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Soft Focus & Pictorialism


Hi all,

I'm taking my first digital photography course this semester and learning a lot about my new DSLR.  The Canon Rumors forum provided me with great advice when choosing a camera, so I'm coming back for some new advice   :D

This week's photoshoot is to replicate pictorialism.  From what I gathered, this involves:

-Soft focus
-Slight blur effect
-A photo which tells a structured story.

What do you know about soft focus/blurring and how to achieve it?  The professor told us to take photos at dusk.  Is it more about the location/time of day than it is the camera?

I'm not sure what to take 3 to 5 images of, let alone how to create some of these effects.  Still life?  Landscapes?  I'm shooting on a t4i, 40mm f2.8


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