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Here are a couple shots taken last night at a local high school football game. My first attempt at a night game with my Mark III.  Both shots were taken using a 70-200 f/2.8 II lens.  Both were shot at 200mm @ f/2.8 and the shutter speed was 1/500 sec.  The ISO was set to auto and the leaping interception was at ISO 2000, the pass by the quarterback at ISO 4000.

The leap shot is really cool :)

Nice pictures. (But why the gigantic copyright message?)

It's probably a sad reflection of society that thinks anything on the web is free for them to use, however they want. A copyright notice doesn't prevent theft, but it does make the theft require a bit more effort, so may deter some casual thieves and it also reminds people that it is in fact copyrighted, as there is also a misconception among many, that it is only copyrighted if it says so. That's certainly the compromise I have made between having my work visible and making it slightly harder to steal. It doesn't stop a determined thief, but then very little would.

@nonac - I really like your second shot, with the QB throwing the ball, avoiding the tackler with the faceless crowds and coaching staff in the background. What's interesting is that @ 1/500s was still too slow to freeze the movement in his fingers (of his throwing arm), yet everything else looks perfect. Ken Rockwell always says that 1/1000s is the minimum shutter speed for freezing action, however that would require an even higher ISO, but from what I've seen and read of the 5D3 is that it can produce clean shots up to and including ISO 12,800. Great shots.


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