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My Mini-Review of the 85mm 1.2L II.

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Just my Little mini-review of this sweet lens. Feel free to critique it if you like, I don't do many reviews.

Hey, great review!
I have lusted over that lens for a long time! It's images are amazing! There is just something about it! Also,... Great dog!

Joseph M:
Nice review!

Now how about a mini-review on the 135L and the 50L  ;D

Also, can you tell me how far you need to be to shoot a person from their head to their waist kinda shot with the 135L on a fullframe camera?
I've got the ultrawide side of my kit covered but my telephoto ends at 105mm, so I thought that the 135L would be a great addition as my first bokehlicious prime as well as getting my telephoto side covered


Very nice.
This will be my first purchase once I get 5d III.

I love my 85L, but the focus-by-wire thing has got to go  :(


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