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Hi Everybody,

I am in the market for a new 1DX or a 400 2.8 II. Is it reasonable to expect any deals on these high end items on or around Black Friday this year? Anyone get a deal on something significant last year? I am willing to wait for the possibility otherwise I might start now looking for used.



The short answer is "no."

Black Friday is all about mass retailing. It's an opportunity for retailers to lure customers into stores with great deals on products that have broad appeal. There is no reason for any retailer to cut the price of a high end luxury item because 1) the market is too small, and 2) the customer base is not price sensitive.

Agreed.  You very unlikely to find holiday shopping-related deals on these sorts of items.  That's not to say that prices won't drop a bit (although a rise is also plausible), it's just not going to be tied to the season.

Last year I got a great deal on my 5D MarkII through a link on this website.  It was only available for about a week. I guess that the MAP is going to stop that?

Well.. MAP will stop the advertising of those deals - I know with certain companies that have restrictions like that I commonly hear 'prices too low to advertise' - by going to the website and going through at least part of the process (adding to cart, etc) you can usually check the price before purchasing, and that may reflect a better deal.  MAP technically (from everything I've seen/read) stop the sale of items below that price, it's literally just the advertisement. 


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