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Canon 85L 1.2 vs Sigma 85 1.4... Has anyone tried both?

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--- Quote from: bchernicoff on November 10, 2012, 09:23:31 AM ---She's my fiance
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You lucky Bastard...

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--- Quote from: Cptn Rigo on November 08, 2012, 02:56:07 PM ---Chromatic Aberration @ 1.4

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Funny thing being that i could visibly see chroma on the sigma images when i tested it on text in the store yet very little on the canon 85. Def strange to me that this testing shows the direct opposite of what i found to be true.

heres a 100% crop of the sigma 85 @ f2 on the 5Dmk3


--- Quote from: bchernicoff on November 10, 2012, 09:23:31 AM ---
--- Quote from: Cptn Rigo on November 09, 2012, 03:24:32 PM ---Thanks a lot!!! those sigma files looks pretty well!!

Btw. I already have seen the photo of the redhead girl making the funny face elsewhere, did you make an review of the lens?? or post it on flickr???

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She's my fiance and I've probably posted that picture on here before. Speaking of that picture, we were walking on the beach and spun around and made that face. You can see that I didn't get the focus perfect, but at least it was usable. If I had the Canon there is no way it would have focused in time to catch the moment.

There is one factor regarding the Canon that you might consider...the warm, special feeling of knowing and being able to say that you own one of the most highly regarded lenses in the world.

Your fiancé is stunning.. the sigma looks pretty good but i prefer the bokeh of the L...

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I had the Sigma 85/1.4 first. The IQ and AF speed were great, but the focus was inconsistent. I sent it in to Sigma along with my 5D3 for them to calibrate it, but it still wasn't right, so I returned it and bought the 85L. That is a nearly perfect lens. I have no complaints, including AF speed, which I find to be perfectly adequate for shots of my 16-month old daughter who never stops moving.

However, I'm now considering trying another copy of the Sigma. Why? Because, as others have pointed out, if it's 95% as good as the 85L then I can use the $1,000 or so I'll net on the transaction to buy another lens, or perhaps an OM-D for travel, which I've been considering. The other thing I preferred about the Sigma was the lower weight and smaller size relative to the 85L.

Although... I could easily imagine selling the 85L and regretting it afterward. It really is a magical lens.


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