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Hold out for EF 35/2 IS or jump in with classic 35 1.4L

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I've been lusting for the 35/1.4 since I gave away (to old friend w new baby - shooting w T2i) my 2nd 28/1.8 in July. Just as I was bout to pull the trigger - whammo - options options.

Many rumors of updates for the ol' 35 but that was not an issue for me as it is a great lens - Now!

In comparison, I shoot the 50/1,4 at 2.0+ most of the time. Opening up in really bad light.

In a bizzare state of excitement and confusion over this one. I'll hold off for a couple of days to cool down a bit and review in a sane state of mind.

It doesn't seem that the new 35/2 IS would be a replacement for the 1.4.... Am I wrong??

Thank you in advance for your thoughts.

No, it is not a replacement for the 35mm f1.4L. You didn't see a red ring on the f/2 did you?

Daniel Flather:
My 35L is awesome on the 5D3, get the 1.4L if price is not an issue.  The new 35/2IS looks nice.  Or, hold out for a few more years for the 35LII.  Buy what you want now, or you'll wait forever.

I love my 35L.  But, it isn't a small lens, being fairly long.

That 35/2 IS looks a bit closer to the compactness of the 35/2 non-IS.  Could be a consideration of you got a bag full of glass.

I think the answer will be how close does the 35/2 IS gets to the 35L optically.

+1 vote for the 35L.  Awesome lens.  Why wait?  If you have the money and you know what you want, get what you want.  I don't see a great need for the IS, even for video.  I'm sure there's a market for it but the 35L is awesome AND it's already available.


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