coming in November [CR2]
« Last post by LSV on Today at 03:53:18 PM »
Yes!! November ... 2114? Oh, never mind.
Any chance you can fly into Portland, then take a one-way rental car down the coast and back to El Paso? That could be expensive, but it would give you time to actually stop and see some things. :P

For that matter, any chance you can skip El Paso and spend your time on the west coast?  8)
Is this a round trip (El Paso to Portland and back), or is it one-way?

If round trip, good luck having much time to see anything along the way in only 10 days. Using Google's recommended route from El Paso to Portland, it's still about 25 hours of driving, without stops along the way. For a return trip through California using Google's recommended route, it's another 26 hours, without stops, for a combined 51 hours of driving. That's still 5 hours of driving every day, without any stops.

If one-way, you've got a bit more time to spend at each place you choose to stop, but the route you choose will be more important. I'd rather spend a meaningful amount of time at a few neat places than rush through as many as I can hit.
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