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Daniel Flather:
Your review is the first one not to complain about the hood and lens cap.  I find the them fine, others seem to have issues.  Bokeh is not a feature when it comes to fisheye lenses, but this lens' bokeh is ugly.  Not that it's an issue with the massive DoF.

Actually the only thing the hood is good for is peripheral protection of the front element.  Unless I'm going for a 180 degree shot I just leave it on for that extra protective ring.  The flourine coatings on these are super hard and dust/grime resistant and fortunately easily cleaned with a dry lens cloth.  Though I have used eyeglass cleaner to get rid of rain spots, most should never need more than a clean dry cotton lint free cloth.

As noted in the article fish eyes are not for everyone.  I reserve this lens for extreme close up work where I just need the short working range this lens provides.  It's great for in car photography and video.  I've used it also in drive through safari's where animals come up to your window.  It's also been useful during hikes and rock climbs where you cant always back up to get your subject in view.  You can honestly shoot a person from 2 feet away and capture nearly all of them and decent background so I would say this is good for people who like rock climbing or caving where you just don't have the luxury of distance to capture your subject.

I have tried being creative with the distortions but I dont find it too practical in that sense.  It's just another tool in the bag when a 20 or 24mm lens just isn't wide enough or when you need to film in close confinement such as in a car.

I like the theoretical idea of the full 180° circle this lens has at 8 mm...but how useful is it outside of making QuickTime panoramas and scientific imaging? For example, what's an 8mm shot of the night sky look like, or what else can one artistically do at 8mm?


This fisheye is awesome!


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