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I see used Canon EF 70-200mm F/2.8 L IS II USM lens on from £1,400 all the way up to £1,700. Is that a fair price in the UK for a used Canon EF 70-200mm F/2.8 L IS II USM in good condition?

Amazon are selling it new at £1,799 and there is another selling it new at £1,665.

How easy is it to sell these lens? Do they move quickly?


mirekti:, I bought this lens a year ago and I don't see a reason why would I sell it. It is just superb for what it is.

In general, people are sceptical with used equipment and especially when the price goes over $2k so it might be a bit harder to sell it.

Mt Spokane Photography:
I figure that a used price needs to be low enough to pay for a service trip to Canon.  About 25% depending on the price new.
Anyone can sell on Amazon, and set any price they want.  Many set a high price hoping to catch someone who does not know any better, or does not know how to test a lens.

I tend to only get used gear from places like B&H Photo or Adorama.  They offer a guarantee and can return if you're not happy, are authorized brand resellers, and generally are reputable.  You'll pay a little more, but for this price/investment, I'd prefer a little piece of mind.

May want to look at the refurbs - I know they're not in stock from Canon directly, but other places do sell refurbs as well.

I've sold two lenses on amazon, one sold in days and the other took months. I had to drop the price a bit though. It depends how quickly the person wants to sell. If it's not urgent they'll prob charge more, whereas those who need the cash will drop the price enough to be the cheapest on marketplace. That's how I sold my 10-22 eventually, by undercutting the other second hand sellers. It was only about $10 cheaper but to some that's all that matters!

Are you selling or buying? Sorry the OP wasn't clear on that. I assume your looking to buy? Ask the seller for pictures and get more info. Make sure they have the box and anything that came with it. Prob means they like to look after their gear. Also ask the reason for sale.

Personally I'd just buy it new, difference in price doesn't seem great enough to go second hand.


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