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vicky pregnant (cousin)


Here is a shot i got of my cousin vicky using 1 off camera flash 430ex2 camera left 5dmk3 ef70-200 f2.8 L usm mk2
i have since sold my 430 ex2 and pocketwizards and purchased 2 600 ex-rt's and st-e3 transmitter

Happy mummy to be.. by Lseriesglass, on Flickr

If you want a bit of feedback- I'd suggest trying to lighten the green in the bushes behind her so you can see her belly! You basically have black on black and you lose the most important part of the shot. A flash a little behind her could have also been used as a rim light to separate her from background.

Other than that, she looks like a beautiful, glowing, happy mother-to-be, congrats!


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