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I'm doing my research on how best to shoot audio and video with the new EOS 6D. I see that the 6D does not have a headphone socket. And according to C|Net, the mic input is mono.
It looks like something like the Tascam DR-07MKII Portable Digital Audio Recorder would be a great audio solution.
Now for the question: What is the easiest way to do a one-person shoot involving camera movement when using an external audio recorder? Is there an easy way to mount the Tascam on something like the Opteka X-GRIP Camcorder Stabilizing Video Handle? Or do you just place the recorder out of view and move the camera and not worry about the mic moving with the camera?

Solutions? Suggestions?
The only thing that is set is the camera -- the EOS 6D.... plus, I will not be hiring a boom operator!



I use the Zoom H4n Audio Recorder and I usually mount it to my 7D hotshoe with an adapter that I bought quite cheaply. I used to do this because I connected the Zoom to the MIC socket of the DSLR to avoid problems of the auto-gain control (AGC), but with the new firmware release I now have full manual control on the camera so this is no longer an issue. So now I can keep the audio recorder in a shoulder bag or on my belt, or put it on the tripod or wherever (as long as my XLR ext cables can reach it).


edit: this is the hotshoe adapter that I bought at Amazon

and this is the remote control unit that I also bought for the Zoom recorder - the cable length is 6 feet long which is very useful

By the way, if you do decide to get an external audio recording device and you do attach it to your 6D (to save you syncing sound in post), then get a good audio cable that has attenuation built-in e.g. I purchased this from a supplier in Florida (has ext monitor for headphones, but I guess that 6D will have this already)

Interesting. I never thought about putting the Tascam on the Opteka X Grip.

There's a screw mount on the back of the Tascam to hold it and a regular coldshoe mount on top to hold something like the RODE Videomic. However, I think a boompole would probably work better for sound.

The hotshoe mount adapter sounds like a great solution for keeping the mic with the camera.

The Zoom Audio Recorder has a very high customer review rating. It looks like a great choice if it were in my budget.

I am strongly leaning towards preserving the stereo audio on my videos.

From what I've seen, the 6D is not going to have a stereo input jack. Does recording the external mic's mono signal in-camera help in synchronizing the externally tracks later?

The attenuator cable would be a nice solution if level is a problem AND there is a need to record the external mics with the video on the camera.

Thanks for the tips!


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