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Nikon Sales Rising

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--- Quote from: NormanBates on November 05, 2012, 04:22:29 AM ---so there you go: Canon has sales and profits going down, and can't blame the slow world economy

I would bet on greedy pricing, or, if you want to look at it from the other side, increased competition (and lack of a response to that)

but it's not like the other camp should be feeling a lot better: sales are up, but profit is down (which is to be expected when you price your goods a bit too aggressively)

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Yup that's true, but I'm guessing that aggressive pricing also tends to attract customers both new and those who are switching.  In business, sometimes you think of performance in the long run.  I know there's some switching going on since whenever I go to photography trading sites, I can see some people offering their Canon gear for trade for equivalent Nikon products.  I just hope that Canon notices it so that Canon users like us will get better prices and better technology.

The reason imo are:

1. very poor RD and as an effect-no real development in camera sensors. To be honest-there are no new products,only corrected or improved to catch market standard (competition)
2. very very high price, not corresponding with quality (sensors) and competition's offer
3. canon is now only driven by accountants and marketing guys.
4. The company strongly believes that loyal customers who already own canon and invested hard in some gear will stay loyal and put more money into the company's wallet.
5. A lot of users buy ie. 5d3 cause a previous model lacks a lot of basics (AF) not because a new one has such a great features. Maybe the 5d4 will have a slightly better DR, no banding, higher x-sync-things which are already provided on the other side of the fence. I know that someone can say that the grass is always greener there, however I checked two sides and that's my opinion

IMHO Canon  pulls the wool over its clients eyes.People are not stupid and don't like to be cheated somehow. People care about their money. I do not see any real improvement and the company does not make me feel it will strongly develop in future, on the other hand, they demand in a greedy way. If had to start from scratch I would definitely go for Nikon now. ( I have already switched to Canon and really regret the decision). Now I just do want to loose my money but I feel that will be my final decision. Moreover I have a lot of problems with my gear since the purchase, so far service did not help me or exchange body to one which works properly.


--- Quote from: Martin on November 05, 2012, 04:57:31 AM ---I know that someone can say that the grass is always greener there, however I checked two sides and that's my opinion...

I have already switched to Canon and really regret the decision.

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Looks like a loop  :)  Did the same thought bring you to Canon?


--- Quote from: Canon-F1 on November 05, 2012, 03:34:58 AM ---no suprise.

if i would start new today i probably would buy nikon too.

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Hmmmm. I see your point.

Nishi Drew:
Nikon has been targeting newer markets, where Canon stays where they've always sold. Nikon practically took over India with Canon barely on the sales ranking. Nikon at the top and I think Sony right after for DSLRs. As an emerging economy with lots of people in this age of social media Nikon jumped in for the opportunity and are scoring.


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