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Second Portrait Shoot Ever!

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Hey everyone,

So last week I posted my first portrait shoot, that thread can be found about 5 posts down, and tonight I posted on Flickr my second portrait shoot. These two girls were my coworkers. I originally intended to only shoot Ashley, the one in the black dress. However, Kerine with the long brown hair hopped in at the last minute as well. All around I am mostly happy with how they came out. But Kerine was definitely more comfortable in front of the camera. Let me know what you think and any tips!!! Thanks! Also, these were shot with a rebel t3i and 50mm 1.8

Good pics... any openings at your work place ?  ;)

I am lucky enough to coach gymnastics, so the female to male ratio is in my favor. Definitely a plus, surrounded by good looking ladies all day.

Much better than your first one.  The poses look much more natural and the girls look much more comfortable.  You managed the bokeh much better in this one as well.

Well done. Keep shooting / practicing  :)


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