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Eneloop batteries +1

And try this charger (handles more batteries):

And, one of these to keep the batteries organized ("point down" for charged, "point up" for drained):


--- Quote from: neuroanatomist on November 07, 2012, 09:57:20 AM ---Sanyo eneloop batteries.  Low self-discharge means they hold their charge.  The NiMH chemistry is actually better for high-drain devices like your Speedlite  You'll notice that your recycle time (delay until the capacitor fills and your flash can fire again) is much faster with the eneloops than with alkaline AA batteries - faster as in takes half the time.

--- End quote ---
I used to have 2500 mAh batteries from 2008 but they don't hold charge for long so I got Enloop for the 600EX.

As for charger, I bought a Sony charger in2010 which I use.


--- Quote from: Roadtrip on November 07, 2012, 11:26:37 AM ---I am very happy with my Energizer NiMH batteries and compact chargers. The batteries hold a charge very well. My first rechargeable batteries and charger were from PowerEx... the charger is good, but the batteries were the worst. I still have the charger but the batteries are no longer in my bag.

--- End quote ---

I had Energizer NiMH batteries for year in various electronics around the house, including an older P&S that took AA's.  I was constantly disappointed by them.  Not one of them holds a change now, and most won't even charge anymore (blinking light on charger indicating faulty battery).  I use Sanyo Eneloop batteries exclusively now.  They are very reliable, and from what I've found, hold a charge for a very long time in storage between charges.

The best charger is Powerx made by Maha, also they make very good batteries (2700mAh).

I have been using this charger with all kind of batterers (PowerX, enloops, soshine) and the powerx have the most power, but enloops are also very good.


I have been using rechargeable NiMH batteries for many years.  Initially, I used Energizer batteries but they did not last long or recharge properly.  I have no idea about their current quality.  In April 2009, I purchased two La Crosse BC-900 chargers which came with their brand of NiMH AA and AAA batteries.  All I can say about the La Crosse batteries is that I was very disappointed. In July, 2009, I obtained Sanyo Eneloop AA and AAA batteries plus 4 Sanyo standard 2700 mAH batteries.  I had issues with the 2700 batteries but not the Eneloop.  I currently own 74 Eneloop AA and 43 Eneloop AAA batteries.  I will not buy any other NiMH battery but Eneloop.  The Eneloops give long life, many recharges and I have lost only one AAA so far after the warranty ran out. The Eneloops work great in my 580EX and many other devices.  I use them in adapters as C and D batteries.  I am trying to never purchase alkalines again.

In December 2010, I bought my first MAHA Powerex C9000.  I use it exclusively and need to sell my two La Crosse chargers.  The C9000 is so much better with the different options.  I purchased a 2nd C9000 in August so I can charge 8 Eneloops simultaneously.

The least expensive place to purchase Eneloops is at COSTCO.  They used to be available at but not currently.  I can get them at two of my local warehouses.  In June, 2012 I purchased 10 Eneloop AAA for $19.99 and 8 Eneloop AAs for also $19.99.


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