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Canon PowerShot G12 Leaked By CNET

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Canon G12 Leak from CNET Asia
We were wrong about the sensor in the G12, makes sense that it’s identical again to the S9x camera.
Canon PowerShot G12
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The G serie is good quality build.
We use a G2 at the factory where's a lot of dust.
I would prefer a 24-105mm range as on the 5D kitlens.
24mm is only found on few IXUS camera's.

Pretty tame updates. Not much to compell the upgrade.

madbutcher's absolutely right; a 24-105 would be fantastic on the G series.

the more canon fails to really differentiate the G series from the S9x series, the less reason there is to go for the G.  it's bulkier, uglier, heavier, has a slower lens, roughly the same frame rate, and exactly the same sensor.  what's the point?  I have a G9 as my backup cam that I love but if I were to update today I would go for the S95

I would take that announcement with a grain of salt. The CNET announcement of the S95 said that it was using a 10mp backlit CMOS sensor. It seems to me like CNET is speculating a little bit here...


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