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Cinelerra...for Linux. Powerful, open source...fairly steep learning curve, but sounds like it might work for you?

Another link:

From wikipedia:

(read the wiki for the reference to two different versions)

I'm currently using FCPX on a macbookpro....and that is only $300, if you have a decent mac, I'd recommend this as an option, works great.

That being said, I like to tinker, I appreciate open source and I love linux, so in the near future I'll be building up a hefty box to run cinelerra well as other Linux AV tools...but do give it a look.


Not the first time I've seen Vegas recommended, I may have to try it out.  I'm interested in rendering timelapses in HD in addition to video editing, I'm not happy with what I get from my older version of Pinnacle Studio.  I've read that the newest version of Pinnacle Studio is quite a disappointment. 


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