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Political Portraits - Warts and All

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When you're as good at photography as Pelosi is at government, I'll pay attention to your work. At this point, you've got a long way to go.

OP you have a long way to go buddy. First if you are trying to take photograph of toads then make sure that you actually take good photos of that toad - not like paparazzi from behind shrubs and leaves. Second, the EF 85mm 1.8 is not that good a lens when used wide open at f/1.8. So learn to stop it down a little. Then learn that for portrait photography you need to make the subject the most visible and most distinct in the photograph - that is the main and most basic principle of portraiture. Then once you have learned all these stuff, and many more, and practiced a lot, and become a good portrait photographer only then and then only try your hand at political satire and caricature. Good luck on your steep learning curve.

Bad photos are just bad photos, but bad satire is just unacceptable. Here's to your side not winning on Tuesday, especially if this is the kind of creative thinking we can expect to help solve our collective problems.

1)  It's a toad
2)  It's called humor a few days before the election.

Lighten up people

It might have been counted as a humor if it was properly executed.

I do not know who will win, but this photograph and the associated humor surely wouldn't......


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