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Where is this new flash?

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Weren't we supposed to hear something about a new, lower priced speedlite in October? I've searched the forums and the Internets, but have yet to find even a peep about anything radio controlled south of the 600.

Kind of holding my breath here to see if I can jump into a few cheaper RT flashes or if I'm going to need to save up for the 600. Anyone heard anything?

Mt Spokane Photography:
Don't ever make a buying decision based on a rumor.  90+ percent do not happen.


--- Quote from: Mt Spokane Photography on October 15, 2012, 08:21:42 PM ---Don't ever make a buying decision based on a rumor.  90+ percent do not happen.

--- End quote ---

Well... technically I'm not buying based on a rumor.  ;D

But I do hope we see more RT speedlites. I'm just getting into strobes and I don't want to be limited by learning on optical triggers.

Suppose I could always just get a PW but damn if I wouldn't like it all to be in one package.

Mt Spokane Photography:
I'd Skip the PW.  Too many issues with a third party unit.  With the Canon 580EXII, for example, it has a range of 40 ft max, unless you put the weird RF sock on it or pay to have the flash modified.
Other triggers do not have the issue, but still seem to break with every new generation of camera bodies.  At some point, they will not update them any longer and you will have to buy new.
If you need a flash, get one, don't wait for a rumor to materialize.  Some have been waiting 7 years for a new 100-400L.  However, it currently had no real competition, its the best of its kind.

Also waiting for the new (440EX-RT) to pop up.  I'm sure its just a matter of time.   My guess is Canon wants to sell more 600s first or maybe its production capacity problems (6D production consuming all the resources...that damn 6D).


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