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From the recent heavy discount, Canon will increase prices of 5D mk III (US)

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I take this as a rumor, though this bit of info comes from Cameraegg

I don't know about the other vendors if they will follow suit.

Price increases would be a double-edged sword: great for current owners, bad for potential buyers.

That page just seems like a scam to sell cameras through an affiliate link.

Where are their sources?

There are none listed just this is what is going to happen.... then the link they do provide goes to one of their own pages that tells you...

--- Quote ---Through November and early December 2012, Canon USA has started new rebates on selected DSLRs, lenses and Speedlites. You can save up to $500 on selected products. Just follow the link below to get now.
--- End quote ---

So suddenly the very link they have on their page telling people to buy these cameras from their affiliate Amazon link because of the price rises on November links to an article that states that there will be rebates not raises for November.

Just seems like a link scam to me.

Mt Spokane Photography:
Its true, the Canon MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) program starts Nov 1, so this is just repeating well known information dressed up to make it seem that they have inside information.
Don't expect any ebay prices to change though.  Many of the big discounts are from sellers that are not Canon Authorized resellers, so it means nothing to them.

Is Canon allowed to do this.

Isn't this borderline price fixing.


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