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Forest of Autumn EOS 5dIII - EF 24-70mm f/2.8 L II

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I love photographing the forest. The atmosphere, the light and colors provide magical moments.

I hope you enjoy ... :-*

5D030038 par, sur Flickr

5D030052 par, sur Flickr

5D030054 par, sur Flickr

5D030067 par, sur Flickr

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Great shots, love #2.

I live around some great forests here in BC, just got a 5Diii and looking forward to getting out to shoot some, just waiting for the rain to stop. Not quite sure I am ready to test out the weather proofing despite the potential for dramatic doom and gloom shots.

Absolutely stunning!  Thanks for posting.


5D030068 par, sur Flickr

This shot with Canon TSE 17mm f/4 L...

5D030044 par, sur Flickr

Very beautiful, plus they evoke a nice "feeling" - the mist unifying everything in a slightly colored connective web, the earthy smells, the dampness, the leaves crunching underfoot, the foggy memory of an early moning moment of solitude in the woods that is real, but doesn't quite seem so. Especially like the second and fourth ones.



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