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converting to dvd


hello i have canon 600d and just videod  a wedding its 17gb long i would like to know the best programme to shrink it a make if fit on dvd without losing any pixels

what's your film format type and resolution (ie .mov 720x576 30p)?

Shrinking without losing any pixels... !!!

Assuming you want a DVD that actually plays in a standard DVD player you'll probably want 720 × 576 for PAL TV countries (Australia, Europe etc) or 720 × 480 for NTSC countries (USA) so you're going to lose pixels. If you're a Windows user Movie Maker is a simple way to do it.

Otherwise you could re-encode using something like H.264 and drop the bit rate to keep the resolution but maybe at a bit of a drop in quality, but that's not going to play on a lot of devices so probably isn't a good format to hand out to people.

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