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Where is this new flash?

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you'll wait forever for the next big thing....


--- Quote from: Ryan_W on October 15, 2012, 07:11:22 PM ---Weren't we supposed to hear something about a new, lower priced speedlite in October?

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Obviously the 430ex2 successor is held back as long as people buy the much more expensive 600rt units as slave flashes - and since Canon doesn't seem to care about what people think about this strategy, I wouldn't speculate how long it'll take. If you want a cheaper radio flash system now or in the near future, don't get the Canon system.

Btw - I'd expect new "small" flash to be a lot more expensive than the current 430ex2 anyway looking at Canon's pricing lately...


--- Quote from: gmrza on October 16, 2012, 01:09:07 AM ---What I'm wondering is whether anyone will launch a 3rd party receiver to use with a legacy speedlite - to make it possible to use a 430EX(II) or 580EX(II) with a ST-E3-RT.  That would save having to replace all our old Speedlites...
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I agree with you and really hope Canon gets hammered very soon by a USD 39,- RT receiver by Phottix or Yongnuo or any number of other Chinese makers.

--- Quote from: gmrza on October 16, 2012, 01:09:07 AM ---One thing is for sure - apart from the radio trigger, Canon has really made the menus on the 600EX-RT more usable.  The same goes for the ST-E3-RT.

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Now that was NOT exactly difficult. They just had to follow the Phottix Odin design and menues and to somewhat hide the old-fashioned, stupid-as-hell Canon "group-ratio" crap. 

Other thatn that I am totally underwhlemed by the Canon 600  and ST-E3 functionality. Canon was not even able to finall implement 2nd curtain sync on iots witeless E-TTL protocol. And the ST-E3 does not have  AF-assist  ... it should have come with a flash unit somewaht upgraded from the ST-E2 - it would thena have allowed line-of-sight triggering as well. Possibly even in combination with radio wireless. Or otherwise - also froegoing optical triggering - they should hav put a dirt-cheap AF-assist laser-diode into the ST-E3.  The way it currently is .. it's an underspecced piece of gear at an outrageous price.

I am holding out on any 600EX or ST-E3 purchase until Canon finally manages to offer me a complete system .. with full wireless functionality ... at less-than-outrageuos prices.


--- Quote from: Mt Spokane Photography on October 15, 2012, 08:21:42 PM ---Don't ever make a buying decision based on a rumor.  90+ percent do not happen.

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I did it already 4 times ;-)
Long waiting, but I'm glad that I own new version now...

Figured I'd bump this thread. Given there's an announcement on the 23rd, anyone think a cheaper RT flash might sneak its way in? My suspicion is that a $400 RT flash will never exist, at least while the ST-E3 is around. People have been complaining that that triggering unit doesn't have AF assist, so a 440-EX RT would basically be a slightly more expensive AF assisting radio trigger. The only way I see canon getting around that is making this hypothetical flash only capable of being a radio slave, which I have a hard time seeing happen. Thoughts?


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