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Canon T3i - 2 lens kit bundle or 1 lens deluxe kit bundle?- For Filmmaking

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Mt Spokane Photography:
Generally, the kit deals consist of camera and lens with a bunch of junk grade extras thrown in.  Don't get taken.
Zooms are not really that great for video, the focus changes on almost all of them as you zoom in or out. 
Get the camera and 18-55mm IS kit for everyday photography, but buy a older fully manual Nikon prime lens for video.  Adapters are cheap and do not degrade quality, so you can leave one on each lens.
Look for a 28mm and a 50mm to start.  You should be able to find them for a song.  The Nikon 55mm Micro is a good choice, as it is a macro lens (1:2) so you can take closeups if needed.

Also save money for a good tripod - far more important than the camera or lenses.  The tripod I use currently cost more than my camera - and it pays off. 

Mt Spokane Photography:

--- Quote from: bluegreenturtle on October 14, 2012, 12:39:41 PM ---Also save money for a good tripod - far more important than the camera or lenses.  The tripod I use currently cost more than my camera - and it pays off.

--- End quote ---
+1, the accessories can run many times the cost of the camera body.  Thats why using a camcorder is usually best unless you have lots of time and are willing to build your own accessories or rig them from inexpensive components.
Lighting, Audio, tripods, real fluid heads,  lenses, remote focusing aids, magnifiers or external monitors, it can run into a huge expense. 

I would say get the t4i and kit lens, the lenses you mention in the bundle are horrible even for stills...I own both and learned the hard way. Also a little tip about the new m lenses with the "autofocus", don't think it will work like your is not that accurate and what Canon claims is silent really isn't when it comes to good audio. Even your on camera Mic will pic up the noise.

The 18-55 kit lens is ok too start out but as others point out you need a ton of light, and if you zoom in your aperture changes and you will need more light to compensate.

I have the T4i with the 18-135 STM.

I had all "L" glass in the past, and would never use a kit lens. But the 18-135 is much improved over previous versions.  I use it for both stills and video.

With the STM and auto focus on the T4i, I can also use the T4i in places where I would usually use a camcorder. At ISO 3200, the T4i is much, much better than my Canon Vixia.

I have used the T4i for 1.75 hours on 1 battery with no heat problem.  The only mild irritation is the 4GB files it splits into.

The T4i is also a much improved stills camera over the T3i, with the 60D auto focus in stills mode. the 18-135 is a very good, fast focusing stills lens.

The touch screen is also very nice.  The T4i is a very, very good upgrade over the T3i.

You should be able to find the kit for around $1,000 or so.  The 40 mm STM is also a great lens.

Good luck!


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