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I didn't want to start a new thread as it is about the Quadra, so here goes:

I've been using the Quadra a lot lately, and I have set my custom function to Fast Recycle the flash between shots, BUT I shoot one shot and it reverts back to Slow Recycle, I go into the custom function and set it to Fast recycle again, one shot later it's on Slow.

I can't find anything in the manual about, for example it denies the use of Fast Recycle when the battery is less then some percentage. But I'm no where near running out of juice. Anyone else experienced this at all? I can't seem to find anything about it anywhere...

Whenever a thread like this pops up, I just can't help myself. Elincrom Ranger Quadra is a fine bit of lighting kit, but if you are coming from a position where this is your entry into portable studio flash and have no existing Elincrom gear, you owe it to yourself to consider PCB Einstein. Appreciate the astounding price and legendary service & support, things like the nine f-stop power range (2.5 Ws to 640 Ws) with constant colour temp across the range, the availability of the high performing PCB 3.5 pound Vagabond lithium battery , the CyberSync trigger system and the utterly unbeatable value of all the PCB modifiers.

It's little wonder the Einstein system is absolutely selling its sock off. I had the full ProFoto system, monos, floorpacks, batteries, modifiers etc but have since sold the lot and now run perfectly well with six Einsteins. The Cyber Commander is able to totally control up to 16 Einsteins...output, modeling light etc... the same controls you have on the back panel of the Einstein. Very handy when you are working without an assistant or have a hair light on a boom 12 feet in the air that you want to change, and so on.

Makes you think dunnit?


Yeah, sure, there are alternatives for sure, and people are free to choose. Remember the Einstein has very variable color temp at different settings, that can be a real pain. And they are three times the size of a quadra, the quadra I keep mounted to the Octa (which is the coolest modifier ever with sooo many options in one) or I can keep the Quadra head in my pocket.

Anyway, it's only healthy to have options and in europe where I live no one sells Einsteins and very few even know about them, but Elinchrom and Profoto (which is swedish) are HUGE. So the availability and service/support is non-existent for Einsteins and very nice with elinchroms.

And to answer my own prblem which kickstarted this thread again. I just resat my battery pack and the Slow and Fast Recycle works as normal now, love it.


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