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Layer-based sensor patent by Sony

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--- Quote from: Mt Spokane Photography on October 31, 2012, 01:39:25 PM ---Canon has a similar patent as well, a couple of years old.  The issue is making one that is competitive.  With all the camera manufacturers hurting for sales, it would be a big risk to come out with something completely new, because people have stopped buying luxury items.
Most of the high end sales are in europe and the USA, and the storm on the east coast will be tieing up the money of many people potentially for years.  So, R&D keeps going, but production is going to be very cautious.

--- End quote ---

The problem is if somebody take the risk even at a lower price point.  It's happening already with Sony and Nikon.  Both are so aggressive now with their pricing.  I think they want to take the market little by little.  Lets accept the fact that Canon is losing customers little by little due to their very conservative tech and pricing.  If you analyze the lens offering of Nikon right now, I think they are continually closing the gap between Canon and Nikon lens availability.  70-200 F4?  I hope Canon takes an affirmative action now and not tomorrow.  It happened once when Canon put AF into their lenses.  This time, it may happen again but with Nikon and Sony partnership with their state of the art sensors.


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