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[1] DSLR firmware hack to shoot long exposures in video mode

[2] Shooting in the rain w/ our new model/singer Kirin. (Shot on T3I)

[3] Comedy film starring Shaun Williamson (Eastenders, Extras) - Canon C100

[4] 5D MkIII + Konova K2 Slider + Bboying (Breakdancing)

[5] Canon 40mm f2.8 STM low light

[6] Tilt-shift /Time lapse Machu Picchu , Cusco , Peru

[7] Clouds, my first serious time-lapse!

[8] Iceland with my Mark III (feat. Orcas, Seals and Auroras)

[9] Spring is here. (A 5D mk iii with Zeiss ZE primes)


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