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I also have been using Adobe Premiere Elements for the past 4 or 5 years.  My biggest compliant with it is that at times... working with it can be slow.  I believe that the latest version is supposed to alleviate that somewhat.  It also accepts some nice plugins like the NEAT video reduce noise plugin which really works nice (though $80 by itself).  But... I cannot afford Adobe Premiere...   If i could catch it for $200 or under I would buy it.  But for my needs Elements works great!

I had used Roxio in the past also.   I liked it because it was very quick and also it would render very quickly.  But I found with the 2011 Pro version it no longer seemed to work right with my Canon t2i files.  Perhaps the latest version (NXT) works better.  But after spending a lot of time going in circles with their support I won't buy it again.  Roxio was good for basic editing... most of the other stuff provided with Roxio are just gimmicks... and not very professional looking... though it may be ok just for family stuff. 

Premiere Elements has a lot more that you can do with it for a entry level editor.. and I definitely recommend it...

I have never used any of the Sony products and can't give a recommendation either way.

Good Luck!

You can do the Adobe subscription type of thing with Premiere Pro - I think it's somewhere between 20-30$ / month.

Thanks for the subscription tip. That would also blow my budget.


I don't do many videos.  As such, I just use Windows Movie Maker.  (I think this differs to the Live version?).  Anyway, its free and should do all that you want.

Lightworks! Its free, and i think it supports the canon footage. (the bought version costs i think 60 dollars a year and has far mor codecs)


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