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Help me, 5D Mark iii order now or wait for a "possible deal"

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I am seriously sitting here ready to pull the trigger and order my 5D Mark iii.  I have L glass and currently shoot with a T4i.  I do just fine with my camera and LR4, but know that the FF be a better choice, especially for my indoor event photography.  If I was ready to order this last month or the month before, i wouldn't be worried about anything, but this close to Nov, I have to wonder if I am going to be angry with myself for missing the next 2750.00 type sale.  Typically, do these sales begin early Nov or closer to black Friday/X-Mas?  If B and H only drops this camera by 100 or so, I won't care, but saving almost 800 bucks had I waited 2-3 weeks would def make me regretful.  I know it shows a 5D3 in my profile, but I had planned on having it by this week...LOL Everything else in my profile I own now. 

If you can wait another few weeks then why not wait? It's not like you are missing shots or are losing money because you don't have the 5d III in your kit.

Are you planning on keeping your crop camera as a 2nd body together with the EFs lenses or sell them to fund new gear?


Keeping T4i for second body and 10-22.  Sold 17-55 2.8 today to order 24-70.  Might do a 6D later for second body.  Also might upgrade 70-200 for the 2.8 IS II later

Mt Spokane Photography:

$2899,  authorzed dealer USA warranty.


--- Quote from: Mt Spokane Photography on October 10, 2012, 10:42:35 PM ---

$2899,  authorzed dealer USA warranty.

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the link doesn't work


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