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Post Hurricane Sandy black out photos.

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I took advantage of the blackout and took some long exposure shots of the city last Wednesday. The 1 train was running to 34th, so I took the train down and road my bike around with tri-pod in hand. Spent a good six hours photographing! All shots were taken with a Canon 50D with 17-40 and a 10-22. I should have brought my 70-200 too! Constructive crit is always fine. If you are curious about exposure detail or any other geekyness, just ask.

To take a look at the full blog post, check out my blog at:

Thanks for looking!

PS, this was my first post on the forum.

Lovely shots, really liking 2nd and 3rd one!  8)

Fantastic pics.  It must have been quite an experience cycling around the city in the dark.  The second photo looked at first as if some daredevil climbing had been required to get the viewpoint!  Thanks to Google Earth I now know there's a rather magnificent walkway along Brooklyn Bridge, which I will definitely not miss on my next trip to NY.

Thanks! Walking over the Brooklyn Bridge is definitely a must do activity in NY. Great views all around, and great food and stuff to do within easy walking distance in both directions. Certain parts of the city were completely black and almost abandoned, TriBeCa, Lower East Side, West Village. Nothing. Just dead. Along the main arteries such as around the Flat Iron, it was just lines of taxis and police cars making their way through the streets. All the lights were out, but they seemed to figure things out ok with out them.

I managed to ride my bike over to DUMBO from park slope. Was a bit dicey balancing my tripod on the bike but was worth it. It was really eery looking.


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