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Author Topic: 85mm 1.2L II on Haute Dogs  (Read 7248 times)


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Re: 85mm 1.2L II on Haute Dogs
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In your case, I think there's a difference between challenging yourself and what's objectively appropriate for the scenes/subjects you took.

Yes it's difficult to shoot moving subjects at large apertures, but I don't think it was appropriate for this. Bokeh? Yes it is definitely nice, but inappropriate for this scenario.

If you are a practitioner of photography, or even if just dabbling a little, you should know what creative vision is. Right? It’s how you look at things as a photographer. It’s very important because that is the soul of your photography.

To impose your vision on another photographer’s vision is a huge no-no. That’s a line that you do not ever cross. You can always state that you do not like the images, and that’s ok, that is acceptable. But to insist that the only way to take pictures of dogs is your way and the only way, especially when I had already defined and stressed the context in which the shoot was made at the time that it was executed, then you have crossed that line. Maybe at a different time, I will have shot it a different way, which might jive with the way you were describing. But at the time that it was shot, it was executed the way I had planned it, whether you like it or not.

I can shoot with the lens cap on anytime I want, post it here, and there is nothing you can do about it. But I bet you will have something to post, like “your horizon is not level” or “the image is upside down”. So what if the images are really soft? Is it hurting you?
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Re: 85mm 1.2L II on Haute Dogs
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Sheesh give the guy a break guys I had no intention of starting a sharpness witch hunt it was merely an observation perhaps some AFMA might help. Cute subjects though
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