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5D3 & 600ex-rt + AF assist beam = slower focus

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--- Quote from: drjlo on October 19, 2012, 04:14:02 PM ---
--- Quote from: pwp on October 19, 2012, 07:34:33 AM ---I've noticed this too with 5D3 & 580EXII, but put it down to environmental factors.
I have heard that the pattern thrown by a 600EX-RT AF-assist is allegedly better suited to the 1DX & 5D3 than the 580EXII. Can a resident genius confirm this? If it's correct, I'm in the market for two or three 600 EX-RT's.

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Well, OP's topic reads "5D3 & 600ex-rt + AF assist beam = slower focus," so 600ex-rt is likely not the answer..

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That's right, so maybe it's the way the 5D3 AF chip responds to AF Assist beams.
There is definitely something going on. The response is better on the 5D2 & 1D4. Can't speak for 1DX yet.


I have the same problem too. I am at clubs and parties taking pics with the 5dIII and it is embarrassing trying to focus for a long time. people are looking at me like  i suck or my camera sucks. My 7d never has this problem with the af assist.

I've had my MK3 since Aug and have shot 5 weddings with it. I am using the 600ex's as well. I thought this thing was supposed to be faster than the mk2! It isn't. I haven't tried turning off the focus assist. My mk2 with a 580exII was pretty fast at the receptions in the dark. I've shot over 100 weddings with the mk2/580 combo.

I'm kinda dissapointed in the mk3... :'( I though it was just me, until I searched for some info today...
I'm going to try the mk3 with a 580 tonight and see if it's any better than the 600. I'm also going to try with the focus assist turned off.

It is kinda embarrasing  :-[  to have to wait 2 sec to focus when the couple is on the dance floor waiting on me to focus....
Thanks for the tips so far.

I used my 5d3 combo last night it literally focused in an instant without the flash being turned on ( it was off by mistake) in the dark but when I turned the flash on, it was hunting for a few seconds. It is liek the beam isn't strong enough or  the AF light isn't in sync with the lens. It is almost as if the beam goes away before the lens starts to auto focus.

I can confirm this also. Was using 5D3 with 600EX-RT during a dimly lit wedding reception and the focus was hunting with the AF assist beam on. Didn't think to try turning it off  :-\. I felt like I was walking around painting targets for an airstrike.


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