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recon photography:
has there been any information on a 70d in the last 6months that i have missed?

also incase i cant wait ill just get a cheaper rebel 600d vs 650d any1 have opinions?

If you are missing opportunities to shoot or missing shots altogether, get the 650d. It's more up to date than 600d and video is good too if you shoot video.

You can always decide what to do with the 650d whenever the is released  :)


I have not seen anything.

Hard to really say for sure there will actually be a 70D (nice solid crop frame not made of magnesium).  The 60D budget FF camera might mean the models get consolidated.  They might do a 70D and a 7D2.  They might do only one or the other.  They might do neither, though that would be hard to imagine.

What do you shoot now?

recon photography:
1000d couldnt tell you what it is in the rest of the world but it was the first one in the line of less than or lower level rebel its 10mp 3fps iso 100-1600 to give you an idea about 5 years old i guess im just going to buy a 650d i think i didnt realise how cheap they can be purchased 450ish in aus$ ill upgrade to the 70d when it comes out if i like its features the thing that put me off the 650d are these reviews saying that the picture quality, iso performance and dynamic range are all slightly less to the 600d but im sure its so small that i wont notice after all its the same sensor right?

Yes. Same sensor. I was also waiting for the mythical 70D to pair up with my 5DII. As there has been no hint of such an animal, and it looks as if the next round of APS-C cameras will have new sensors and probably wont be released for quite awhile, I "settled" for a used 7D (like-new for less than $900) and couldn't be happier. It gets me action shots that my 5D just couldn't. Sure makes me wish the 5DIII was in my price range...


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