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Life Pixel customer service


Anyone else have such a problem?

I was looking for a UV only conversion so I asked which model from their pull down list was best, they claimed any of those on that list [since changed] would work fine, I bought one second hand [non-refundable] for them to convert. OOPS - they really can't convert that model! They're sorry, but I'm stuck with S&H and trying to resell an obsolete camera [not alot of money, but..]

there answer is;
"I think that getting your camera converted through maxmax would be the way to go, especially as it is much less expensive."

I did get a refund and my camera is supposedly on its way back. 

Nope, I love my T1iR camera. Don't have experience with the UV conversion but I've got some stunning IR pics on my rebel.

Glad you like your camera, and I had heard good things about them, but my experience was miserable. What good is it to make a decent product if you don't stand by your word?


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