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Speedlite 550ex for DSLR's?

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I know that the 550ex is one of (if not) the largest flashes that Canon has made. I see several of them on Craigslist for a great price (around $250.00) but are they "compatable" with the 7D, 5D2, etc... I know they will "work" but would I be better off with a 580exII or 600?

Just curious...


The main practical difference is that the 550EX can't be controlled from the camera's flash control menu - you have to use the flash's controls. That isn't necessarily a big issue.

Have you considered a similarly-priced new third party unit?

550ex works great on my 5dc but for some odd reason it won't allow me rear curtain sync on 5dmk2. AF beam assist works great on both cameras. It's a monster flash worth every penny.

Thanks guys for the answers. I know that the 550ex will rapid fire. I have tried looking online to find the fire rate per second. Does anyone know how fast it will rapid fire?

I have 2 550's and love them! They work great on the 1Dmark II, 20D, 5d, 5d mark II but they don't work that great on the 5d III.....I've gotten them to go 3 to 5 frames rapid fire...I use powerex batteries.


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