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A tiger in the Swiss mountains - EF 500mm f/4 L IS I

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Jim Saunders:

Very nice!  What camera settings were you using?   

My settings are :

AF tracking : Case4 - for subjects that accelerate ou decelerate quickly
ISO auto
Priority speed 1/5000 s.

This link, you have one GIF animate. He show you that difficult to catch an aircraft, .

For fun :

1DX11717 par, sur Flickr

1DX11809 par, sur Flickr

1DX11862 par, sur Flickr

1DX11788 par, sur Flickr

Stunning images - thanks for sharing  :)

Great shooting! This is from the Axalp-Ebinfluh range, isn't it? It must have been a lot of fun shooting perched on the mountain. Congrats for the wonderful images!


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