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Where the heck is the 70D or 7D mkII?

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The 60D came out in August 2010. It's been over 2 years with is a long time for an XXD body. Then even more so the 7D mkII (if there will be one). Where are they? I want a new slightly better high iso sensor with DIGIC 5 and some nice jpeg and video noise reduction.

Mt Spokane Photography:
Its pretty obvious that there would be no 7D MK II soon, if ever after they came out with the new firmware.
I think that Canon has been working to perfect their new backlit sensor technology and will likely announnce something in early 2013.
This is just my guess, but it takes into account recent patents and news about additional sensor processing capabilities being added.
I'd much rather see the new technology than a warmed over 18mp sensor with Digic V

I agree wholeheartedly with Spokane on this one - you can think of the T4i as a new 60D and as likely the final body with the long-serving 18mp sensor. The 7D v2 firmware is a likely indication that their new sensor is taking longer than expected to develop, but I'm sure they'll come up with something nice for 2013! In the meantime, the 7D is still the best high-end crop body around, though the D7k is making a nice case for itself as best all-around crop body now that it's price has dropped to $1000 new.

Before the 6D announcement, I was of the opinion that the 7D series was done.
But considering the 6D specs, I now think the opposite. 

Most likely we'll see a 7DII in the spring of next year and a 70D in the fall, IMO.

Interesting to speculate what the 7DII and 70D will offer.
It appears that Canon's strategy is to have the 7DII and the 6D as different upgrade paths for Rebel/60D/70D owners.
But if the 6D is positioned as an (appealing) upgrade option for a 70D owner, then the 70D will have to remain more or less the same as the 60D. In fact, Canon might decide to further Rebelize the 70D.

The 7DII has more room for upgrades in terms of features.

Of course both the 7DII and the 70D will get new sensors plus Digic 5(+) processors.
We'll see.

The 7D II will be released either in the spring or within one month of the Nikon D300 replacement.

The 70D will be released six to nine months after the 7DII or within one month of the D7000 replacement.

Yes, the 7D is getting a little long in the tooth, but with the firmware upgrade it is still very competitive. By comparison, the 12 mp D300 looks like a dinosaur. I don't know how Nikon manages to sell any of them (or if they do).

As digital technology matures and improvements with each generation become more marginal, expect the refresh cycles for various bodies to extend. What was once a two-year cycle in the 2000s, has become a three-year-plus cycle now. By the end of the decade, it may be four years or more. 


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