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My Mini-Review of the 85mm 1.2L II.

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RL great review, but since you asked for some critique here it is. Be careful of common grammatical errors as in the first sentence of your review.  You used "your on the canon system". Should be "you're". There are a few other errors in spelling and grammar throughout. I don't want to be the grammar police, but if at the outset I already see a common mistake I'm not going to take the rest of what you say very seriously.

I bought them all and love them all. I sold the 85 once, and bought it back. And on the 1d x, I wouldn't say the focus is slow anymore. My goto lens will always be the 50 along with the 35, they're actually very different.

Thanks for the review.

What's your opinion on 100mm 2.8L? Or other lenses with Macro capabilities?  :o

85 1.2L is still on my wish list - during my last lens purchase it was between this lens and the 70-200 2.8 IS II...

The zoom won on that occasion but it was a close call. Love the dreamy quality of images produced by the 85!


Thanks for the feedback everyone.

I simply type what thoughts are coming into my head about a particular piece of gear and If they're are typos, so be it.

I will work on 50L and 135L reviews sometime later. I will also review the Winglight sometime too.


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