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--- Quote from: mirekti on November 06, 2012, 02:01:56 PM ---Would you go with Elichrom softboxes or there are some 3rd party that are good enough and cheaper?

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look up meking brand on ebay
I have octoboxes, softboxes striplights they are aweseom quality and heaps cheaper
only thing is they are bownes mount but i just buy a couple of bowens to elinchrom adaptors


--- Quote ---What softboxes would you recommend for it? I plan on buying one octa, one square.
Would you go with Elichrom softboxes or there are some 3rd party that are good enough and cheaper?
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Hi there.

You didn't mention what your subjects are. What are you going to shoot with the strobes? If you want to freeze things with the flashes, then the A heads are definitely the way to go. For things like freezing water/flour etc in mid air, or even fast action sequences.

The S-Heads do have the advantage that you can use them at a higher sync speed together with some pocket wizards models.

Concerning light modifiers. I haven't bought any off-brand boxes so far and I don't plan to. Only exception would be (if I find myself using the beauty dish alot at some point) getting a Mola. But for softboxes, I really like the way the rotalux work.

On a quadra head (+adapter) I wouldn't recommend going bigger than ~100cm deep octa or 100cm square. Might work okay with the 135cm octa but you would have to check google or other photographers for that.

I, myself am using a Ranger RX Speed AS with A-Heads and some other studio-strobes from Elinchrom.

Greetings from Switzerland, expo01

The reason I'd be buying a quadra set (I will) is size, weight and portability while still being a decent studio light set up.

You don't compare studio lights, even these to speedlights. 400ws is what... At minimum 4 times more light without trying. And the light shapers, no comparison.

What the others have mentioned so far is correct. I'd buy the A heads personally as I believe would be most people's recommendation. You could use the A heads in the studio (your home maybe) to freeze water droplets, splashes, anything as well. S heads may not be as versatile in that aspect, depending what your doing with them.

The quadra's aren't bad for price either, all things considered.

sublime LightWorks:

--- Quote from: Viggo on November 06, 2012, 03:54:18 PM ---Thanks, I am to thinking of better light than speedlites.

I'm back and forth between the quadra and Profoto Acute B2 600 air s, I only want one light and I want reliability power and light weight.

If you shoot full power on one channel with the quadra, is that 400ws? If that is f8 what would two 580 speelites be?

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The max output is 400ws on the A port, full power.  f-stop at 1 meter, ISO 100, with a reflector is f/64.  The units have a 6.6 f-stop range from 8ws to 400ws.  This is all from the spec sheet.

So at 1 meter (approx 3 feet) at ISO 100 with a reflector:

400ws = f/64
200ws = f/45
100ws = f/32
50ws = f/22
25ws = f/16
12.5ws = f/11
8.2ws = f/8 (approx)

In reality, I find these to be about a half a stop or so lower.  But be aware that these are measured with a 48 deg reflector.  You will lose power in softboxes, beauty dish, etc., due to the larger area of the modifier.  I typically can shoot f/2.8 to f/4 with a 24-inch LastoLite softbox.

I intend to buy one more set, an S-head set of two with the pack and battery.  Withe the 4 A-heads, that gives me all I need in options, as I have two RX600's and two BxRi500's (that I plan to sell).  I use the RX600's on the big modifiers like the octa bank or the large Rotalux.

sublime LightWorks:

--- Quote from: kennykodak on November 06, 2012, 05:27:47 PM ---i have one pack with two heads and plan to add another.  i love this thing... i have the 1100 ws ranger as well but the Quadra is my pick people photography.  i have been replacing electric monos with battery units for energy conservation as well.  commercial electricity isn't cheap and a number of power packs recycling at the same time makes the electric meter spin.  remember that Elinchrom umbrella shafts are 7mm and the generics are't going to fit.  i have a Lastolite 24 soft box and a Elinchrom 33" translucent umbrella that do a super job with the Quadra.

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The 24" LastoLite is a great box, as noted get the adapter for the Elinchrom for that box. I have the 3 masks and love using the 6" slit one for dramatic lighting.

This shot is with 3 Ranger Quadra's, two to the rear left-right are grided reflectors, the one in front and above is the LastoLite 24" and the 6" mask.  The fill is a Lastolie Tri-reflector.


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