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a used Canon 5D, a budget way to go full frame?

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So I've really gotten into DSLR over the past 1.5 years.  I've spent some money on lenses, I have the 28 f1.8, 50 f1.4, 100 macro IS USM, 24-105 f4, and my DSLR is the t3.

I don' t have an unlimited budget, so I was thinking of picking up a good condition used 5d online, looks like around $600 is the going rate, and spending the $1000 I'd save over a Mark II towards the 70-200 f2.8 IS USM.

Bad idea or good idea?  What are the primary drawbacks with using a 5d?  How is the ISO performance?  I shoot mostly portraits of family or landscapes, not a lot of action or fast movement. 

Is the 5d obsolete or is it a good carry over for a year or two until I spring for a newer full frame camera?  Anyone still using the 5d alongside a newer full frame?  What are the primary differences?  Thanks.

Canon 5D is a pain to use compared to T3 (no sensor cleaner, no live-view, 230K resolution screen, slow AF, no built-in flash for fill-in flash usage).  You'll also get "minimal" IQ improvements.  I'm also in the same boat with my "aging" Ti1 (500D), 28mm F1.8, 50mm F1.8, 100mm Macro F2.8 and 17-40L.  After trying 5D several times, I'd say I'm not that excited.  I've tried 5D2 and that's what I call improvement.  I'm just holding on to my money a little bit more due to the coming 6D.  I'd like to know if 6D is worth it (not enough money for 5D3 right now) or just go with a 5D2.  I'm also hoping that 6D will bring the cost of 5D2 a little bit more.  Some of my friends are offering 1DS3 but its almost 5D3 price.  I'd say try the 5D first in shop or look for someone using it.  If you can live with its shortcomings then feel free to upgrade.  It's just my 2 cents though.  In the end it will still be your decision to make.

Ye as ive said many times its an old camera, its a backward step in pretty much all areas except IQ. No live view, low res screen, no flash, slow performance, no sensor cleaning etc etc

If you can live with it being a poor performer for IQ then ye go for it. I would wait and save for something else like the 5D II or 6D.

According to what I've read before the 5D is pretty notorious with dusty sensors. As verysimplejason says above you'll get very little improvement and the camera doesn't have Live View (which isn't always essential but it's very, very handy). It also has an unreliable rear LCD with regards to producing accurate colours when reviewing your photos.

Personally, being a 5D mark II user, I would absolutely recommend you spend the extra cash on upgrading to the mark II - it's better to do that than buy a 5D mark I hoping to save for the 70-200 and then realise in a few weeks or a month that it's really not an upgrade at all.

If you shoot mainly portraits you should sell the 50mm f/1.4 for a few extra $$$ (I find 50mm not to be a useful portrait lens due to the distortion) to help towards the 70-200mm. I also suggest going for the cheaper NON IS version or even the f/4 NON IS version, the f/4 is a remarkable lens and and still sharp as hell and at around $600 you can't really argue with that! but to be absolutely honest with you the 100mm macro (f/2.8L ?) that you have is probably your best portrait lens - no need to go out and get a 70-200mm right away. Just get those legs working and move around a bit ;D haha

Definitely go for the 5D mark II, you won't regret it :)

5D1 FF positives +
+ full advantage of EF lenses
+ correct depth of field.

5D1 FF negatives -
- poor FF sensor suffers from noise in high isos,
- doesn't go further than 3200 iso
- suffers from banding as well
- 12 bit color depth instead of 14
- soft corners with f wide open and heavy vignetting (thats a negative thing for all FF cameras)

Personal opinion? no reason to upgrade to FF
EF lenses perform WAY better in crop cameras if you can accept the negative side of a crop sensor (small, noisy, bad dof)

However the best value for money to invest on is a used 5D 2.
I don't like 6D. No pc sync, no dual cards, no articulated screen, 2 megapixel less than 5D2 and no reason why to drop a 1000$ on that hardware... Canon commited suicide with this crap. Way outdated :(


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