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Hands on with the EOS-M at Photoplus

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Daniel Flather:
When the host is walking against the crowd flow and he's try to snap images, my 5D3 could not pull that feat off.  Also, he has AF issues with the canon 50/1.2.  That's not the fastest lens out there. 

I finally got to use it today (with the 22mm "pancake" lens). Outstanding IQ! Can't tell the difference between it and my 60D/40 2.8. Honestly, it's that good...

Such a small, nonthreatening package. I can imagine bringing this to venues that might not allow DSLRs/big lenses and STILL be able to get high-quality shots.

AF seems to be on par with my P&S. Occasionally I notice it has a habit of hunting for several seconds before locking focus but most of the time it's actually reasonable. Even in a pitch black room I was able to focus in a little over a second, which is better than I feared. (My 60D in live view is completely nonfunctional in a similar situation) Where it loses in speed, though, it makes up for in accuracy. No front or back-focus to worry about- it's spot on every time.

For what I'll be using it for, it's good enough. If I need fast I've got the 5DIII anyway.


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