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Review - Canon EF 24-70 f/2.8L II

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Totally agree! I think this is a good resume of the lens.

I have a 17-40 and a 70-200 and I kinda miss the 24-70 for a lot of things....I need it....

When can I hope for the next rebate program? Nothing before Xmas? right after?

thank you!

I think one factor  to explain the missing IS is that this lens is aimed at landscape photogs who are always shooting on a tripod and turning off IS anyway.

While IS is great and I'm reluctant to even consider lenses over 70 mm without it, the 24-70 falls under this range.  If you can effectively hand-hold a lens at a shutter speed equivalent to the focal distance, 1/60th of a second ain't that bad, and you really need at least that just to stop motion, with or without IS.

I've said this before. Although bulkier and heavier, I appreciate the hood setup on the old 24-70 for moving around without a lens cap on. When you bring the barrel back to 70mm there's a lot of protection there. And when the barrel is extended, it's all inside the hood.

Not so with the new lens, where the barrel has no protection at all when extended. If I knock up against something with the old lens, or drag it through the brush, nothing touches the lens itself.

Just my preference, I guess.


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